Friday, July 26, 2019

Data Transmission Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Data Transmission - Essay Example Noise includes intermodulation, thermal, impulse and crosstalk. Noise is mainly expected at the link; hence the signal power at the receiver has to be larger as compared to the power added noise to the signal in the path of transmission(Stallings, 2006). Data rate involves the bit number that a system is capable of transmitting in a time unit. Data rate is constrained by bandwidth, availability of impairments and the acceptable error rate. Bandwidth that is effective is the band within which signal energy is mostly concentrated. A channel is able to accommodate limited frequency band. If in bandwidth that is effective, input signal is larger than the system transmission bandwidth, signal at the output will be highly distorted(Stallings, 2006). Bandwidth of signal should match the bandwidth being supported by the communication channel. Error rate can be seen as the rate whereby errors can occur. An error is a reception of 1 when 0 was channeled or a reception of 0 when 1 was channeled (Stallings, 2006). Main factor characterizing channel capacity is the bandwidth. A great bandwidth of signal results to great information carrying capacity. While designing facility for communication one should consider signal bandwidth, digital information data rate, noise amount and acceptable error

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