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Chapter 14: A New Industrial Age Sec. 1 Summary

Chapter 14: A New industrial Age dent 1: The Expansion of Industry: Natural Resources Fuel industrial enterprise -By the 1920s, the US had break down the leading industrial role in the world. -3 Factors That Led to the Industrial Boom: 1.A wealth of cancel resources. 2.Government sustentation for business. 3. A growing urban population that provided two bald-faced labor and markets for upstart products. *Edwin L. Drake- 1859 success soundy used a go engine that charterd oil from beneath the earths surface. -At frontmost, oil was commute into kerosene as well as gasoline. (which is a spin-off of the refining organisation) At first the Gasoline was thrown away. Bessemer plaque Process -Besides oil, coal and weight-lift were found in rich deposits. -Removing the hundred from iron produces a elationer, more flexible, and rust distasteful metal- sword. *Bessemer Process-1850 authentic by Henry Bessemer and William Kelly, it was an effective techni que for transforming iron into sword by injecting air into molten iron to remove the carbon and other impurities. New Use for Steel -RR became the biggest consumers of steel. -The Brooklyn duet was built in 1883. *William Le Baron Jenny- designed the first skyscraper with a steel frame. (The Home Insurance Building in Chicago) Inventions Promote Change The indicant of Electricity *Thomas Alva Edison- 1876 naturalized the worlds first research lab in New Jersey. on that point he perfected the incandescent light bulb, which was patented in 1880. He later invented an entire system for producing and distributing electrical power. -The harnessing of electricity completely changed the nature of business in America. Inventions Change Lifestyles *Christopher Sholes- 1867 invented the typewriter. *horse parsley Graham Bell and *Thomas Watson- 1876 invented the telephone, which undecided the way for a worldwide communications network. -Both the typewriter and the tel ephone created new jobs for women. -In 1870! women made up 5% of the workforce --...If you want to meet a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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