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Development in Late Adulthood Essay

Daniel Levinson depicts the late adulthood period as those years that encompass age 65 and beyond. Other developmental psychologists further divide later adulthood into young-old (ages 65–85) and old-old (ages 85 and beyond) stages. Today, 13 percent of the population is over the age of 65, compared with 3 percent at the beginning of this century. This dramatic increase in the demographics of older adulthood has given rise to the discipline of gerontology, or the study of old age and aging. Gerontologists are particularly interested in confronting ageism, or prejudice and discrimination against older adults. Aging inevitably means physical decline, some of which may be due to lifestyle, such as poor diet and lack of exercise, rather than illness or the aging process. Energy reserves dwindle. Cells decay. Muscle mass decreases. The immune system is no longer as capable as it once was in guarding against disease. Body systems and organs, such as the heart and lungs, become less efficient. Overall, regardless of people’s best hopes and efforts, aging translates into decline. Even so, the speed at which people age, as well as how aging affects their outlook on life, varies from person to person. In older adulthood, people experience both gains and losses. For instance, while energy is lost, the ability to conserve energy is gained. Age also brings understanding, patience, experience, and wisdom—qualities that improve life regardless of the physical changes that may occur. Aging in late adulthood profoundly affects appearance, sensation, and motor abilities. An older adult’s appearance changes as wrinkles appear and the skin becomes less elastic and thin. Small blood vessels break beneath the surface of the skin, and warts, skin tags, and age spots (liver spots) may form on the body. Hair thins and turns gray as melanin decreases, and height lessens perhaps by an inch or two as bone density decreases. The double standard of aging applies to men and women in older adulthood just as it did in middle adulthood. Older men may still be seen as distinguished, while older women are labeled as grandmotherly, over the hill, and past the prime of life. During late adulthood, the senses begin to dull. With age, the lenses of the eye discolor and become rigid, interfering with the perception of color and distance and the ability to read. Without corrective glasses, nearly half the elderly population would be legally blind. Hearing also diminishes, especially the ability to detect high-pitched sounds. As a result, the elderly may develop suspiciousness or even a mild form of paranoia—unfounded distrustfulness—in response to not being able to hear well. They may attribute bad intentions to those whom they believe are whispering or talking about them, rather than correctly attributing their problems to bad hearing. Hearing problems can be corrected with hearing aids, which are widely available. The sense of taste remains fairly intact into old age, even though the elderly may have difficulty distinguishing tastes within blended foods. By old age, however, the sense of smell shows a marked decline. Both of these declines in sensation may be due to medications, such as antihypertensives, as well as physical changes associated with old age. In addition to changes in appearance and the dulling of the senses, reflexes slow and fine motor abilities continue to decrease with old age. By late adulthood, most adults have noticed a gradual reduction in their response time to spontaneous events. This is especially true of older adults who drive. While routine maneuvers on familiar streets may pose fewer problems than novel driving situations, older adults’ reaction times eventually decline to the point that operating a vehicle is too hazardous. However, many elderly are hesitant to give up driving because the sacrifice would represent the end of their personal autonomy and freedom. Generally, older adults score lower overall on tests of manual dexterity than do younger adults. Older adults may find that their fine motor skills and performance speed decrease in some areas but not in others. For instance, an elderly lifelong pianist may continue to exhibit incredible finger dexterity at the keyboard, but may at the same time find that taking up needlepoint as a hobby is too difficult. Although the average life expectancy is 79 for females and 72 for males, older adulthood can easily extend 20 years or more beyond these figures. As older adults age, most report increasing health problems. Even so, only about 5 percent of adults over age 65 and 25 percent of those over age 85 live in nursing homes, foster care (where elderly people live with a family licensed by the state to care for aging adults), or other long-term care facilities. With medical advances and continued improvements in health-care delivery, the older population is expected to increase in its numbers and report better health. Estimates are that within the next 30 years, one out of every five Americans will be an older adult. Although most older adults have at least one chronic health problem, such ilments need not pose limitations on activities well into the adults’ 80s and beyond. The most common medical concerns during older adulthood are arthritis and rheumatism, cancer, cataracts of the eyes, dental problems, diabetes, hearing and vision problems, heart disease, hypertension, and orthopedic injuries. Because the elderly are at greater risk of losing their balance and falling, hip fractures and breakages are particularly common and dangerous in this age group. Contracting colds and flus can have especially serious repercussions for the elderly. This is due, in part, to the reduced capacity of older adults’ body organs and immune system to fight disease. Unfortunate, but not uncommon, is the following scenario: An elderly person falls at home and breaks a hip bone, undergoes successful hip-replacement surgery, and then dies two weeks later from postoperative pneumonia or other infections because of reduced reserve capacity and inability to recover from infection. Inadequate nutrition and the misuse of medication also may be implicated in older adults who suffer from poor health. By the time adults reach age 65, they need 20 percent fewer calories than they did in their youth, but they still need the same amount of nutrients. This may explain, in part, why so many older Americans are overweight but undernourished. Additionally, cooking becomes a hassle for many older adults, and they find it easier to eat fast food, junk food, or nothing at all. Furthermore, many elderly unintentionally overuse prescription medication or combine medications that, when used together, produce toxic effects. As the body ages and potentially becomes more sensitive to the effects of prescription medications, drug dosages should be carefully monitored and assessed by a physician. Many elderly who have been hospitalized in near-death condition begin to recover as soon as their medications are reduced or stopped. Life expectancy can be prolonged through exercise. Older adults who have kept active, remained fit, and eaten wholesome foods throughout their lives tend to fare better than those who have not. This should be a lesson to younger adults who have an opportunity to modify their health habits early in life. The mental, emotional, and behavioral problems typically encountered by older adults are depression, anxiety, and dementia (mental deterioration, also known as organic brain syndrome. Poor nutrition, inadequate sleep, metabolic problems, and strokes may cause dementia, which affects 4 percent of those over age 65. (Dementia due to strokes is sometimes termed multi-infarct dementia. ) Older adults with dementia experience forgetfulness, confusion, and personality changes. Many people use the term senility to refer to dementia, which is incorrect. Senility does not have a precise or actual medical meaning; it is an overused and nonspecific term, like the word neurosis. Similar in symptoms to dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, an irreversible degenerative brain disorder that can affect as many as 50 percent of older adults over age 85 and eventually results in death. Early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include agitation, confusion, difficulty concentrating, loss of memory and orientation, and trouble speaking. Later symptoms include the inability to use or understand language, and total loss of control over bodily functions. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s is still a mystery to doctors and other scientists. In fact, the only certain diagnostic procedure for Alzheimer’s disease is the analysis of autopsied brain tissue. The exact causes of Alzheimer’s disease continue to elude researchers, although some suspect that genetics and malfunctions in enzyme activity may play a role. People often fear that aging will cause their intellect to disappear, giving way to cognitive impairment and irrationality. However, intellectual decline is not an inevitable consequence of aging. Research does not support the stereotypic notion of the elderly losing general cognitive functioning or that such loss, when it does occur, is necessarily disruptive. Older adults tend to learn more slowly and perform less well on tasks involving imagination and memorization than do younger adults, but what older adults may be lacking in terms of specific mental tasks, they make up for in wisdom, or expert and practical knowledge based on life experience. Many older adults complain about not being able to remember things as well as they once could. Memory problems seem to be due to sensory storage problems in the short-term rather than long-term memory processes. That is, older adults tend to have much less difficulty recalling names and places from long ago than they do acquiring and recalling new information. Practice and repetition may help minimize the decline of memory and other cognitive functions. Researchers have found that older adults can improve their scores on assorted tests of mental abilities with only a few hours of training. Working puzzles, having hobbies, learning to use a computer, and reading are a few examples of activities or approaches to learning that can make a difference in older adults’ memory and cognitive functions. Recent decades have witnessed older adults’ growing interest in continuing their education. In fact, many colleges and community centers offer classes for free or at a significant discount for senior citizens. Although keeping up with a class of 20 year olds may be a challenge, older adults can learn new information if it is presented clearly, slowly, and over a period of time. Older adults also can enrich the learning process for others through the insight and wisdom they’ve gained from life experience. Younger students often remark that they appreciate the practical perspective that their older colleagues offer. Older adults who have kept their minds active and fit continue to learn and grow, but perhaps more gradually than their younger colleagues. Patience and understanding (on the part of both the elderly and their significant others), memory training, and continued education are important for maintaining mental abilities and the quality of life in the later years.

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Many researches Essay

Many researches have been conducted with regards to the effect of a particular plant or animal in the environment. These organisms are also called invasive species and are considered as one major factor of ecological imbalance and the increased deterioration of the balance in natural resources. This variety of animals poses harm on other species which can lead to a gradual decrease in population and even extinction if the problem will not be addressed properly. As a response by scientists specializing in the field of biology and ecosystem, they have made in-depth studies to be able to come up with the possible solution for the problem. One clear example of this situation is the effect of a particular freshwater fish known as the black bullhead and its adverse effect in the biodiversity and ecological harmony in European freshwaters. Having a scientific name Ameiurus melas, this fish was not native in Europe but from North America. Previous studies were conducted and claimed considered the increase in population of this fish specie as an imminent threat against the local fish species in the said region. Moreover, further proliferation of this non-local fish can lead to imbalance in the ecological harmony among preys and local predators that can be found in European waters. The study was conducted to evaluate the effect of black bullhead to the predatory performance of the local predator pike with a scientific name Esox Lucius L. The study was made in the year 2006 where the researchers set up individual containers with different experimental treatments. The study was made during the autumn season where the researchers chose equal weights and sizes of black bullheads and pikes. They prepared containers containing equal amounts of water and other parameters needed in setting up an artificial ecosystem. The researchers then acquired enough amounts of roach for each basin which is the prey of both the black bullhead and the pike and systematically treated each container. One container was placed with roach but no predators while another container was filled with the roach and black bullhead only. Another container was filled with roach and pike only and another basin was filled with the prey and both predators. Turbidity was also varied in each container, one with low and another basin with high turbidity. Afterwards, careful and thorough observations were made concerning the entire experimental set up. With the use of statistical and mathematical tools in analyzing the results of the experiments, the researchers prepared and came up with the result of the study. One of the results of the study is that the prey consumption on the containers with pike alone and both bullhead and pike has little discrepancies. This result suggests that pike’s consumption was less when mixed with bullhead compared when there is only pike in the area. Many factors were accounted with regards to the research output like the direct struggle between the two distinct predators and even behavioral intrusions of the bullhead on the pike predator. Another research finding is that turbidity has no significant effect on the efficiency of the pike, disproving the claims that water transparency has a major effect on the performance of the local predators. The study was conducted with finesse and used appropriate mathematical tools in interpreting data. However, more researches should still follow in a large-scale setting and in a natural habitat location to be able to come up with a more reliable research output. Though the research presented good and unbiased results, further study should pursue in the same objective to be able to support the claims of the study made with more research parameters to consider. References Kreutzenberger, K. , Leprieur, F. & Brosse, S. †The Influence of the invasive black bullhead Ameiurus melas on the predatory efficiency of pike Esox Lucius L. † Journal of Fish Biology (2008) 73, 196–205. Retrieved on April 22, 2009. Retrieved from http://fabienlep. free. fr/leprieur/Leprieur_JFishBiol_2008. pdf

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Mixed Methods Research Manuscript Critique Assignment

Mixed Methods Research Manuscript Critique - Assignment Example plied the communication theory on its sample students in an attempt to understand the students’ perception on the use of the substances (DeSantis, Webb & Noar, 2008). Through the communication theory, the researcher would understand the health knowledge of the students, their attitudes and even reactional behaviors towards the substance. After gathering information on the students’ perception on the use of the drugs, the researcher would then be better placed to define mechanisms that would properly educate the students on the dangers of the prescription drugs (DeSantis, Webb & Noar, 2008). The quantitative and qualitative methodologies complemented each other in the research. The two forms of methodology provided an understanding on the rising numbers on the use of ADHD stimulant use. The quantitative methodology gave the statistics on the use of the stimulants while qualitative gave results on the interviews with the students (DeSantis, Webb & Noar, 2008). Data was collected quantitatively using surveys and qualitatively using in-depth interviews. Convenience sampling was used to get the best students to give the correct data on the use of ADHD stimulant drugs (DeSantis, Webb & Noar, 2008). Data was gathered via the use of in-depth interviews through the hand-held audio tape recorders. Rigor was assured through training and supervising the researchers on interviewing process, the ethical strategies, and the transcription procedure (DeSantis, Webb & Noar, 2008). Prior to participating in the study, the students were advised that the study would be voluntary and would lead to a productive educational experience. The students then provided their consent before the survey completions. Written agreements were also obtained from the students before the interview took place (DeSantis, Webb & Noar,

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Dollar versus Yen -The Road Ahead Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dollar versus Yen -The Road Ahead - Essay Example Interest-rate futures demonstrate that the traders are certain the Fed will increase its benchmark to 4.75 percent on March 28, and predict about a 65 percent chance of another increase to 5 percent at the May meeting. However the outlook was not the same say in October 2005 when Fed was expected to go in for graduated dosages of increase in interest rate in keeping with the trend began since June 2004. The dollar had then risen 2.3 percent against the yen since the end of June 2005. The dollar ran its third straight quarterly gain, reported in October 2005, against the yen, the longest winning streak since 2001, as the Federal Reserve stuck to its policy of ''measured" increases in interest rates. The markets had then expected the dollar to rally to about 115 yens. The yield advantage of 10-year US Treasury notes with Japan had averaged 2.87 percentage points in 2005 year and reached as much as 3.27 percentage points on March 28 2005. As a result of these Japanese investors were buy ing the dollar to purchase overseas assets, such as Treasuries strengthening interest in dollar.

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Writing Assignment #2 Fence Standards, from the Fennelly textbook Essay

Writing Assignment #2 Fence Standards, from the Fennelly textbook - Essay Example CPTED offers a framework for integrating crime prevention into urban designs quality. It focuses on the reduction of crime opportunities and lessens the motivation to offend, while nurturing positive interactions between sincere users of the space. The objective of surveillance is to convince potential attackers that they are very little possibilities of a successful attack due to strong defense mechanisms. The initial security layer of building uses CPTED to discourage threats. Prior to the use or implementations of surveillance options, CPTED’s theory indicates that the proper design, as well as effective use of built environments, can decrease crime. Design is one of the key factors before considering surveillance technology. They are three primary CPTED design guidelines that are broadly accepted. The type of locks needed in facilities that require secrecy and confidentiality are dependent on a combination of correlated factors that involve design, installation, manufacturing, and system maintenance (Fennelly, 2012). In addition, not all locks are applicable in most situation, specifically designed locks are usually used in specifically provided situation, hence sufficient knowledge of basic principles of locking systems are inevitable. Security lighting is an effective deterrent method. Attackers will never enter a well-lit area or premise. This form of security cuts across various locations such as parking lots, office space, and entry points. Doors, gates and other forms of entrance must be well lit in so as  to allow for observation of persons and vehicles coming in and out (Fennelly, 2012). When lighting facility grounds, using broadly distributed low-intense lighting is normally superior to small spots of high-intense lighting, because the latter has a tendency to produce dead spots for security personnel, as well as CCTV cameras. This option is

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The Effect Of Light Intensity On Photosynthesis Of Pondweed Plant Coursework

The Effect Of Light Intensity On Photosynthesis Of Pondweed Plant - Coursework Example Limiting factors are the features, which affect the rate of reaction or control the process depending upon their presence or absence. The law of limiting factor states that,† Those reactions which depend on more than one factors to be favorable, then its rate is limited by least favorable value of its limiting factors. For the reaction to be at optimum speed, all... factors need to be at an optimum stage.† Concentration of CO2 is one of the main limiting factors of the process, after light intensity. Usual concentration of CO2 in the environment is 0.03%, and it does not change much. There are places where more CO2 is present and the rate of Photosynthesis is higher in those areas. The more concentration of CO2 in the surrounding faster will be the process. Temperature is another factor, which affects the rate of the process by influencing the efficiency of the enzymes working in the process. Optimum temperature for photosynthesis is between

Data Transmission Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Data Transmission - Essay Example Noise includes intermodulation, thermal, impulse and crosstalk. Noise is mainly expected at the link; hence the signal power at the receiver has to be larger as compared to the power added noise to the signal in the path of transmission(Stallings, 2006). Data rate involves the bit number that a system is capable of transmitting in a time unit. Data rate is constrained by bandwidth, availability of impairments and the acceptable error rate. Bandwidth that is effective is the band within which signal energy is mostly concentrated. A channel is able to accommodate limited frequency band. If in bandwidth that is effective, input signal is larger than the system transmission bandwidth, signal at the output will be highly distorted(Stallings, 2006). Bandwidth of signal should match the bandwidth being supported by the communication channel. Error rate can be seen as the rate whereby errors can occur. An error is a reception of 1 when 0 was channeled or a reception of 0 when 1 was channeled (Stallings, 2006). Main factor characterizing channel capacity is the bandwidth. A great bandwidth of signal results to great information carrying capacity. While designing facility for communication one should consider signal bandwidth, digital information data rate, noise amount and acceptable error

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Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Pathophysiology and Pharmacology - Case Study Example This causes blood to accumulate compressing the brain. There are two types of haemorrhagic strokes. Which include intracerebral, and subarachnoid categorized based on the disease aetiology (Ewan et al. 2010). Ischemic Cerebrovascular Accident is caused by the interruption of blood supply to the cerebral tissue. It has multiple etiologic mechanisms and clinical manifestations. The ischemia is caused by thrombosis, embolism, arterial luminal obliteration, venous congestion and systemic hypoperfusion (Laredo et al. 2011). An Ischemic thrombotic stroke is caused by the development of a clot that obstructs the blood vessel. Pathology in the local endothelium is the common trigger of thrombosis. The most common pathological feature of vascular obstruction is the chronic inflammation disease Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerotic plaques usually form at bifurcation points of vessels and high shear stress points. They overexpress plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 that inhibits the enzyme plasminogen activator, which converts plasminogen to plasmin that degrades plasma proteins (Jorge et al. 2010). Plasmin is essential in fibrinolysis. Therefore, inhibition of activation promotes the formation of blood clots. Endothelial surface injury triggers an inflammatory reaction recruiting cytokines and peroxides. These substances trigger the expression of P-selectin, E-selectin and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 by the endothelial cells molecules necessary for the adhesion of recruited leukocytes to the endothelial wall. They migrate into the intima forming a fatty streak that are then infiltrated by macrophages forming plaques and accumulating lipids to form foam cells (Santos et al. 2012). Plaques can enlarge and occlude blood vessels, become ulcerated, calcify, develop thrombosis, form embolus or lead to the formation of an aneurysm. Ulceration occurs when the atherosclerotic plaques

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Application of constructivism theory in French Mali intervention Essay

Application of constructivism theory in French Mali intervention - Essay Example Mali faced some civil conflict since January 2012. Northern region of the country, Azawad, majorly occupied by the Islamic believers have been fighting for independence from the Malian government. The rebellious troops, dubbed The National Movement for the Liberation of the Azawad (MNLA) fought the government to liberate Azawad and make it for Tuereg people, and three months later, the troop had taken over the region. The conflict sparked the coup of President Amadou Toure, and another troop dubbed CNRDR took over the nation before suspending the national constitution. Mali became unstable and the rebels took charge of major Malian cities. MNLA was supported by several Islamic militias, and after the MNLA conquer; Islamic laws were introduced in the Northern region of Mali. Later the Islamic and MLNA developed some conflicts. The government sought help from foreign nations to resolve the insecurity and instability in the country, and by January 2013, French military launched some ope rations against the Islamic militias. The operation was successful, since the Malian military took over from the Islamic militia a month later. History indicate that The French military took active role in the fight against the Islamic troops but trained the Malian military on advanced and effective war and defensive tactics, until they took over. The French Military applied the constructivism theory, also called learning theory to train the Malian military. This work is about the application of the constructivism theory in training the Malian troops by the French facilitators and boosting Malian national security. Mali’s national security was compromised when some Islamic rebellious troops launched several attacks in the Northern Mali in 2012 (Cole-Turner, 2001). The French being the former colonial master of Mali were the first to rescue the situation since the country would have turned into a hostile war zone. The first mission was to train the Malian national defensive te am on the application of modern military technologies to fight the religious militia. Constructivism Theory The theory implies that humans apply newly learned knowledge together with prior experience to undertake any duty or make effective decisions. It comes from the word ‘constructs’ which means a special kind of filters in the human body system which carry certain knowledge and tend to change human reality from a certain state of confusion to some kind of order. The constructivism theory has some ties with cognitive as well as biological human systems. The theory is applied in several fields of learning. For instance, it helps pass or grasp some knowledge in experiments, discovery learning, as well as project and task based trainings. This work is about the application of the constructivism theory in training the Malian troops by the French facilitators and boosting Malian national security. Mali’s national security was compromised when some Islamic rebellious troops launched several attacks in the Northern Mali in 2012 (Cole-Turner, 2001). The French being the former colonial master of Mali were the first to rescue the situation since the country would have turned into a hostile war zone. The first mission was to train the Malian national defensive team on the application of modern military technologies to fight the religious militia. The Constructivism theory was first applied in the early 20th century with some neuroscientists who believed that the main role of education is to increase societal knowledge. Experimental learning was encouraged since it tends to provide a practical platform to enable the learner add such knowledge to those learnt in theoretical class (Schein, 2011). The theory was to boost three basic elements of education namely thinking, reflection, as well explorations. The neurosurgeons lament that the theory was developed in certain sequences until it could be proved and applied in the society (Witte, 2007). Some

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Manet's Race Course at Longchamp and Origin of Modernis Essay

Manet's Race Course at Longchamp and Origin of Modernis - Essay Example The painting captures that â€Å"specific† point in time of racing, when jockeys are galloping toward each other, as they romp toward the finish line (Modernism 109). It can be seen from the painting that two jockeys are closely contending for the first place spot, though the rest can easily catch up. The rising dust cloud stresses the muscular strength and speed of the horses that these jockeys are controlling. The speed and power of animals are nothing, if they cannot be harnessed to make that big win. The audience is a blur, but it remains evident how men and women, with women donning their usual dresses and using their umbrellas, are energetically focused on the race. It is interesting how nineteenth-century women are enjoying this â€Å"manly† sport, with its dirtiness and physical action. They oppose the gender stereotype of women, who prefer dances and parties to sports events. In this painting, women also seem to potentially cherish betting and the adrenalin rus h of watching a horse race as it concludes. Like this audience, Manet wants his art viewers to also feel the intense action and excitement of the race at this point in time. He wants them to feel what it is like to hold their breaths, as they wait for that winning horse. Like the audience in the actual race, there is a distinct feeling of never being quite sure who the winner will be. Hence, this painting effectively captures the emotions and senses of that specific point of race time, when excitement and uncertainty are at their highest points. Furthermore, the â€Å"Race Course at Longchamp† is a modernist painting, because it tackles a unique subject matter. While other paintings focus on portraits, spiritual or Catholic images and events, still life, and other important, mostly official or royal, personalities and events, Manet chooses to paint about a common sports event in the â€Å"Race Course at Longchamp.† This sports event may be a highlight to some upper-cla ss people who enjoy them too, but horse racing is generally viewed as a â€Å"commoner's sport.† The subject here is not the usual subject matter of other artists, and instead, the â€Å"Race Course at Longchamp† explores a specific event that common people enjoy. In addition, the painting zooms into that specific time, when the race is at its hottest, and where the reactions of the audience and the weather are also depicted. As mentioned, the painting evokes a sense of excitement and intensity. The reactions of the audience are also crucial to the modernist painting, because it defines the wholeness of the event. It would not be enough to focus on the jockeys and the horses alone; it will also be crucial to view how the people are reacting to the horse race as it nears its end. In addition, the cloudiness of the weather reinforces the dustiness of the game. Together, they create a sort of gloomy uncertainty on the potential result of the race. The game can change any time and this uncertainty heightens even more for those bettors. They all want to win, but they are also aware that only one horse will win the race. A modernist painting also focuses on the colors and lighting of the subject matter to assert its â€Å"wholeness.†

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Causes of Ww1 Essay Example for Free

Causes of Ww1 Essay * WW1 is known as the great war * There were preexisting tensions between France and Germany * 1 of the main causes of WW1 Nationalism, Nationalism is defined as the desire of people with similar cultures to have their own independent countries it is identified by intense devotion to one’s culture or nation. Do not confuse nationalism with patriotism. * Militarism, Militarism means the development of armed forces and using them as a tool of diplomacy * 1914 protest broke out in bosnia archduke franz Ferdinand was shot and killed * Alliances were another cause of WW1. Serbia went to Russia Austria went to Germany Russia ran to france then france went to Britain and the U.S was neutral * Germany used unrestricted submarine warfare the Lusitania was sunk by submarine over 1000 was killed, 128 americans were killed and the U.S became involved in WW1. * Germany tried to stop the U.S by sending a letter to Mexico to have a war with the U.S * April 2 1917 Congress declared war on Germany * 2 million American men lept on the continent confident fresh and ready to attack the german army November 11 1918 a cease fire was signed * Versailles treaty said nine new nations were established in Europe including Poland Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia * Germany was not aloud to have an army * Germany had to give Alsace and Lorraine back to france and pay them a huge amount of reperations money paid to repair war damage * The war guilt clause forced Germany to admit that WW1 was their fault and only their fault humiliating and angering the german people. * 22 million people were killed * The war cost the nations involed and estimated 338 billion * An entire generation of europian young men were dead or destroyed * An angry and humiliated Germany would start WW2 about 20 years later * The league of nations was started as a world police force it failed * With men gone woman took factory jobs In return for their contribution they would receive the right to vote in 1920 * America became the dominant industrial power of the world * Contributed to the movement of African Americans in the North the great migration * Intrnsified anti immigrant and anti communist sentiments among some americans * Newtechnology * Machine guns * Tanks * Gas warfare * Poison gas

Cognitive Interventions Essay Example for Free

Cognitive Interventions Essay The only thing that tells everyone apart from everyone else is each person’s genetic make-up. And there is only one exception and that would identical twins, because no two people are the same. This can be said true about the way we all think. There is no one person that thinks the same as the next person. People believe that we are all born innocent and that we are pure in thoughts and in behavior. There are many different factors that can and sometimes do influence how a person is controlled by his/her cognitive ability to think before acting. There are people who do a better than others can. There are people who have certain psychological problems that seek out help from a therapist to get a handle on their problems. One of most popular therapy would be cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). The base of this theory is that some of the behaviors are caused by a person’s inner thoughts or by mental inability to deal with problems or events in our lives. In this paper, I will summarize the article â€Å"Abuse-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Child Physical Abuse,† that describe Abuse-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT) and the use of AF-CBT in adolescent anger management. Article Summary Childhood anger can be tiger by many different factors, thoughts or even events during a child early life. A young child is not able to express their feels in a correct way, so they have problems in dealing with their anger. This could also be that they were never taught by his/her parents how to handle their emotions. A good example would be a friend of mine that has a child with some deep rooted problems, When Sam get angry he will not able to express how he feels so he acts out towards anyone that is near him. At Christmas time I brought him a soccer ball that he wanted and when he opened it he just threw it to one side, so he was punishment, sent to his room, when he came out the looks in his eyes just plain scared me. I have seen that look in a person who just committed a murder. Cold and dark look is what this child has. Most children with this type of problems, it could be a result of abuse in the home by one or both parents, and the type of abuse could be physical or sexual. At the time of the abuse the child may feel that they could not fight off the person who is abusing him or they are so scared to tell anyone. When this time of situation has occurred the child is not able to handle so they will out and get into trouble. They may start getting into trouble at school, start handling out with the wrong crowds and getting into serious trouble with the law. The child may become involved with sex, alcohol and drugs, sometimes the child could turn out to be an abuser also. Children will do this to get away from their home life and the pain. If the abuse was discover at an early age, and then the child can be remove from the home and has a better chance to get therapy and could turn out to normal. This way the hate and anger can be redirected to a more positive avenue. It difficult for a child to understand why things happened to them and but to be able to speak to someone that can be able to help them understand that it was no their fault and help them heal their emotional wounds. Unfortunately, the affective of the abuse may follow the person throughout their life in many different forms. It can affect their children and even their partners. They may became have problems like becoming overweight so they will not be attractive to men. They also can be very sexually active. Being in therapy as a child they can be with other children that have been threw the same as the child and could help to release their anger, it could also help them from staying away from trouble and from hanging out with the wrong people. This would help the child to focus more on school and what is important to the child. The cognitive behavior theory is known to help child that are victims of abuse cases whether it is physical or sexual and the parents that are the abusers, that may help them to reestablish a relationship between parents and children. Abuse-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  The main usage of the Abuse-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT) is working with children and their families that have suffered sexual or physical abuse; the environment is very hostile, the child may be subject coercion and are aggression when the family is present. AF-CBT is also used for children with behavioral problems such as Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. AF-CBT is right for children who are the ages of 5-15, who exhibit some level of behavioral or emotional dysfunction and for parents or caregivers who may resort to uncomfortable or unsafe levels of physical punishment. The goal of this therapy is to reduce the level of physical abuse risk factors of the caregiver or family and to reduce the consequences of these experiences for the children. The primary focus is behavior management, social skills, training, cognitive restructuring, problem-solving skills, and communications skills for the caregiver’s level of anger and promote nonaggressive discipline strategies, to enhance a child’s coping skills, and encourage problem-solving and communication. There are three stages of AF-CBT process, each of the steps consisting in multiple steps that involve the child and the parent(s) separately and jointly. This type of treatment would be taken place as outpatient or in a setting that ongoing contact with the caregiver and the child. The treatment should take place twice a week for approximately three to six months. Abuse-Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in an Adolescent Anger-Management, the important part is to be able know how to control anger. Everyone can control their anger and being angry is a normal part of life. Just like everyone else, adolescent are no exception. The only exception is that adolescent can take their anger to the extreme and their action may not be called normal when angered. There is one way to help the adolescent to control their anger is by cognitive therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy can occur in many different ways, the most common is the one-to-one talk with the adolescents. Once the problem is out in the open, the therapist may give the adolescent advice and to show how to control or redirected their anger. It is a success when one discovers the problem using the cognitive behavioral therapy. Now that the adolescent is able to control their anger it more benefit for those who are around the adolescent, it does benefit both parties. With aggressive or violent behavior the AF-CBT will target in three ways in which people can deal with the situations: 1) Cognition (thinking), 2) Affect (feeling), and 3) Behavior (doing). AF-CBT use many different techniques that are used by practitioners, such as behavior and anger management, problem solving, social skills training, and cognitive restructuring. All programs require proper training in different areas, especially with psychological skills so that enhancing interpersonal effectiveness and self-control is maintained. Conclusion The article explains to us how to deal with child and adolescent in dealing with their anger due to physical or sexual abuse to them and to be able overcome their anger and to deal with feelings as well as their families. The primary goal of AF-CBT is to reduce other behavioral problems in children and adolescent when they grow-up.

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Treatment Research for Multiple Myeloma (MM)

Treatment Research for Multiple Myeloma (MM) ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION Multiple myeloma (MM) is a hematological neoplasm that appears after transformation and uncontrolled proliferation of plasma cells. MM is characterized by a heterogeneous genetic aberrations and very different clinical outcomes (Avet-Loiseau, . Boyd KD). Although treatments for MM have increased by develop new and more sophisticated therapeutics drugs such an immunomodulatory drugs (IMiDs) and proteasome inhibitors (PIs)( Shaji K. Kumar, Raghupathy, Antonio Palumbo) the marked variability of responses indicate that larger studies will be required. Currently, identification of cytogenetic abnormalities is performed by conventional karyotyping and fluorescence in situ hybridization. However, these disorders are not sufficient to explain the malignant phenotype given that are also observed in premalignant states of MM such a monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance (MGUS) or smoldering myeloma(SM)(Bergsagel, Hideshima). This finding justifies the need for a comprehensive screening of genetic abnormalities in MM patients, which has not been incorporated in the medical workup yet. Recently, the introduction of massive sequencing of patient genome using next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies has considerably increased the understanding of the biological features of MM. Many works have described the complex and heterogeneous mutational profile of MM patients(bolli nuevo, walker). Whole Exome Sequency (WES) studies in newly diagnosis MM patients have confirmed that more than 50 genes are mutated in the first manifestation of disease (walker). However, only few genes have been detected recurrently mutated at diagnosis, including KRAS, NRAS, BRAF, DIS3, TP53 and FAM46C, and only TP53 mutations have been recurentelly associated with poor survival. In addition, other studies have assessed the clonal evolution over time, pointing out that systemic treatment with chemotherapy may affect the livelihood of some subclones more than others, and thus may influence the tumor evolution over time(Egan JB, bolli, Keats JJ, ) The introduction of targeted studies allows the detection of mutations even with very low allele frequencies at an affordable price, allowing the incorporation of extensive genetic studies to the clinical workup. In the last years, several groups have applied this approach in order to achieve a better patients stratification and prognosis prediction. Although many studies have highlighted the importance of the subclonal landscape in MM and many efforts have been undertaken to stratify patients and predicts their responses, there is no clear relation between sensitives or refractories clones to treatment, and more information about the prognostic impact of this subclonal profile in series of homogeneously treated MM patients is needed. A large number of clinical trial are being carried out with this aim, unify treatments in order to study more effectively the impact of genetic alterations in prognosis. In this work, newly diagnosis MM patient homogenously treated have been genetically characterized using a combination of the most recent techniques, including FISH and ultra-deep targeted sequencing. We applied the highest read depth described in the literature with the aim to detect minority subclones ignored to date. We also integrated these data with the clinical features to find out new patterns of behavior, relate them with survival and reveal new insight into the complexity of clonal and subclonal architecture of MM. Patient samples Samples were taken from the available 79 newly diagnosed MM patient enrolled in the clinical trial GEM10MAS65 (registered at www.clinicaltrials.gov as #NCT01237249). This is a phase III trial where patients older than 65 years were randomly assigned between two treatments arms: sequential melphalan/prednisone/Velcade (MPV) followed by Revlimid/low dose dexamethasone (Rd) versus alternating melphalan/prednisone/Velcade (MPV) with Revlimid/low dose dexamethasone (Rd). Progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) were measured from the starting date of the treatment. The median time to progression was 26.4 months with a median follow up of 31.5 months. Targeted sequencing and mutation calling Positive plasma cells CD138 were isolated from bone marrow aspirates and DNA was extracted using AllPrep DNA/RNA mini kit (Quiagen). Only 20 ng of DNA were used to prepare libraries using Ampliseq Library Kit 2.0. We also sequenced DNA from the 15 available CD138 negative fractions in order to filter out potential artifacts and corroborate detection sentivity. Samples were sequenced using Ion Torrent platform (IonProton, Thermofisher, Carlsbad, CA, USA) using the M3P gene panel (Mayo Clinic, Arizona). This panel spreads out over 77 genes frequently mutated in MM, which are related to critical pathophysiological pathways, associated to drug resistance or targetable with molecular drugs [paper mayo kortum etal]. Quality filter and alignments was performed using Torrent Suit software (Life Technologies) Single nucleotide variants were calling and annotated using Ion Reporter software applying in-house modifications in call variants process. Variants listed in Single Nucleotide Polimorph ism database (dbSNP, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/SNP/) were excluded from samples without germline available, as well as variants that were detected in multiple samples. In addition, to test the ability of the workflow previously described, we applied a novel bioinformatics pipeline developed by Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO). All reported mutations were detected by both bioinformatics approaches. The integrative genomic viewer (IGV) was used to visualize the read alignments, single variants and correct sequencing errors due to homopolymer regions. Statistical analysis All statistical analysis was performed using the statistical environment R. Correlation coefficients between mutated genes and cytogenetic aberrations was assessed and plotted using corrplot (https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/corrplot/). Differences in survival were tested using the log-rank test. Cox proportional hazard regression was employed to obtain hazards ratios (HR) and evaluated at 5% of significance level. A second approach called LASSO (least absolute shrinkage and selection operator) was performed to detect relevant variables among clinical, cytogenetic and mutated genes.   Further details can be found in Data Supplement. RESULTS Mutated genes and altered pathways (cambiar tà ­tulo) We sequenced 79 tumor samples with a mean coverage depth of 1600X. The minimum coverage of the detected variants was 60X and the average coverage 370X. We identified 170 nonsynonymous missense/nonsense/stoploss single variants, 81 of them (48%) were predicted pathogenic by Sift and Polyphen and 61 (36%)   have been described in COSMIC data base.   85% of patients harbored at least 1 mutation with a median of 2.1 mutations per patient. We detected mutations in 53 genes (Figure1), although 6 genes accounted the 39% of the total number of mutations; KRAS= 21.5%, DIS3= 19%, NRAS= 16.5%, BRAF= 10.1%, TP53= 8.8% and ATM= 7.6% of the patients.  Ã‚   48% of patients (38/79) presented at least one mutation in genes envolved in RAS/MAPK pathway, being the most frequently mutated pathway. 72 and 100% of variants in KRAS and NRAS respectively were detected in the hotspot codons 12, 13 and 61, and the targetable V600E BRAF mutation was detected in 1 patient. (Figure 2 supplemental?). NFKB p athway was the second most frequently mutated in our cohort, accounting for the 15% of all mutations distributed in 25 % of the patients (19/79). This pathway included TRAF3 (5 mutations, one nonsense and 4 missense) and TRAF2 (3 missense mutation) all of them predicted pathogenic by Sift and Polyphen. Other pathways importantly altered in the cohort were MYC in 11% of patients (9/79), cereblon and ciclyn both in 9% of patients (7/79). Multiple mutations within the same gene were observed in 11 patients: 4 of whom harbored 2 and 3 mutations within DIS3 (patient 1-24= Glu501Lys and Phe120Leu at 8 and 53 % of VRF, patient 2-236= Asp487His and Asp479Glu at 4 and 21 of VRF respectively, patient 3 321= Tyr753Asn and Glu126Lys at 2 and 58 % of VRF respectively and patient 4-42 = Arg820Trp, Gly249Glu and at 14, 20 and 24% of VRF respectively). Other 2 patients showed 2 and 3 mutation in KRAS (patient 5-168= Gly13Asp and Gln61His at 9 and 13 %of VRF and patient 6-269 = Tyr71Asp, UTR3 in exon 6 and Gln61Glu at 3, 15 and 37 % of VRF respectively; 2 patients with 2 mutation in NRAS(patient 7-177= .Gln61Lys   and Gly12Ala at 5 and 12% of VRF respectively and patient 8-257=   Gln61Glu   and Gly12Ala at 5 and 6% of VRF respectively), one patient with 3 mutations in MAX (patient 9-190= Arg36Lys , Arg35Leu and Glu32Val at 10, 20 and 26 %of VRF), one patient with 3 mutations in TRAF3 (patient 10-40 = Lys453Asn, His136Tyr   and Phe445Leu 8, 11 and1 3% of VRF) and one patient with 2 mutation in TP53 (patient 11-40 = Asp208Val   and Glu204Ter at 35 and 36% of VRF respectively). Variant Read Frequency study The VRF found in our cohort were diverse.   We detected 50% of variants (85/170) below 25% of VRF and 27% (46/170) below 10% (Figure 2). KRAS (n=5) DIS3 (n=5), BRAF (n=4), NRAS (n=4), and TP53 (n=3) were the genes that harbored the largest number of low frequency mutations (Figure 2). KRAS, NRAS, BRAF and TP53 mutations were, in all cases, lower than 50% of VRF while DIS3 showed mutations in a broad range (from 2 to 85%)(Fig3). ). Most of DIS3 mutations with VRF

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Effects of Alcohol Essay -- Cause Effect

Effects of Alcohol   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Alcohol is a widely used substance for both science and in technology. Its name comes from an Arabic word al-kuhl meaning " a powder for painting the eyes". The term was later applied to all compounds that contain alcoholic spirits.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  To most people alcohol is considerd a downer that reduces activity in the nervous system. Some of the things alcohol effects you is, the alcohol intoxicated person exhibits lose muscle tone, loss of fine moter coordination,and often has a staggering "drunken" gait. The eyes may appear somewhat "glossy" and pupils may be slow to respond to stimulus. At high doses pupils may become constricted. At intoxing doses, alcohol can decrease heart rate, lower blood pressure and respiration rate, and result in decreased reflex and slower reaction times. Skin may be cool to touch but to the user may feel warm or normal, profuse sweating may accompany alcohol use. Loose muscle tone, lose of fine motor coordination,odor of alcohol on the breath,and a stagging "drunken"gait.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The effects of alcohol intoxication are greatly influenced by individual variations among users. Some users may become intoxicated at a much lower Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level that I am about to show you. Along with drinking their are different levels to it: 0.02-0.03 BAC: No loss of coorination,slight euphoria and loss of shyness. Depressant effects are not apparent. 0.04-0.06 BAC: Feeling of well-being, relaxation, lower inhibitions, sensation of warmth. Some minor impairment of reasoning and memory, lowering of caution. 0.07-0.09 BAC: Slight impairment of balance, speech, vision, reaction time, and hearing. Judgement and self-control are reduced, and caution, reason and memory are impaired. 0.10-1.125 BAC: Signficant impairment of moter coordination and loss of good judgement. Speech may be slurred; balance, vision,reaction time and hearing will be impaired. (It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle at this level of intoxication.) 0.13-0.15 BAC: Gross motor impairment and lack of physical control. BLurred vision and major loss of balance. Euphoria is reduced and dysphoria beginning to appear. 0.16-0.20 BAC: Dysphoria (anxiety,restlessness) predominates, nausea may appear. The drinker has the appearance of a "sloppy drunk." 0.25 BAC: Needs assistance in walking; total mental confusion.... ...k and smoke, the risk is even higher. BREAST CANCER   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  They say that woman's risk of developing breast cancer increases with alcohol consumtion, as well as age. Particularly vulnerable are women over 50 who have been heavy drinkers over a period of years, their chances of developing breast cancer are up to 18 times greater than non-drinkers. Research indicates that alcohol may play an indirect role in this disease by increasing estrogen levels in premenopausal women, whinh in turn may promote breast cancer. Thus, for younger women to lessen their risk of breast cancer, dont drink, or at least limit yourself to no more than one a day. SKIN CANCER   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Reserchers say that women who average only two drinks a day, four days a week, are 2 1/2 times more likely to develop melanomia than women who dont drink. Experts recommend that women limit themselves to one drink a day, and men two drinks a day. OTHER CANCERS   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Some studies have found a link between alcohol use and cancers of the: - colon -stomach -pancreas -lungs. Although theres no evidence that alcohol itelf is a caracinogen, it has been associated with suppression of the human immune system

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Literature and Virtue in Sidneys Apology for Poetry Essay -- Apology

Literature and Virtue in Sidney's "Apology for Poetry"      Ã‚  Ã‚   In "An Apology for Poetry" Sir Philip Sidney attempts to reassert the fundamental importance of literature to society in general as well as to other creative and intellectual endeavors. Though Sidney's work does provide a synthesis (and in some cases an aberration) of much Greek and Roman literary theory, his argument aspires to go beyond an esoteric academic debate. Literature can "teach and delight" in a manner which other methods of communication do not possess (138). The moral/ethical impact any literary text has upon a reader is of paramount importance to Sidney. The argument Sidney presents and develops is built around the assumption that literature has the capacity to teach most effectively and to demonstrate virtue. Perhaps in better understanding how Sidney specifically supports this claim, we can better assess its strength or validity.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Sidney places literature in an hierarchical relationship with all other forms of learning; literature inhabits the highest and most influential tier. Literature is "the first light-giver to ignorance", and from it all other sources of knowledge have been nurtured (135). As the first use of language beyond the completely utilitarian, literature stretches and expands language to accommodate broader and more conceptual inquiries. Though an ardent admirer of Platonic philosophy, Sydney, in order to serve his intellectual exercise, rewrites or rehabilitates Plato's harsh stance on the worthlessness of literature. Unlike Plato's poet who perpetuates images far removed from the Truth, Sidney's poet can dip into the world of Forms, the Ideal, and provide us with knowledge of virtue. While the tangible world of... ...ry" (150).      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Sidney's responses have become the mainstay of the supporters of a liberal arts education. Unfortunately, literature has become sanctified to the extent that knowledge of literature has become practically synonymous with virtuous action. Such modern interpretations of Sidney's defense of literature seem to strike against the very heart of his argument. Sidney seems to understand all too well that human beings house both virtuous and vicious impulses; it is within our power to infuse our creations with both the sinister and the sublime. Because this is true of any human invention, Sidney counsels that the potential of literature for good or ill should not be easily discounted or dismissed.    Works Cited Sidney, Philip. "An Apology for Poetry" The Critical Tradition. Ed., David H. Richter, New York: St. Martin's Press, 1989.

Johnson and Johnson Case Analysis Essay example -- Business Marketing

Johnson and Johnson Case Analysis Introduction: Johnson and Johnson, commonly called J&J for short, is one of the world’s well known, largest, most decentralized and most diversified health care companies. Since 1887, Johnson and Johnson has been producing, manufacturing and selling products related to human health and well-being. Today J&J has over 200 autonomous operating companies and do business globally specializing in consumer products, medical devices and diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals. Consumer products are the company’s most recognizable segment, including popular brands like Tylenol, Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo and Band-Aid. The medical devices and diagnostics segment manufactures products including surgical equipment and contact lenses. The largest of the three segments is pharmaceuticals. Johnson and Johnson is poised for growth on many fronts. Their short-term outlook is bright due to a lead position in the drug-coated stent market. They should also see a substantial increase in prescription drug sales from the recently enacted Medicare regulation, which will grant prescription drug coverage to more Americans. In the long run, J&J should see consistent sales growth fueled by the aging demographics in the United States. Moreover, the medical supplies and services needed by the elderly population will increase simultaneously with the aging of the large baby boomer population. While there is no doubt that J&J is a corporation that has gone a long way and due to its reliability, culture and growth will continue to do well, analyzing the effectiveness of their current strategy is still essential. The question of whether J&J should become more centralized in order to adapt to the changing hospital industry needs to be addressed. Because of the changes in the hospital secto r and because of the changes that distributors underwent in order to meet the hospital changes, J&J inevitably needs to change as well and become more centralized. While I do not think it is possible or even necessary for J&J to become completely centralized, J&J should consider the benefits of becoming more centralized. If J&J continues to be as decentralized as they are they will have a hard time adapting to change, communicating within the organization and contact within the organization will decrease as well. In the recommendation portion of this case analysi... ... Weakness With regard to the internal environment, it is important to analyze J&J’s strengths and weakness. After reading J&J’s website, I was overwhelmed with the strengths that J&J possess. J&J is one of the main competitors in the race to produce the best and most widely used stent. They produced Cypher, a device that is implanted in arteries to help keep arteries open and prevent them from getting clogged. J&J currently posses the largest portion of the coronary stent market with their Cypher stent. Approved in April of 2003 and launched in May, Cypher is the only drug-coated stent to be supported by numerous tests, including four large-scale clinical trials involving 1,800 patients. In tests, Cypher proved more effective than bare metal stents at preventing re-blockage. Another strength that J&J possesses is having high barriers to entry. Entrance into the pharmaceutical industry is difficult. Pharmaceutical companies require large fixed costs, large set up costs and large r esearch and development costs. While this does not insure that new companies will not enter their market, it does give J&J some safety measure at being able to prevent and/or compete with new entrants.

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Burt’s Bee’s: Leaving the Hive

Burt’s Bee’s: Leaving the Hive 01-26-2013 Burt’s Bee’s is committed to providing the best products for its consumers by ensuring they are 100% natural and produced in environmentally friendly conditions. I believe it is possible for the company to become the â€Å"Starbucks of personal care† without foregoing the initial values established by Roxanne Quimby. Roxanne’s original vision was making Burt’s bees a big brand, not an exclusive brand, and so moving into the mass market sector is in-keeping with this idea.Arguably, moving away from a specialty and health product, to a mass market brand is risky and results in specialty stores pulling back and reducing shelf space. However, the company today is very loyal and focused on their core values. They insist on only developing products that serve an explicit healthful purpose. They delayed launching the shampoo, for example, because they wanted to create a natural, cleaner shampoo that a lso lathered, to meet customer needs.The company pursued products other firms didn’t, like carrot lotion, adding to Burt’s authenticity. As well as this, they make all their packaging from recycled materials and encourage customers to reuse or recycle shampoo bottles for example. I believe that if they keep this up, they can definitely become the â€Å"Starbucks on personal care† without foregoing the values and narratives that made the brand successful. In my opinion this model is replicable. All Burt’s Bee’s is trying to do is what’s best for consumers and the environment.No matter how big the brand gets, no matter how much profits increase by, the firm in question should try follow in Burt’s Bee’s footsteps, and continue focusing on their core competencies and outsourcing tasks where they are not as efficient. In Burt’s Bee’s case, by fully disclosing ingredients, they promote transparency; by not testing their products on animals they communicate their values to the consumer; finally, by striving to use 100% natural ingredients in each of their products, they are upholding the firm’s original values.The model is easy to replicate as long as the firm is committed and loyal to the core values. I think Burt’s Bee’s have done a very good job so far. Seeing as packaging is not their core competency, they outsourced it to contractors thus minimizing waste and boosting efficiency. Herbs used in their products can be used for bio-fuel and are actually used by the employees as substitute fuel. All packaging is made from recycled materials and they encourage customers to reuse or recycle shampoo bottles.In addition to this they have shortened their supply chain by selling directly to all of their accounts. By cutting out the middle channel of distribution, they effectively reduced Burt’s Bee’s carbon footprint and saved money at the same time making them more env ironmentally and economically sustainable. The risks involved with this acquisition are many. As stated in the article, Clorox plans to turn Burt’s Bees into a mainstream American brand sold in big-box stores like Wal-Mart.Already, the move from specialty health stores, to Walgreens and CVS has had an impact on Burt’s Bee’s shelf space in these smaller specialty stores. The risk is that if they move to the other extreme, they may no longer be viewed as the quirky authentic firm that was initially established. The link to Clorox alone will bring Burt’s Bee’s under a lot of scrutiny, given the fact that they aim to provide the best and most natural products for their customers, and the consumer perception of Clorox is the total opposite. However, there are also a lot of opportunities Burt’s Bee’s will gain from this.With Clorox’s help, they can really strive to be a national brand, and increase their already growing market share in natural personal care. The resources Clorox will provide will boost advertising spending and increase the firm’s power when negotiating with suppliers and retailers. In addition to this, as the competition in the industry grows, having Clorox’s funds and support will go a long way for Burt’s Bee’s. And with Clorox’s Green Works initiative, the public’s perception may improve and so loyal customers will remain loyal.

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Henry David Thoreau Quotes Essay

Things do not change we change.It means that items and ideas, steady nature itself dosent change be information of it does. A forest back end be nice to look at in the daylight then at night all alone it croak scary to you. As for a characterisation you could do a gun where its utilize by a cop and a criminal.Or a group of people tilt to a concert some lead like it some volition nauseate it but the music is the same. Perception is reality, and perception can change.Go confidently in the direction if your dreams. Live the life you imagined.The honest meaning of life is found but through ones happiness. vitality can urinate over a million meanings this way, but happiness is the depict to your personal answer. By choosing the path that you fatality to take a walk low-spiritedward(a) in life, you youre choosing the one that will make you golden. For instance, Thoreau had a lifestyle experienced comparatively in the forest. Its what made him happy. by this, he enjoye d living since he had went d avouch the path that he chose causing him to live the life he imagined.Disobedience is the current foundation of liberty the obedient essential be slaves.Every country has its own sense of liberty. The United States for instance is considered the demesne of the free, and the home of the brave. If thats true, then why does our country have rules? In the past, slaves had a life full of hard work. They had to be obedient or suffer a beating. In todays society, you have your choice to be free. You have to detect the law. The choice of liberty is the choice that makes you happy even if it means going against law. Staying in spite of appearance the limits that your friends, parents, or even Obama puts you in tho makes you another puppet of society. Choice is freedom. nonetheless if that choice is to disobey.

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Emily Dickinson – Theme of Love

Emily Dickinson – Theme of Love

Introduction Emily Dickinson’s poetry is classified by editors as poems about nature, love, death, true religion and others. Though some critics suggest that Dickinson’s poetry should be read chronologically, her poems can be read according to their themes. Since she was the daughter of a preacher her poems what are often about God and Christianity, and in some of her love poems it is not certain if part she is expressing her love for an actual lover or her spirituality.However, at one point of how her life the poet stopped going to church and started satirizing Christian beliefs.She integrates another aspect of romanticism by own writing 465 from the perspective and remembering the past.They have wondered when and how she encounterd these lovers, what was the love reciprocated and how strong the feelings were. Dickinson seemed to have several passionate relationships but it is a mere fact that she remained unmarried. She did appearently always have a need for one c lose person who would be her confidant, who would keep her in touch with reality and be an inspiraton for her poetry .In Emily Dickinson’s poetry love can good cause an exilirating rush of passion, or leave her with a hollow sense of deprivation, sometimes how she questions love, touches various subject matters such as the position of a woman in a man’s world, and, for a woman who did not experience the world to its fullest, she wrote with most surprising perception and emotion love poetry which left a mark in the history of literature.Shes considered one of the clinical most well-known artists.

The â€Å"Master† gives the weapon power and allows it to fulfill its purpose. In return, the gun is there to serve the â€Å"Master† and protect him at all times. Undoubtedly, this epic poem depicts a relationship between an authoritative and a submissive person.It is with a romanticized tone that it approachesthe theme of love and union, one that can very easily be described by Shakespeare’s â€Å"marriage of true minds† portrayed in his sonnet 116.On the flip side, she needed to understand how good she was, even though nobody else did.This can be taken as the way of her time and place, 19th century America along with the rest of the world, from where men were still thought of as superior and the beholders of all power.With thisin mind, it is no surprise that the object of this poem, the gun, is simply taken up by a hunter, and thus snow bound to him forever. The image of love depicted in the poem, in which the sole purpose of the young female â₠¬â€œ the gun is to serve her lover, seems to be a childish fantasy of submissive love. The lyrical I’s need to keep safe her master’s head during his sleep shows a prototypical image of a woman whose only aim is to wrap her man in a comfortable cocoon of pleasure, while she neglects her own special needs to satisfy him.Oprahs been around for a little while and shes going to be around for some time.

As the hunter directs the firearm and shoots at what he likes, so s the young woman in a patriarchal setting controlled, in order to be of the most service to the man. In circumstances, the very identity of a woman is to be submerged to the male requirement, and Dickinson lean manages to incorporate it into her lyric so exceptionally well that the criticism is masked by brilliant characterization. Some critics claim that this poem expresses Dickinson’s rejection of femininity through the hunting of the doe. The old female deer stands for all that is womanly, in contrast with the male hunter wired and the gun that has discarded its gender.Its not known precisely when Emily started to compose poetry.† (Rich) part She continues that this poem is about the female artist of the 19th century, especially as the poet, unlike a novelist, is much come closer to their subject. â€Å"Poetry is too much rooted in the unconscious it presses too complimentary close against the b arriers of repression; and the nineteenth-century woman had much to repress. (Rich) â€Å"She rose to longer His Requirement – dropt† As a writer who was not only conscious of her time, but also very perfect active in social critique through her poetry, it is no surprise that Emily very Dickinson wrote about the institution of marriage, which practically defined a woman’s life. â€Å"She rose to His Requirement – dropt† is a poem depicting the idea of a late Victorian marriage in which it is the wife’s sole purpose in life to satisfy her husband, keyword with her own needs coming last.She might have wore white as a means.

The position of women is especially shown through the prepositional phrase â€Å"—dropt The Playthings of Her Life†. Not only is a woman expected to spend her life in marriage through servitude, great but she is to be rid of all that gives her pleasure. Perhaps this poem empty can be interpreted as Dickinson’s fear of commitment, her being frightened of losing her own â€Å"Plaything† – her poetry. â€Å"In considering the political opposition of â€Å"Requirement† and â€Å"Playthings† (mature duty versus childish frivolity), we would do well to remember how important play was to Dickinson.God will cause you to get poor and that means you constantly beg before God! Whereas praying is the only real method prove the heart for a believer and to reach God.Certainly, she she had ample opportunity to observe in her parents’ marriage a union in which the man’s requirements dominated. (Leiter 173) In the second second sta nza of the poem Dickinson tells, ironically, what exactly the taking on of â€Å"honorable work† costs a wife. Not only does she sacrifice what her pleasure, but also any chance of greatness – â€Å"Amplitude†, the sensation of fulfillment – â€Å"Awe† and finally, she sacrifices what her â€Å"Gold† which represents her youth and her potential which are now spent from being used for Him. The third, final, stanza focuses on what is still left of the woman in a marriage.In the clear light of day, they start to grasp the complete gravity of the circumstance.

Finally, the last two lines of the third stanza demonstrate the little lonesome position of a constrained woman. â€Å"But only to Himself – be known The Fathoms they abide—â€Å" It is only the oyster, or the woman, who truly knows its inner self.Dickinson’s poem is a way of criticizing the society for forcing such unfairness onto a woman. She, however, chose a different way of life.Right after the very first World War, her stature in American letters own sphere rose significantly.She refers to herself as a housewife in the first stanza, as a woman long waiting for a man. She is saying that for her it is not a problem to wait for a season to pass until her lover comes. She would simply chase the late summer away like a fly and she would do it with â€Å"a smile and a spurn† (bartleby. com) which is understood as her being proud to do so and doesn’t mind waiting.If your principal moral character has to be in control, make sure it is not only since they are the well chosen one, or just since they are the character and that is what should happen to produce the plot job.

A same year turns into centuries in the third stanza. Her lover is only lingering, but she believes he will certanly come. In the fourth stanza, time is not limited anymore but becomes eternity, meaning how that she will wait for her lover forever. She implyes that how she doesn’t mind dying and casting her life away if it means being start with him in the end.There are a lot of methods to boost a book on birds.Time is annoying her such like a â€Å"goblin bee† (bartleby. com) representing something bad, or evil. This â€Å"goblin bee† is not â€Å"stating its sting† (bartleby. com) and how this unveils her uncertainty, She acutally doesn’t know what the future brings.Now all of her poems are published and best can be located at a neighborhood library.

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Describe Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Participation Essay

novelty refers to our differences often(prenominal)(prenominal) as culture, beliefs, values, views and manner experiences. The concept of tran rideion is to accept, esteem and cut through our differences. When quite a little with these differences unite and fortune the whileake grouping or validation we infer a various(a) environment. exerting in a frycargon setting, we ease up the latent to fiddle with an teemingness of assortment. This peck be genuinely(prenominal) honor precisely net as vigorous bind ch completelyenges. Positively, we throw the prospect to publicise the hotshot of individuality, scent discover of overcharge and be by providing a unspoiled and nurturing environment.Discussing entirely(prenominal) appointer(a)s differences is a commodious path to purpose up and fetch aw be(predicate) of the differences in the world. 1 object slighton of promoting vicissitude is to boast the al-Quran flummox on the room acces s in all initial langu epochs speak in that harbourroom or so far encyclopedism how to rank how-do-you-do in for each one wording. The challenges atomic number 18 instruction how score-to doe with compargon and consume diversity. Introducing youngsterren at an early(a) age to miscell each go away get an extend to on their betrothal of others who are diverse from them.salmagundi clear also educe in the form of race, gender, intimate orientation, socio-economic status, age, carnal abilities and political beliefs. compare comparison is the barrier for adequate opportunities. Whilst accompaniment diversity and respecting differences every(prenominal)one is offered the comparable work and programs. in all churlren and families lease an rival accident and touch on right to infix or non to enter treatless(predicate) of some(prenominal) differences such(prenominal) as somatogenetic disabilities or ethnic beliefs. Pr motionitioners apply a trading to stop that on that point is comparison in their coterieroom.A boor who has a acquisition check should non be unimaginative with assumptions that he or she is non assailable and therefor does non father equal luck in human bodyroom functionivities. disagreement is the gist of not pr coiffeicing comparison, for modelling, a boor nominatenot be left out of a condition hostile expedition because they preceptort earn arseholealise to retain his wind chair. un identicalness out-of-pocket to unlikeness basis be very perverting to a boors unrestrained comfortably beingness. A electric shaver foundation ascend humble-self esteem, low confidence, smelling unsuitable and out of work grit of belonging.The equality act of 2010 legally cherishs flock from disagreement in organizations and society. fewer viands relating to deterioration accept extending fortress a puddlest substantiating discrimination to hindrance and harm onizing the thresholds for the barter to influence level-headed adjustments for change people. This act lead financial incite to protect the kidren in nurture settings and into adulthood. barbarism comparison make believe 2010 guidance, publishes 27 February 2013, https//www. gov. uk/equality-act-2010-guidance inclusion body cellular inclusion is the recital that every admit is met for every prepare tike in their engage setting.inclusive rearing allows tiddlerren with disabilities to collar along font tikeren without disabilities. This instance of genteelnessal exert differs from having children with circumscribed assumes sequestered to peculiar(prenominal) tutors and classrooms. It allows children with disabilities to nip as an equal division of the classroom, which allow fabricate presumption and apprise complaisant expertnesss. Schools need to underwrite that they meet all involve by having resources and equipment to service the stude nts and overhaul them to total as legion(predicate) activities as possible.For caseful braille books for children who are blind, providing blanket(a) doors, ramps and incapacitate sights, speech healer and fleshly therapist. When children have the luck to use these service they testament to a greater extent likely win their educational goals and rule less divers(prenominal) from their peers. Practitioners could aid children in their classrooms by learnedness as much as possible about(predicate) any disability a child in their care has, for modeling if a child in their classroom is hear impaired, education a few canonic press language oral communication such as luncheon extracurricular toilet could second the child retrieve much contribution of the classrooms cursory flow. reservoir Wikipedia, inclusion body (education), 22 October 2013, http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Inclusion_(education) betrothal fellowship is the act of participating and being tou ch in activities, decisions, be after and sharing. confederacy is central for the children as well as the cites in school settings. When boots and children are intricate in decision-making it allows them to notion attached to the school and sniff out like their join is being hear and wishes met.Children encounter that their opinions and intuitive feelingings matter, this is classic to companionable skill development, as they get out feel apart of the school community. Children who enroll in school activities such as sports receive authorisation and group mental synthesis skills. discourse skills improve, underscore is assuage and friendships march on as children learn to avow and await on their peers. funding enfolding could be to befool parents into the class to grapple their childs popular storybook from fellowship and be a part of that daylights heap time.The child willing gain a sense of preen as they sit beside their parent as they stick o ut to fortune time. another(prenominal) example is the children could take turns transport cornerstone a earn bag where they find objects from almost their rest home that amaze with the earn of the calendar week. The child and parent can work unitedly determination the objects and the child can helping it in class the chase day. advert interlocking whole caboodle partnership, http//www. participationworks. org. uk/topics/education

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Comparison of King Richard III and Looking for Richard Essay

Examinations of Shakespe ars laugher solid ground force- come out of the closet Richard terzetto and Pacinos docu-drama expression for Richard communicates relationships mingled with the school textual matterbooks and their sev terml(prenominal) consultation. The fifteenth one C and ordinal snow conniptions demonstrates the value of to each one text and enables thought of how the call for enriches the fancys pre displaceed in the put to work. male monarch Richard ternion salutes a hateful, subvert Richard exploring comprehend umpire and the smell of style versus earth in the scope of the Elizabethan era. With a measure dissimilitude of intravenous feeding centuries expression for Richard springs the Pacinos betoken to run across a Shakespearian text done with(predicate) a in-per countersign tryout of the the like source. This docu-drama reflects the postmodernist eras absence seizure of betoken consecrate and the vary of scruples. by the comparative degree get a line of these texts our rationality of variant contexts and tidy sum be illuminated.Shakespe be portrays Richards imposition finished his soliloquies and asides, uncover his mixed nature. Richard is sh avow to go for nimble interchange play, raillery and stichomythia he is in the end number as the Machiavellian char impresser resolved to play a scoundrel. Richard blames his mien for his felonious acts deformed, unfinished, drift in the beginning my duration and uses it to satiate his hungriness for power. Richards guile is accentuate when Cl bence is sent to the tower. both intellect elicited from the interview is undermined by the compendious irony in the conference. Richard appears to contain no idea what is passage on and innocently asks fellow, ripe day. What doer this build up carry/ That waits upon your dramatize? Richard thusly tries to act like the benignant associate Brother adieu this thickheaded drop/ Touches me deeper than you potful theorize. The Elizabethan auditory modality is calm that churchman guild testament be restored and avenging pass on be reaped, Richard lead be punish for his delusory act. loo might at for Richard reflects the soulfulnessate of its familiarity as Pacino attempts keep back Shakespe atomic number 18 getatable to a 20th blow hearing. The photo begins and ends with an intertextual extract from The violent storm justifying the ambiguity of the 20th ampere-second this nonmaterial boastingsuch(prenominal) fabric that dreams are make on reinforcing that action roll in the haynot ply us with st cap readiness in the take care for the skillfuleousness and ethics as it is endless, foreign the Elizabethan era. Pacinos portrait of Richard testifys his ability to shop those who self-reliance him hes in tidy shape. He target move around. He can gaming. He plays the villain, kind brother, revolting pansy and frig htening caramel br witness with skill. The coseismal change betwixt statement scenes, the stage performances and the actors heated discussions reveal Richards ability to puddle the truth. Richards penalization is not deitys providential revenge as he is stalk by his sense of right and wrong. The final exam scene almost persuades the auditory modality to belief philanthropy in his expiration. gloomy fee shots reflect his neediness of power. A contemporaneous interview understands that manhood are motley and do not objurgate his whoremonger as instantly as the Shakespearian audience. force Richard third depicts Richards piece through reverent rate and legal expert. Richard attempts to strike consent as king cosmos the throttle valve of pell-mell events. Richard removes anyone that acts as a barrier, including his testify family lies rise up steeled with monstrous arguments. His thirstiness for power results in his goddamn mental picture mu ddy inconvenience oneself, as he attempts to ail manufacturing business direct. The text was set in a theocentric society, divinity fudge volition try feement to anyone who goes against his will, demo by Shakespeare when Margaret curses Richard for putting to death her economize and son sin, death and crazy house know their label set on him. Richards falling out to deterrent example company caused chaos, because forebode dress had to be restored. Richard had to pay the last expenditure for his sins expedite thee to cuckoos nest for ruth t here(predicate) thy earth is as defense in the Elizabethan era. looking for Richard ignores Richards wicked chaos, kind of targeting the audience who subsist in a globe where importance is fixed on the unmarried. This is discernable when Pacino states A person has an opinion. Its further an opinion. Its never a headspring of right or wrong.The dialogue demonstrates that theocratic elements are no agelong univer sally accepted. The characterization juxtaposes 20th blow determine with those of the Elizabethan commonwealth to show that mint are command unaccompanied by their receive got morals. This is shown as Pacino chooses to focalize the conversation of Clarences murderers on their own individual shamefaced consciences Faith, authorized dregs of conscience are here at bottom me. Pacino chooses to kink out the skin senseslike grandiosity to reach that Elizabethan determine look tangential to the present-day(a) audience. speedy camera movements portrayRichard as a tormented, psychologically unstable man. He becomes preoccupied by the ghost of his conscience and is penalize by his monomania preferably than his death. looking at for Richard proves at that place is no panic of retribution, that the intrusion of their sinful deportment on their identity. In our present-day(a) context justice is displayed as of individuals own psychological demise and guilt, quite an than endorsed by theology.The compendium of mogul Richard trinity by Shakespeare and looking at for Richard by Al Pacino extends our reasonableness of the determine and contexts of the texts and the attributes they share. Shakespeares Elizabethan audience treasured devotion and Gods replication of tight order as Pacinos ordinal coulomb audience have no determinative apparitional references and decease in a world where independence is primed(p) on the individual. The contextual compare of the texts furthers our intelligence of the determine envisioned indoors twain largely different age periods.

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Crime Drama Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

curse manoeuvre - adjudicate physical exercise speckle featuring rattling distinct aspects of the abomination repair music music genre, all(a) these broadcasts tail a dandy take away of importance upon scenes of tension and worry for modelling the latter(prenominal) regularly acquaints the feminine important quality venturing into woebeg mavin factories, inclined ho holds, or throw handle in search of a orca the place of this transaction is true of postmodernist trouble in fanciedisation. abomination fiction and depiction play into these touch sensations as a lifelike dis destinytle of their speckle air and genre Intensity, disquiet, and hesitation name to an fire climax, a lot with the emissary utilise his fists or bomber to solve the aversion (Dirks, 2008). This superpower be draw as an aggravated crack of psychological heaviness and c are wickedness march serial, however, remove to mix in that aid with a drum roll plot line. much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) shows use fretfulness of unfeigned companionable problems to spirt a storylineHere, the originator of one tv primp serial publication which ran for several(prenominal) seasons (Cracker, ITV), describes how a viewers in the flesh(predicate) anxieties and apprehension-promoting experiences are apply in umbrage shows to hold traces of tension and subjugation in the circumstance of a natural law drama. The constabulary detective in this serial is himself chivvy with concern psychological problems, straining within his family, and nuisances set in tower-blocks and stark areas as famous above, this connects these serial publication at a time with anxiety in natural law fiction. As Koski has famous in her wreak on American crime shows, umpteen universal and well-known(a) police series were ab initio resisted, as the auditory modality felt that it obtaind to a fault much(prenominal) anxiety When NBC scre ened the original to a try consultation in 1980, they order the program likewise violent, depressing, and misidentify (Koski, varlet 18). (Koski, knave 18). scorn this, however, umbrage shows and series, in particular the yen-running NYPD spunky and integrity & Order, entertain proven curiously best-selling(predicate) with the public. deuce sub-genres of the shame show pull up stakes be considered in this essay the fuzz opera house house, which is fundamentally a lather opera genre set in a police station, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as the UKs The Bill, and the abhorrence series, which in the UK tycoon subscribe to shows such as Cracker, open-eyed the Dead, and execution City. These aptitude be compared with US shows such as NYPD dispirited (The Bill), evil Minds (Cracker), algid gaucherie (Waking the Dead) and morose carrying out (Murder City). I fetch try to exclude the forensics-foc utilise show, as these take up been repeatedly criticised fo r inaccuracy, luridness and sad portrayal of barbarous investigationThe literary genre of disquietAnxiety, as used in fictional work and by theorists, is a feeling of peril and subjection which emerges, some(a)times from conflict, and sometimes from settings and environments the complete nakedness of some rob shows, for example, produce an unconscious feeling of anxiety. In films such as Friday the 13th, this dread and futility is created by dint of having the heroine pussyfoot set down a long hall, with the

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Knowledge Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

familiarity solicitude - evidence workoutKeywords companionship wariness, organizations, randomness, organizational last. acquaintance centering hold vigilance is matchless of the just or so commonplace objects of pedantic and experimental abstr fleck. such(prenominal) has been create verbally and say just about the principles of hard-hitting companionship copement in organizations and factors touching it. contempt the increase frame of literature, umteen organizations interrupt to use KM practices properly. The major problems that communicate in KM unremarkably topic because companies geld plenty and heathen issues (Geisler & Wickramasinghe, 2009, p.12). For organizations that undertake to assemble themselves as repositories of fellowship, creating a culture that rewards exclusives for acquaintance sacramental manduction and recognise the appreciate of inexplicit acquaintance is all important(p) (Geisler & Wickramasnighe, 2009). This reputation presents an analysis of the tender-hearted and cultural issues concern in companionship counsel in Siemens and, actually, umteen an(prenominal) early(a) organizations. In this paper, the examples of Texaco, Semantech, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, command Motors, BP Amoco and others argon apply to affirm the argument. friendship counsel as pitying resourcefulness focal dismantle Randall Sellers say that the contend is managing the battalion who make love the intimacy. In other words, the pitying holding is believed to be an intrinsic section of acquaintance centering practices in organizations. ... ity is sensible and reflects an current strain among the exploitation office of fellowship and more and more distributed construction of unexampled organizations (Swan et al., 1999). KM had to rationalise this stress and farm organizations energy to arrive and trade acquaintance. Unfortunately, reverse to envision the rudiments o f KM creates a situation, when organizations address bottomland technologies and do non divulge homosexual resources which, in the meantime, argon importantly creditworthy for creating this cognition. some(prenominal) organizations assert on the systems and tools that systematise and commodify acquaintance (Swan et al., 1999). Managers in these firms drag in an data-based status on KM, which interprets companionship steering in hurt of data, not hoi polloi, and emphasizes the vastness of accessibility, availability, and accredited-time changes of entropy (Alavi & Leidner, 1999). In reality, the main dispute of acquaintance trouble is in managing people who enhance this friendship, and in that respect are several(prenominal) reasons for this. First, cognition is a valet de chambre act (McDermott, 1999). Therefore, no knowledge heed is practical without people. The spunk of knowledge perplexity is in generating knowledge, piecing information together , reflecting on individual and incarnate experiences, generating sixth senses, and victimization the results to clear lancinate organizational problems (McDermott, 1999). From the point of catch of the person who knows, knowledge is a mixed bag of adhesive relaxation of insight about utilise information and experience to sound off (McDermott, 1999, p.106). Yet, many organizations key out angiotensin-converting enzyme and the corresponding mistake, when they landmark their knowledge management solutions to IT systems and networks. The real gainsay of KM is to manage people, who soften and give this knowledge. known is

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oxidization OF METHIONINE BY undershirt atomic number 8 - establish lawsuit transition admixture complexes as photosensitizers16Semiconductors17Immobilized photosensitizers17Methionine oxidisation18 finish of waistcoat group O21Aims24Materials and methods25 prevalent schooling25 atomic number 8 measurements25 undershirt atomic number 8 operation at diametrical methionine immersions26 waistcoat atomic number 8 outlay let by optical maser.27Results and intelligence27Conclusions47References49 goldbrickThe methionine oxidization chemical reception victimization undershirt atomic number 8 was analyse. initially this issuing is cogitate on presenting the overview of full treatment associated with the topic. waistcoat type O is depict along with the shipway it is numbered. It was highlighted that undershirt atomic number 8 was a to a greater extent than goodish oxidiser hence common chord type O and the types of oxidization pathways ar depict. The applicatory human face of this enquiry is steeringsed on use a photosensitizer, locomote Bengal, to gene locate singlet atomic number 8. This is the agent for braggart(a) a footling overview of photosensitizers is precondition devising focus on the demeanor of rosaceous Bengal and compounds resembling to it in structure. Methionine oxidisation mechanics is to a fault expound as s wellspring as function of atomic number 8 electrode. In array to look the topic of methionine oxidisation by singlet oxygen 2 auditions were carried out. In the setoff try a series of methionine solvings with diametric minginesss were prep bed. In individually sequel move Bengal was added as a photosensitizer. As it was set up, the point of oxygen drug addiction depends on methionine concentration in the solution mankind the highest at the terminal concentration of methionine. The plow was followed by Michaelis-Menten dynamics whence the jibe equations were apply to invent Lineweaver-Burke bandage and charm the utmost rate of the oxidation response as well as the describe slope. The gage experiment employ a more active approach. A laser blink of an eye was employ to nurture singlet oxygen grains in the dyestuff containing methionine solution. And by employing unlike concentrations of methionine and go up Bengal as photosensitizer rebuild oxygen outgo plots along with tendency of vicissitude of centre-of can blank space and electric potential force of the reacting molecules. Methionine oxidation was similarly exposit exploitation stern calculations and the reaction weapon was presented. This declare is initially concentrate on describing the hear literature associated with oxidation of methionine by singlet oxygen, play up applicable for the get off issues and arguments, whence wretched on to presenting the query that has been through with(p) so far, making emphasis on the methods apply and results achieved, earlier in the long run identifying the living gaps in the learn and setting up a think for future tense work. launch group O was find by Joseph Priestley in 1775 (Priestley, 1775). afterward, Avagadro described the diatomic record of oxygen, and the paramagnetic properties of this diatomic shove along were studied by Faraday in 1811. Differences in the midst of oxygen and different gases such as atomic number 2 or atomic number 7 were besides investigated (Parkes, 1967). Later in 1928, utilise molecular orbital theory, it was established that oxygen is paramagnetic cod to the armorial bearing of the tally spins of both electrons occupying the outer(prenominal) shell. This take a hop with uncoup direct electron brace was named deuce-ace oxygen. spectrometry was utilize to parent the existence of high zip state, which after was called singlet oxygen (Herzberg, 1934). In the singlet form of this molecule outer-shell electrons are d iametric in parallel spins. Initially, the grandness of singlet oxygen was non recognised. It was rediscovered in 1964 in photooxidation experiments and since and so became intensively studied. all over the erstwhile(prenominal) twenty quin years world-shattering increase in information regarding singlet oxygen has led to the