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A Study On A Written Constitution Politics Essay

A Study On A Written Constitution Politics EssayThis essay leave be defining what a opus is, how its use and what its used for and whether or non Britain should adopt a written shaping.A written administration is an official document that defines the nature of the thoroughgoing settlement, the policy that governs the governmental schema and the rights of citizens and governments in a codified form. It defines the laws, customs and conventions that define the composition and offices of variety meat of the tell. (J unitys, B., Kavanagh, D., Morgan, M., Norton, P. 2007).Constitutions vary in terms of their purpose, it may be constructed in lots(prenominal)(prenominal) a course as to em corpse and protect fundamental principles (such as the individual liberty) principles that should be beyond the reach of the transient wish of the people. (Jones, B., Kavanagh, D., Morgan, M., Norton, P. 2007). contrary most other countries The United Kingdom does not develop a written per sonality in a exclusive document, but derives from a mo of sources that are part written and part unwritten because on that point are laws, rear of Parliament, conventions and understandings that constitute the recovers of the formal policy-making game. These rules are as about relationships of power, within the governing body s of a state, and between the state and the larger society. It give the bounce adjust readily to suit changing component.A quote by Leo Amery if a spirit is meant a written document or series of documents embodying in statutory or declarative form the principles and structure of our government, then there is, in that hotshot, no such thing as the British personality. What we mean by the British constitution is not any deliberate attempt to control and confine our political growth on the basis of a preconceive intellectual plan, reflecting the political theories of a item group of men or the repossessions of a particular age, but a living structure continuously shaped in the course of history by the interaction of individual purposes and collective instincts with the requirements of constantly varying circumstances. (Amery, L. 1952)Although Britain does not restrain a single document codifying the way its political institutions functions and setting out the basic rights and duties of its citizens, it however has an authorised constitutional documents. Such as the Magna Carta brought in during 1218, which protects the human rights of the community against the Crown, The Bill of Rights 1689 which across-the-board the powers of government, and the Reform make believe 1832 which reformed the formation of parliamentary representation. (www.ukinusa.fco.gov.uk)The principal sources of what git be c wholeed the traditional constitution are four in number statute law, comprising Acts of Parliament and subordinate legislation made under the dominance of the parent Act common law, comprising legal principles developed an applied by the courts, and encompassing the prerogative powers of the crown and the law and practice of parliament conventions, constituting rules of deportment that are considered rules of behaviour that are considered binding by and upon those who flow the constitution but re not enforced by the courts or by the presiding officers in the Houses of Parliament works of billet, comprising various written works-often but not always accorded authority by reason of their age- that provide guidance and commentary on uncertain aspects of the constitution. Such works eat persuasive authority only. (Jones, B., Kavanagh, D., Morgan, M., Norton, P. 2007).Statue law is the pre-eminent of the four sources and occupies such a position because of the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty. Under this juristically self-imposed concept, the courts recognise only the authority of Parliament officially known as the Queen Parliament to make la, with no body other than Parliament itself having the autho rity to set aside that law. The courts cannot strike overpower a law as being contrary to the provisions of the constitution. The House of Lords has come to be increasing constrained by law and adjust by unwritten conventions so that it can now only go certain bills passed by Commons. (Dearlove and Saunders, 2000).By law, general elections should be held every fin years and all adults are allowed to vote, but however, the first-past-the post voting administration means that not all votes are of the same power-in sending elect candidates from particular parties to the House of Commons. This therefore, has huge implications for the organisation of governmental power, making muscular and unyielding single-party rule very much more likely than the via media of coalition government. (Dearlove and Saunders, 2000).The advantage of the Parliament is the backbone of the British Politics and is only possible threatened by aspects of the work of the European Commission and the European Union institution. Parliament can pass, eradicate and alter any of Britishs Laws. That is one of the major powers that the government has. When the Conservative leader, Margaret Thatcher banned trade unions at GCHQ accept that they had no place in the organisation and had no importance in the British national security, the government reversed it in 1997 when a freshly party came to power and was ruled by Tony Blair. (www.historylearningsite.co.uk).Constitutions are important because it let a states public, establishes national valves, provides organising structure and through that st might in government. It to a fault limits the power of the state to protect its citizen. it represents an important stage of evolution aside from the flexible monarchical constitution of the past, which had Parliamentary sovereignty and executive supremacy at its heart, towards a regulatory state, in which the power of the executive and the Westminster Parliament, era still significant, is restr ained by the existence of subordinate, supranational and parallel powers which it has go awayed into existence but cannot pull up stakes away. The constitution is flexible and adapt fit it is not backfire by the valves of a past age, it can adapt to underway circumstances and crisis or changes. Its produces strong and stable government where parliament is sovereign and power is not shared between a range of branches of Government. The Government is impelling in terms that it gets what it wants and the people bequeath get what they voted for. The Government has a strong degree of accountability where they are the representatives to the electorate when things go wrong, and people will know who to blame.Written constitution is ruled upon by adjudicate. In Britain judges are un elective and it is therefore undemocratic to take power away from our elected representatives and give it to judges who tend to be quite reactionary. One of the benefits of the current system is that it is flexible. If they have a political mandate from the people, the government can reform the constitution, as with the example of the House of Lords. If you had to have a 2/3 majority in both houses, this measure would never have been passed neither would devolution. In countries like the USA, it is nearly impossible to change their constitution. there is no guarantee that what is best now will still be best in the next couple of years. A written constitution would make us much less flexible with Europe. There is a strong culture of rights and liberties which stretches back to1214 with Magna Carta and the 1689 Bills of Rights, and which is widely accepted by politicians of all parties, lawyers and judges, the media and civil society as a whole. This consensus makes it impossible for a single government to overturn rights-as government defeats on the proposed detention of terrorist suspects demonstrate. Since 1998 the Human Rights Act has enshrined the European Convention on Human Rig hts into UK law, and now provides a centralise for this culture of rights. Also less developed countries such as Zimbabwe and Iran have a written constitution, if anyone wanted to flaunt democratic procedures it would be as hard as it would with a written constitution. (www.idebate.org).Well, it works doesnt it? So I think thats the answer even if it is on the back of an envelope and doesnt have a written constitution with every comma and every articulated lorry colon in place. Because sometimes they can make for difficulties that common sense can overcome. (Lord Callaghan, 1991).Britain has survived very well without a written constitution. The people of the clownish are not requesting for a constitution so why so it be changed because American has one. People do not understand the rule that preside over the political side so therefore, it is seen as not be needed. (www.idebate.org).Without a written constitution, the UK has no Bills of Rights to protect its citizens from an over powerful state. The existing Human Acts Rights provides only weak protection, with judges only able to rule that new laws are non-compliant with the Act -the government can dismiss such rulings if it wishes. The Human Acts Rights can easily be amended by a simple majority in both House of Parliament. A written constitution with a proper Bill of Rights would provide much stronger protection for the rights of the citizens. At the moment the judiciary is weak in its ability to act as a check against parliament. A written constitution would increase its powers. The British Parliament is subject to no authority beyond itself and this goes against the principle of the rule of law which the democracy is based on. Also in Europe the context of further political integration in the EU, it is important that it enshrine and clarify Britains Protection from extremists. A written constitution would cranny protection if an extremist came to power and wanted to disregard democratic procedures. (www.idebate.org).An obligate from the Guardian Newspaper 2008 carried news of constitutional proposals drafted by Chris Bryant Destroying British valves. Where the anthropoid children in the UK monarchs take precedence over the female ones in the distinction of succession to the throne, and reform of the Act of Succession the law that bans Roman Catholics, or those married to Catholics, from taking their place in the line of succession wherefore should people worry or even bother about these proposals to repeal such seemingly archaic and irrelevant features of the UKS constitution? (Wintour, P. 2008) (www.Guardian.co.uk) Accessed 11/01/10In conclusion Britain should not adopt a written constitution like America, because if a constitution is put in place it will limit the government or to set out the perimeters which governments must operate then the fact that it can be adapted can be problematic as well. I agree with Lord Callaghan, where he says the system actually works, so why it be changed because it is not codified. Britain has traditional valves that will have to be changed if it adopts a constitution. For example the Human Acts Rights if Britain had a constitution it would have been very difficult for the Acts to gave been placed. There is a huge diversion between American and Britain that is why America has A President and Britain has a Prime Minister.

Alien Hand Syndrome: Causes and Effects

estrange Hand Syndrome Causes and effectsNia HelyarWhat is Alien Hand Syndrome and why does it occur? Discuss in telling to iodine or more case studies.Alien pass off syndrome is an intermittent involuntary disorder whereby the attain acts of its decl ar free im burst. However, foreign muckle syndrome is non consistently or precisely defined. Alien submit syndrome describes complex, goal-directed activity in one run that is not voluntarily initiated by the individual but is well executed (Mark, 2007). This syndrome is an extremely bewilder phenomenon stimulated by headway-damaged endurings whereby their weapon performs purposeful saves without the intention of the persevering (Biran, et al., 2006). The patient is ineffective to explain the exact source of movement from the pot and whitethorn actually consider the impart to hasten a mind of its own (Mark, 2007).It is caused by lesions to the facade lobes and corpus callosum (Banks et al., 1989) and generally f ollows acute focal noetic injury. The most common causes ar cerebral hemispheric stroke, severe brain damage or damage to the corpus callosum such as in surgical procedure, which is used to treat severe epilepsy. The corpus callosum connects the two hemispheres, therefore surgery to this area of the brain digest lead there to be slight or no communication between the hemispheres which offer lead to branchs performing of their own accord. Alien pay syndrome can also be seen in patients who suffer from a variety of degenerative, dementing cerebral disorders such as Alzheimers (Mark, 2007). Due to the numerous different causes of terra incognita progress to syndrome there are some variations of the condition. Therefore, it has been that alien hand syndrome is an umbrella term for a mingled set of symptoms (Chokar et al., 2014).There have been reports of patients who were unable to stop their alien hand from grabbing and seizing nearby objects without any allow foring from their body (Kumral, 2001). This can be seen by the study of patient JC, a 56 year previous(a) man who had suffered from a left hand hemispheric stroke, with damage extending to the corpus callosum. quadruplet weeks after his stroke he complained of peculiar un directled movements of his hand. His hand would do things as though it has a mind of its own such as playing with light switches, grasping and holding things. In many situations the patient found themselves in the situation where the right hand opposed the left hand without the patient choosing to do so. Furthermore, the alien hand caused the patient bar in eating because of the opposing conduct of the right and left hand (Biran, Giovannetti, Buxbaum, Chatterjee 2006).Often, a patient has to use their different willing hand to look upon open their fingers and release the object which the alien hand has grasped (Kumral, 2001). Patients observe and experience their own limbs carrying out purposeful behaviours over which t hey have no or very little control. In one case it was noted that a patient had picked up a pencil and begun scribbling with the right hand. She indicated she had not initiated the action with the right arm, she experienced a notioning of dissociation from the actions of the right arm, stating that it will not do what I want it to do (Goldberg et al.1981).This alien limb may disrupt movements of the other limb that is actually responding to the intentions of the patient (Akelaitis, 1944-45). Patients can experience their limbs acting without being guided by their own will (Bogen, 1993, fisher, 2000). Bogen, J. E. (1993) found his alien hand undoing the buttons of his shirt even as his healthy limb tried to button the shirt. The fallible limb is cognise to not even rest during sleep in some cases and patients with alien hand syndrome have woken up to find their alien limbs choking them (Banks et al, 1989). In one case the patients left hand would tenaciously grope for and grasp a ny nearby object, pick and pull at her c bundlehes, and even grasp her throat during sleep . . . . She slept with the arm tied to check nocturnal misbehaviour. However, she never denied that her hand belonged to her (Banks et al. 1989). This is an important part of this syndrome that the patient does not deny responsibility for the hand or the behaviour that it carries out.Two types of behaviour are displayed with this syndrome, repetitive involuntary grasping and unilateral goal-directed limb behaviour. Patients clearly recognize that there is a discrepancy between what the hand is doing and their desired actions. The patients are upset by the actions of the hand and will often try to prevent it from moving by grasping it firmly with the other hand (Frith, 2000). MP was a patient who had an operation to repair a ruptured aneurysm of the anterior communication artery. Within two years she was unable to live independently with her family due to the way in which the alien hand syndr ome was affecting her life (Sala, 1998).An alien hand sufferer can feel normal sensation in the hand, but believes that the hand, while still part of their body, behaves in a manner that is totally distinct from them. They feel that they have no control over the movements of their alien hand but that, instead, the hand has the capability of acting independent of their conscious control. Alien hands can perform complex acts such as removing clothing which can be seen from examples above. Sometimes the sufferer will not be aware of what the hand is doing until it is brought to his or her attention. Patients frequently report astonishment and frustration at these errant limbs.Overall, alien hand syndrome is difficult to explain as there are many different causes and symptoms that can be described as this condition. However, one symptom that is apparent throughout the many case studies is that the alien hand acts against the willing of the patient. The condition is extremely complex and even though many causes are symptoms are known there is still a lot to learn about it. Further research is therefore required.Word aim 987ReferencesAkelaitis, A. (19441945). Studies on the corpus callosum. IV. Diagonistic dyspraxia in epileptics following partial and complete piece of the corpus callosum. American Journal of Psychiatry, 101, 594599.Biran, I., Giovannetti, T., Buxbaum, L., Chatterjee, A. (2006). The alien hand syndrome What makes the alien hand alien?.Cognitive Neuropsychology,23(4), 563-582.Chokar, G., Cerase, A., Gough, A., Hasan, S., Scullion, D., El-Sayeh, H., Buccoliero, R. (2014). A case of ParryRomberg syndrome and alien hand.Journal of the neurological sciences,341(1), 153-157.Farrage, A. D. Alien hand syndrome. http//the-medical-dictionary.com/alien_hand_syndrome_article_5.htmFisher, C. M. (2000). Alien hand phenomena A review with the addition of hexad personal cases. The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences, 27, 192203.Frith, C. D., Wolpert, D. M. (2000). Abnormalities in the awareness and control of action.Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences,355(1404), 1771-1788.Goldberg, G., Mayer, N. H. Toglia, J. U. 1981 Medial frontal cortex and the alien hand sign. Arch. Neurol. 38, 683-686.Kumral, E. (2001). Compulsive grasping hand syndrome A variant of anarchic hand. Neurology, 57, 21432144.Mark, V. W. (2007). Alien hand syndrome. InMedLink neurology(pp. 418-421). MedLink Corporation San Diego.Parkin, A. J. (1996). The alien hand.Methods in madness case studies in cognitive neuropsychiatry, 173-183.Sala, C. M. S. D. (1998). Disentangling the alien and anarchic hand.Cognitive neuropsychiatry,3(3), 191-207.1

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Kiwi Ultra Fruit Juice Strategy Analysis

Kiwi Ultra Fruit Juice Strategy AnalysisPrabhjot Singh CheemaQues1 (a) strategicalal formulation It deals with the big token of the giving medication. It is considered as an organisational practise which is used to point predominance along with focus on energy and resources and strengthening operations. It similarly ensures that whether the employees and stakeholders argon spirting to dejecther for a common finishing with the ecesis of agreements which intend to show outcomes/results. The just about important thing for this plan is it is non a monument, but at end it is panache for a theater to grasp its purpose. The principal(prenominal) purpose of this plan is setting oerall(a) or long bound goals for business and achieves those goals. Such a long term plan looks into four or five years in to the future. It likewise involves stepping back from e real day operations and review where business is headed and what its conterminous priorities should. It includes busin ess, its vision, firms identity and the direction in which firm is heading. (b) useable planning the operable planning refers to the steps which be to be considered and followed to carry out the organisations goals. Moreover, it is the planning in which strategic goals are broken into small activities and aims which are plotted to reach out to vision and goals. This plan is to represents high-pitched detail education to direct people in performing everyday tasks. This plan provides who, when, what and how practically is required to complete the task. That mean, the strategies which are to be considered with the persons who allow be accountable for specific tasks and timelines when the tasks are to be completed with the financial resources available for those strategies. The main purpose of this plan is to provide firm with a uncontaminating image of their tasks and responsibilities with referring to common goals and objectives contained in strategic plan.Ques2 (a) consider ing myself as the CEO of kiwi fruit radical fruit succus I would make a complete strategic plan by setting goals visions.Three strategic goals in my strategic plan ordain beMaking a vision to flesh out the business into some other(a) areas of NZ so that participation mess earn much in slow economy as well.A nonher mission will be to favourably price the products by reviewing with that of other competitors.The last goal of the gild will be to move the brand into some other contrasted lands with a complete strategic plan.(b) In straddle to unfold the business the company indispensableness to take body processs much(prenominal) as the very first action will be to clearly define the grocery. This seems to be a very simple step. Kiwi ultra juice need to consider the demographics and locations and interest or needs ofcustomers of that specific location. In this way the company can bring out products which are much than prefer by specific located people. Moreover, compa ny can perform market analysis. It will involve to a greater extent market research targeting customers.Secondly, in order to develop the business internationally, the company should increase their changes in the subsisting markets as well as they should develop to a greater extent products than only orangeness juice. This will bring their company to next level. They should launch products which completely state them from their competitors and develop a new image.Ques3(A) control process It is a constant process. The four steps involved in control process are 1. Setting up of control standards every company plan their activities in advance. On the seat of these plans, goals and objectives are fixed for every surgical incision and branch.2. beat of motion (Actual) this is the second step in controlling process. Its literal functioning is heedful against the standard sets. This step will let the management be whether they are effects according to the plans or not.3. Compa re measured performance against established standards this step in the control process is for making comparisons of actual performance with the standards sets. The main purpose of this step is to (a) find out the deviations if in wooing (b) and know the fountains for much(prenominal) deviations.4. Take lay outive actions last and most important step in this process is taking corrective actions. Efforts are needed to be make if performance is out or littler than the standards(B) Types of control Feed Forward in this type of control, deviations are predicted and measured and actions are taken in the first place the occurrence of such errors. If such errors are not measured then the systems will not get outturn as the firm has desired. synchronal this type of control takes place whilst activity is in progress. This process involves regulation of activities which are being carried out ensuring that they adapt to the standards of the organisation. It is designed to make sure th at employee working activities are bringing the correct outputs and results.Feedback control this types of control focuses mainly on the output of the organisation later the completion of whole transformation. It is also called as output control or post action. It is also important to note that this step is in the main pet when other deuce seems to be more costly or not feasible.(c) Two examples of feed forward control that kiwi ultra juice might use to ensure that its products are of highest quality1. In showcase of kiwi ultra juice organisation should have checked the prices before charging premium charges and also produce more varieties of juice in the market.2. The company should also have checked the image of its competitors and then they have taken such actions through which they can present their company and products in a better way ensuring the quality of the brand.(d) Using concurrent control to achieve its objective concurrent control is an ongoing process step in whi ch measures can be taken when the process is working. In case of kiwi ultra juice, company should have changed its premium prices when they realise the charges are high as comparative to other brands. And this will help them to increase their sale and achieve companies objectives.While, in case of feedback control, the company can use the advices of trade experts researchers and can plan to expand the brand in other foreign lands and can earn good revenue. But in this case company need to make good plans and launch product in a more productive way.Ques4 SIMPLE ORGANIZATIONAL CHART FOR TUCKERS alliance- Mr. Harnett, prexy of Tucker Company explained board of directors regarding his reorganisation of company. The company is divided into tercet variations as commercial, military common engines utility turbines (lab operating) with a VP for every division and individual manager. Each division has their own departments.Ques 5 Mr. Hodge, Head of the research research laboratory op eration and Mr. Franklin, departmental manager of Engineering department, Utility Turbine division had conflicts over the work of tests that were to be carried out for engineering dept. of utility divisions. The main pop out was the involvement of Mr. Hodge in the experiments and its design and selection of materials and evaluation process of the experiments. He felt that laboratory should be involved in all department experiments and divisions as well. On the other side, Mr. Franklin did not liked the idea of Mr. Hodge and did not want laboratory to get involved in all such cases. Hence there is a clear conflict between two department managers and over their roles. Moreover, there is also interpersonal pleasant of conflict. several(prenominal) of the conflict between both the managers is also due to the organisational structure in past and also due to the personalities of both the heads of the department. Looking on to the organisation, the reason for the rising of the conflicts is extension of facilities of departments to all other departments and divisions. Illustrating this, the laboratory was under armed services jet engine division and they have to provide facilities to all departments. The laboratory has more work towards military so it should not inclined more towards other experiments and tests from other divisions. Hence, the work load gets high and then conflicts hook on between interdepartmental and interdivisions. Because lab manager has to report to military jet engines vice death chair, it was not separate on its own.Ques6 New organisational structure for TUCKERS COMPANY Such a design ensures that department which provides help to other departments of all divisions would not only limit to single division. So, the common department will be able to provide and extend their services to all other divisions and departments. The laboratory will be directly under the control of president and can be named as shared services division department. Th is can be termed as matrix structure of organisation.The advantage of such a chart would be that this new shared department would be ready to hand(predicate) to all departments for all their tasks and can be per create without any bias.The disadvantage of such a division will be that new division formed will be autonomous and even if it had manager like Mr. Hodge who constantly think of its own or else than company will act in irresponsible manner.Ques7 Centralization versus Decentralization Centralisation refers to the process in which activities of an organisation are mostly controlled by the top managers. Here, top managers make light upon terminations with little or no input. They make planning on the basis of decision making and becoming more concentrated within a specific group or location. The environment is more stable as well decisions are significant.Whereas, Decentralisation refers to the process where decisions are mostly made by or delegated to the lower levels of the firm. Managers are mostly close to the action so more of the responsibility is sent towards to them. Companies mostly decentralise for managers to get more of the work done. It helps to motivate them more as well as helps to develop lower level personnel.Mechanistic vs. Organic Mechanistic refers to clear chain of control an is more formal. This structure runs like a form and individuals and functions behave more in a predictable way. This structure mostly works well when the environment is certain and even there is little change. People are more willing to obey and corporate and the work is repeating. Production is more.On the other hand Organic structure refers to directly structure. In this the firm uses cross-hierarchical and cross-functional teams. The company has low formalisation and has a blanket(prenominal) information network. The company works like a creature. Communication is more horizontal.Ques8 (a) Ans The tuckers company should be more centralise and mechani stic. The authority of decision making should be handed to the president of the company because most of the managers working in the firm are inclined towards their personal status rather than the companys status. In such a way organisation top level make the decisions and work is carried by lower employees in a more orderly manner.Another reason for the company to be more centralised is the environment is more certain and stable. Mangers like Mr. Hodge and Mr. Franklin had created more conflicts because the decision was in their hands. Such an environment affected the output of the laboratory results. In a centralised and mechanistic structure, organisation runs like a machine. Decisions are more significant. All managers have their clear tasks and roles and divisions which will not make sloppiness or raise a conflict.(b) Ans The type of span that would be suitable for the tucker company is wide span of control. The reason fanny the wide span of control is there will be fewer mana gers in the organisation. More the managers, more is the conflict as it can be clearly seen in the tuckers company.Another reason for this is with one or two managers, the employees will be on same level and they can work with each other. All the employees will be delegated clear duties and tasks .Such kind of supervision and control can create more positive complaisant environment among all members. So in such a case conflicts would be less among managers and output will be more.REFERENCES-Management, F., Managment, S., Management, I., Management, P., Marketing, P., Management, M. et al. (2017). BusinessStudyNotes. BusinessStudyNotes. Retrieved 18 January 2017, from http//www.businessstudynotes.com/Operational planning the Purpose of an Operational Plan. (2017). Leoisaac.com. Retrieved 18 January 2017, from http//www.leoisaac.com/operations/top025.htm5-Step Primer to entry New Markets. (2017). Inc.com. Retrieved 18 January 2017, from http//www.inc.com/karl-and-bill/5-step-primer -to-entering-new-markets.htmlSteps Involved in Control Process. (2017). YourArticleLibrary.com The adjacent Generation Library. Retrieved 18 January 2017, from http//www.yourarticlelibrary.com/management/controlling/steps-involved-in-control-process/53348/Strategic Management Concurrent Control. (2017). Strategic-control.24xls.com. Retrieved 18 January 2017, from http//www.strategic-control.24xls.com/en106

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Value of Knowledge Produced with Difficulty

Value of Knowledge Produced with DifficultyIt is lonesome(prenominal) companionship produced with operosey that we truly value. To what extent do you agree with this disputation?IntroductionAcross different friendship aras, from the internal sciences to the cheats, defining experience produced with bother is difficult. Truly, interpretations are subject specific. In the sciences, sousedly observeing the scientific method and developing a sophisticated, valid theory or lay requires a high direct of reasoning and experimentation, which is arguably always a difficult process. In the artifices, it is far more challenging to ca-ca familiarity as being produced easily or with difficulty. In this essay, knowledge in the arts is specified to its production. Determining the degree of difficulty involved is subjective, and generally depends on which aspects of knowledge are involved in the production of the optic arts does the production of the score involve technical s kill, procedural, and conceptual knowledge? To what extent are reason, emotion, and sense perception involved?In this essay, I aim to show that knowledge produced with difficulty is cherished to a lesser extent in the innate sciences. In the arts, it is two knowledge produced with quench and difficulty which is accepted by consensus and valued. Hence, one netnot state that only knowledge produced with difficulty is valued.To what extent is knowledge produced with difficulty valued in the natural sciences?Knowledge produced with a lack of difficulty is valued in the scientific community. There is no immenseer supporter of this claim than physicist Richard Feynman, a lancinate populariser of a simple approach to natural philosophy. Feynmans widely used in writing(p) representation, known as Feynman diagrams, visualise the rear formula of quantum electrodynamics in a simple, mathematical manner. Feynman first introduced the diagrams as a bookkeeping device for simplifying ex tensive calculations (Kaiser 4). Using stick-figure lines, Feynman brought back Newtons fundamental approach to the problem, with let on the complicated knowledge found on new techno transparent advances. The mathematical nature of Feynmans diagrams approaches the complexity of quantum physics with simple logic. An axiomatic system can be expressed in the simplest of call, yet cadaver valid, sophisticated, and with a high level of reasoning. The advantage of Feynman diagrams reside in their relief they are fundamental to our understanding of the complexity of the natural world, whilst not being produced with great difficulty. However, is it possible that Feynmans rare genius renders him an riddance? Arguably, intuition and a natural ability to see simple patterns in complex problems led him to produce this model. Regardless, the natural sciences are based on mathematics. Successful mathematical knowledge represents a pattern in its simplest form. scientific models aim to accu rately represent the natural world in an perceivable manner. Therefore, Feynman diagrams, which are based on mathematical, simplistic knowledge are a valued model. Hence, knowledge produced with simplicity is valued in the sciences as salutary.Yet, simplicity in the natural sciences may also lead to knowledge which is discarded. An eccentric of this are superseded, simple scientific theories, much(prenominal) as the Fleischmann-Pons experiment in the 1980s, which lead to the apparent baring of cold partnership. Involving electrolysis, it was a dream discovery a simple experiment with results that reshape our understanding (Cold Fusion A Case Study for Scientific port 1). Unlike Feynmans diagrams, the experiment was hard faulted in almost all stages of the scientific method. Fleischmann-Pons results were unable to be replicated and because not verified. The scientists were criticised to stomach a lack of knowledge of physics and refused to join with experts, limiting their access to shared and past knowledge on fusion (Cold Fusion A Case Study for Scientific Behavior 5). Furthermore, in a rush to publish, they did not conduct simple and obvious experiments which would have provided key evidence to support or counteract their speculation, and there was a lack of repeatability (Cold Fusion A Case Study for Scientific Behavior 7). Hence, the Fleischmann-Pons experiment was simple, yet invalid, as in their simplicity, the scientists did not rigorously follow the scientific method. But, was the root of their problems solely the simplicity of their experiment? The experiment was influenced by extraneous variables such as flaws in reasoning, peer review, and observation. Faults in the scientific method effect both simple and difficult experiments. Therefore, my claim remains valid predominantly, knowledge in the natural sciences is valued due to its logical simplicity, leading to applicability, but is usually the result of a detailed, systematic suit tha t could be seen as difficult.To what extent is knowledge produced with difficulty valued in the arts?Knowledge in the arts is valued regardless and perhaps because of, its lack of difficulty. As Degas said, painting is easy when you dont know how, and arguably, capital of Mississippi Pollocks action paintings have a lack of naturalistic, formal qualities, and composition which antecedently defined painting (Edgar Degas. 1). Pollock defied consensus through his cathartic process in which he lay a canvas on the floor and slop paint with hardened brushes. Pollock relied on emotion, intuition, and a lack of reason, as he states, when Im painting, Im not aware of what Im doing (Jackson Pollock Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works. 1). Furthermore, Pollock produced procedural, conceptual, theoretical, and ethnical knowledge, as he is seen as a key figure of abstract expressionism. However, is this solely due to his artistic skill and knowledge thereof? In the case of Pollock, the role of circumstance could be considered. Peggy Guggenheim, who acted as his patron, contributed heavily to his success (How Peggy Guggenheim make Jackson Pollock. 1). Furthermore, Pollock successfully read the art shot at that specific time. His understanding of the need to break consensus in the arts post-war demonstrates strong cultural knowledge. Hence, Pollock should not be treated as an exception. Defying consensus by implementing a lack of difficulty praised by old-masters in terms of reason, technical and procedural knowledge, has often characterised greatness in the arts. It is the nature of art to redefine itself. As the viewer, we ache for the new and exciting, whereas the artist yearns to stand out from others. Therefore, this claims supports my thesis.However, a counterclaim to this idea is that there are certain, rigid qualities that define a truly great artwork, being that it is only knowledge produced with great difficulty in the arts that we value. An example of this Th odore Gricaults 1819 muddle of the Medusa, an impressive oil painting depicting the aftermath of a shipwreck. Gricaults interviewed survivors, visited morgues and filled his flat with body parts, including a severed head (Peregrine 1), and retrace the original raft itself (Puchko 1). The project took a total of eighteen months. Arguably, the famous status of the work is reliant on Gricaults research, being a combination of sense perception and emotion, as he yearned to paint the dramatic, pictorial fifty-fiftyt as the Old Masters might have done, release nothing to chance or fantasy (Christiansen 1), indicating the involvement of reason, too. The accuracy of the work required great technical skill and procedural knowledge, as well as a stroke of rare genius. Today, the work is regarded as an figure of speech of Romanticism (Laborie 1) due to Gricaults undoubtedly difficult process of knowledge production. However, initially, the painting failed to bring him the public succe ss he craved (Christiansen 1). Therefore, can one truly say the work was always valued by consensus? The original Medusa remained a politically sensitive matter, and its image was far too disconcerting and repulsive to popularise Gricault (Christiansen 1). Therefore, in Gricaults and the communitys eyes, the work originally failed and was not always valued, despite the difficulty of producing the work. It is reductionist to state that it is only knowledge produced with difficulty that is valued. Hence, this counterclaim does not undermine my thesis.Conclusion Overall, it is not only knowledge produced with difficulty that is valued. In the arts, both works produced with ease and difficulty are valid, whereas in the sciences, it is often the simplest theories are often valued the most. Logical induction and valid reasoning is important to knowledge in the natural sciences. Commonly, the simplest theories and experiments can provide this, as they idiom fundamental, valid principles and facts which cannot be disproven, such as mathematical knowledge. Even experiments undermining my thesis, such as Fleischmann-Pons, contribute to science through their simplicity. According to Karl Poppers theorem of falsifiability, disproving a hypothesis is central to the natural sciences. Valuable lessons can be learnt from Fleischmann-Pons, such as the importance of the scientific method. Hence, regardless of its validity, knowledge produced with simplicity is valued in the sciences. Contrarily, in the arts, the production of knowledge is difficult to pinpoint as difficult or simple. Arguably, one could state than any world of an artwork involves a difficult technique, high reasoning, or specialist sense perception in their eyes. Subsequently, it is both knowledge produced with ease and difficulty that is valued in the arts. However, does this make all art a masterpiece? If I say the creation of an artwork was difficult for me, does this make me an old-master, and put me on the same level as Gricault?The implications of my thesis in terms of the natural sciences is that if knowledge produced with difficulty is valued to a lesser extent, does this diminish knowledge produced with difficulty? Arguably, invalid knowledge produced with difficulty is valued we learn from mistakes in their extensive, rigorous reasoning or methodology and produce valid knowledge from these improvements. Therefore, even invalid knowledge produced with difficulty should not be entirely discarded. In the arts, stating that both knowledge produced with or without difficulty is valued leaves us with a very broad and inclusive definition of what makes art great. This minimises the role of gatekeepers of knowledge, and leads us to movement consensus in the arts. Yet, if ways of knowing- in Pollocks case intuition, in Gricaults sense perception- determine the value of art, this implies that art is a way of idea rather than a form of expression. Furthermore, if, as in Pollocks case, art is valued due to it breaking previous consensus, this severely undermines the role of consensus. This leads me to wonder if we should question the value of art at all, and if we should instead simply create art for arts sake.Word Count 1599Works CitedEdgar Degas. BrainyQuote.com. Xplore Inc, 2016. 17 December 2016.How Peggy Guggenheim Made Jackson Pollock. Phaidon. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Dec. 2016.Jackson Pollock Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works. The Art Story. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Dec. 2016.Christiansen, Rupert. The Victorian Visitors Culture Shock in Nineteenth-Century Britain. New York Times Books, 2000. Web. 17 Dec. 2016.Cold Fusion A Case Study for Scientific Behavior. N.p. The University of calcium Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley, and the Regents of the University of California, 2012. PDF.Kaiser, David. Drawing Theories Apart The Dispersion of Feynman Diagrams in Postwar Physics. N.p. U of Chicago, 2005. Google Books. Web. 16 Dec. 2016.Laborie, Sverine. The heap of the M edusa. The Raft of the Medusa Louvre Museum Paris. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Dec. 2016.Peregrine, Anthony. Raft of the Medusa A Grisly Tale of Incompetence and Cannibalism. The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group, 12 July 2016. Web. 17 Dec. 2016.

Religious Architecture From The Stone Age History Essay

phantasmal Architecture From The rock candy Age History Essay spectral computer computer architecture has always played an important function in the development of architecture. At the equivalent time, apparitional architecture mirrors sacred views of battalion and the major beliefs of the society. Religious buildings and architectural structures performed an important function in the life of the society because they were drifts where slew could worship their deities and share their common values and beliefs. Often, sacred buildings and structures were places, where people could celebrate the psychological assistance from the part of priests or other believers. In addition, religious architecture contri saveed to the promotion of religious beliefs because its main purpose was to impress the reality and to serve as a bridge between the real arena and the divine world, between believers and deities. In this regard, the development of religious architecture mirrors the div ersity of religious views of people and, at the same time, the evolution of religious architecture allows to watch over the evolution of religious views of people in the course of centuries, from the jewel Age to the Gothic Era.The development of religious architecture dates back to the gem Age, when people have unspoilt started to develop early architectural forms. In fact, the Stone Age was the time, when religious views of people were uncertain, they develop animism, totemic religious views and other religious and beliefs, which were grounded on their perception of the surrounding nature and their softness to comprehend adequately natural phenomena and to condition their environment to their needs. As a result, the early religious views of people of the Stone Age involved the worshiping of the top executive of nature, including the worshiping of son, wind, rain, and other natural phenomena. At the same time, the religious architecture create priseively to these beliefs of people. In actuality, only a few manifestations of religious architecture of the Stone Age have survived till present days. In this regard, it is mathematical to refer to the Stonehenge as one of the most impressing architectural works of the Stone Age. In fact, specialists () keep debating concerning the purpose of the Stonehenge. In this regard, the religious function of the Stonehenge is just one of the versions what the Stonehenge was actually built for. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the Stonehenge was constructed accurately and respectively to galactic observations of old-fashioned architects. The use of natural materials in the construction of the Stonehenge reveal the respect of people to the power of nature that the construction of the Stonehenge impresses level the contemporary public, whereas in the Neolithic time, the public was even more impressed by such a magnificent architectural work. At the same time, the refer of the Stonehenge on the public reveals the significance of religious architecture and righteousness for people of the Stone Age.In the ancient world, religious architecture kept progressing, oddly in centers of ancient civilizations, such as Egypt, Assyria, Greece and Rome. The common feature of the ancient religious architecture was the construction of temples dedicated to many gods. In fact, there were attempts to introduce monotheism and to develop temples dedicated to one god only entirely all those attempts failed. It was only in the late Roman period, monotheistic religion and religious architecture had started to emerge but they still competed with the dominating polytheistic views and traditional religious architecture. The domination of polytheism contributed to the construction of temples dedicated to unalike gods. In this respect, it is possible to refer to Roman Pantheon, as well as numerous temples dedicated to different gods not only in Rome but also in ancient Greece, Egypt and other cultural centers of the ancient world.The office staff has started to smorgasbord coherent in the Middle Ages. As the matter of fact, the gothic religious architecture was the architecture dominated by monotheistic views, at least in Europe and Islamic countries of Asia and Africa. In the Middle Ages, religious architecture gave in to the dominated monotheism and temples and churches constructed in the Middle Ages were oriented on the worshiping of one god only. At the same time, it is still possible to trace the common purpose of the religious architecture of the ancient world and the mediaeval era. The main purpose of the religious architecture was to attract the public, to impress the public, and what was even more important, to make people attending temples and worshiping the god. In such a way, temples still played the role of cultural and scientific centers, although the latter was kinda paradoxical from the contemporary point of view. The religious architecture was characterized by the bi g use of arcs and dooms in religious buildings, especially churches as well as mosques. The difference in style was determined by local peculiarities but the main point of construction of religious buildings was to provide believers with the possibility to pucker together and worship their god.The Gothic architecture was the spick-and-span step in the development of the religious architecture and the Gothic religious architecture was chiefly the characteristic of European or, to put it more precisely, western European religious architecture. The Gothic architecture was traditionally associated with cathedrals, such as the Notre Dame de Paris. These cathedrals were monumental works with large arch windows, high ceiling and sharp roofs, rib vaults, and flying buttress. In fact, the Gothic religious architecture was really impressing and it was different from the Roman style, which used to be popular in the Middle Ages. In actuality, the Gothic religious architecture impressed the imagination of the public. At the same time, these religious buildings often included elements, such as statues of some figure animals, which frightened, in a way, the public. In such a way, the Gothic religious architecture attempted to combine the classical medieval architecture with new trends and traditions of ancient architecture.Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the development of the religious architecture contributed to the consistent changes in the use of forms and styles of religious buildings and constructions. The religious architecture changed respectively to the change of the religion and religious of people and mirrored these changes. The religious architecture grew more and more complicated from the Stone Age, with its simplicity of forms and styles, to the Gothic religious architecture, with its extremely complicated forms and styles. Obviously, the development of the religious architecture aimed at the promotion of religion but, in addition, the religious architecture played an important cultural part because it stimulated the respect of people to religion because many religious buildings were lawful works of art.

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Landscape Architecture as a Profession :: Research

Landscape Architecture as a Profession A grace house decorator is an individual who arranges and modifies theeffects of natural scenery over a tract of dry solid ground so as to produce the best esthetical effect for the lands use. Landscape architecture is the designprofession which applies artistic, cultural, and scientific acquaintance tothe design, planning, and development of the land. Landscape architectsaccept certain responsibilities related to the health and wellbeing of thepublic and are concerned with resource conservation of the land. Thepractice of decorate architecture requires an appreciation andunderstanding of natural and social processes, a fictive imagination, anda commitment to preserve or improve the environment for adult male use andenjoyment. Landscape architects plan the most harmonious relationships between theland and the objects on it by proper combination of open space andplanting, and by wise use of land formation (Concise 151). They may pas s wateron parks, gardens, housing purposes, school campuses, golf game courses, orairports. They begin a project by reviewing the needs and desires of theclient. They study the site, mapping such features as the vend of theland, existing structures and the type of basis. They check localbuilding codes and availability of utilities, befuddle drawings which outlinethe work in detail, and draw up lists of materials to be used. They and theninvite bids from construction companies and landscape nursery companies. With the awarding of the contracts, their work may be finished, or theymay stay on to supervise the work as their clients representative (151). A major first of landscape architecture, golf course architecture,integrates the skills of a landscape architect on a larger scale. The aima golf course architect is to create a truly great golf course byutilizing to the fullest extent possible the potential of a promisingpiece of land (Golfplan 1). This potential is expressed in the siteslocation, slope, vegetation, water features, soil types, climate andorientation. The role a golf course architect is the credit of thispotential under the constraints of design criteria that separate the trulygreat golf course from the ordinary (1). Landscape architecture, the science and art of modifying land areas byorganizing natural, cultivated, or constructed elements according to anaesthetic plan (Encarta 1). The elements include topographical featuressuch as hills, valleys, rivers, and ponds and growing things such astrees, shrubbery, grass, and flowers and constructions such as buildings,terraces, roads, bridges, fountains, and statuary. No unalterable rulesexist in landscape architecture because each darn of ground offers uniqueproblems caused by variation in contour, climate, and surrounding areas

Beneath the Smooth Skin of America Essay -- Scott R. Sanders Literatur

Beneath the Smooth Skin of AmericaChange is something you ar probably familiar with. In Beneath the Smooth Skin of America, Scott R. Sanders dialog ab step forward many changes in his life. The author starts the story looking make the eyes of himself as a child. As a child he remembers that all that was in his sight was all he could jut out. The authors best example of this is he says, Neighbors often appearedwhere they came from I could not speculate (27). As the author begins to see more by leaving the arena he was around so often he starts to see more and more things. He started moving around to different places and started seeing the things that he had not see before. The author points out many things that he began to see like the stores around the town and the different colors of places. The smell of the certain(a) area over the one smell he was used to. In his travels to the south he noticed the bathrooms signs in the south read, Colored and White. all(prenominal) thes e different changes made his world seen bigger and bigger. As the author got out more the more world started to irritate him. The authors relatives, who lived in the southern states, helped the author to think of himself as, A Northerner(p.28). After leaving for college in Rhode Island he explains that in his college days he thought of himself as a Midwesterner. The other students of his college, using the stereotype, made fun of him and the way he acted. I was square, my new friends assured me (p.28). This ...

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Voiced Opinion :: essays research papers

Voiced OpinionThere be several mess in this plain west Texas town that are constantly play up their noses at people who are contrasting to their high company cradle of humanity. It has gotten to where people can no longer express their indistinguishability without having the proverbial finger shaken at them. If a person is non wearing the most elite of brands, then at best, that person leave alone be ignored in most cases, they will receive ridiculing looks and aversion filled words. Although these upper echelons are non necessarily of Christian faith, they have a bun in the oven a holier than thou attitude that portrays that they are better than everyone else.Quite a a few(prenominal) people prefer to illustrate their individual personalities, instead of being just another(prenominal) sheep in the herd. They may choose to wear apparel that is, at the least, plain from the population around them. The freethinking fe priapic may choose to puff up a long, black broomstick skirt, with her favorite Marilyn Manson T-shirt, accessorized by her over worn out combat boots. She may also choose to wear darker make up to show her beauty in a gothic fashion. An open-minded male may adorn a pair of well-adapted denim jeans with holes in the knees. He might choose to wear an over-sized shirt that is garnished with the name of some mid-eighties band that is of no importance to anyone other than himself.Unfortunately, individualists are banned from their choice of attire in several areas of society. They are informed they can not wear their pieces of flair in malls or other public scenes because of the coloured fear if a human being looks unusual, that person is a bane to society. It is a shame that people who are so enormously productive and out going are chastise from showing themselves in accepted manner. If everyone were to share this yearning to be distinct, our terrestrial sphere would be a much more kaleidoscopic place to subside. Distinct individu als should be yielded to rest out of their predetermined egg shell and should finally be able stand up for what they truly believe in.There is one other factor that does not support freedom of expression there are no stores that allow a person to be ones self. Several stores in the area are said to bestow such freedoms. The Attic is made to sound as if it offers the world in a breadbasket, but instead it is selling clothes that would not have gone over well, even in the funked out seventies.

The Purpose of Education Essay -- Philosophy of Education Teaching Tea

The point of Education Going through my years of education, often I hire wondered what the points of many of my classes have been. Now, as I prepare to enter the knowledge domain of teaching, I again am evaluating why we need to educate children. I believe that some of the main purposes of education, other than the obvious purpose of getting knowledge, are to teach our culture, to let social skills, to refine the use of our language, and to develop problem solving skills and logical reasoning. These are all important separate of our everyday life that are conveyed through the many things we accomplish passim our education. Learning culture through education is an important air division of our acquirement experiences. Before a child goes to school, they are only introduced to culture that their family is a part of. Going to school you see the general norms that are accepted, non just in schools, but in the working world as well as everyday life outside of the home. While some children may be the center of attention constantly in their home, in school they learn that they cannot always be everyones main point all the time. It also teaches children responsibility and that if they do not do what is asked of them, there will be consequences. Developing social skills is an incredibly important part of a students education. Through interacting with their peers, students learn what is and isnt give up when dealing with others, as well as how to ...

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Chesapeake Bay Labors in Colonial America :: essays research papers

face at the early English colonies in the Chesapeake Bay region, its subject that the English had not learned any lessons from their experiences at Roanoke. Poor planning, a bad location, unrealistic expectations, flawed leadership, unsuccessful relations with the local Indians, and no hope of finding the mineral wealth the Spanish found in Mexico, all contributed to failure. The first colonists in the Chesapeake region were not only ignorant, inert and unambitious, but their attempts were hampered before they had begun. However, a solution to these problems was found in a single plant tobacco. Nevertheless, this cash crop ultimately created numerous problems for the colonists. The ignorance and sluggish acts of the Chesapeake colonists to unsuccessfully restore the addiction by themselves led to the demise of the colony as a whole especially regarding the planting of agricultural goods for food. With an essence toward finding preciously metals, the Virginia Compan y, a joint stock company displace jewelers, goldsmiths, aristocrats, and the like, but not a single farmer. As the company had expected, the settlers fagged their time searching for gold, and hoped to obtain all of their food by traffic with the nearby Powhatan tribes. This made their settlement neither profitable nor socially stable, since respective(prenominal) colonists felt little attachment to their community but instead want individual wealth. A lack of social bonds in the community was win exacerbated by the fact that all the initial colonists, and most of the later arrivals, were male. Without wives or children to protect, the colonists had little incentive to protect their settlement or cipher towards its semipermanent growth.The noblemen who made the journey to the Americas often came with their respective titles, but no wealth, because of the British custom of primogeniture. These second born sons intended to create their wealth by exploitation of the Native Ameri can population and the many indentured servants who came to work for them. However in the early colonial years, these nobles became great burdens on the society, collect to their refusal and laziness to participate in the cultivation of the land. Instead of farming to say food, these nobles came with the intention of corrodeing themselves by conquering nearby tribes and looting the precious stones, as the Spanish had previously done. the colonists were not growing enough to feed themselves and were still begging, bullying, and buying corn from the Indians whose land they scorched so measuredly(Morgan 50).

GYM PAPER :: essays research papers

why I signed up for aerobics fitness and what it has done for me. I decided to sign up for aerobics/fitness because I popular opinion it would do more than for me physically and mentally than typical secondary school would. personally I believe that normal gym is boring and if youre not good at some sports same(p) me it foundation be thorny to concentrate or even really care ab erupt gym class. When I similarlyk gym I personally didnt care or really try hard. Now to this day it makes me disappointed, I wish I would have tried harder in what we were doing or what sport wed be finding but I always felt no divert or left out. I liked some of the sports dont get me wrong for example I really enjoyed and tried when we would play Soccer, Basketball, and volleyball. Yet then again I didnt favor too much Baseball, track, and swimming. I always felt uncomfortable in normal gym to. I was n of all time really comfortable with the people whom I was in class with. But this year every thing, my popular opinions and ideas about a antithetic kind of gym changed. I singed up for aerobics fitness because I thought it would stand by me in what I wanted to accomplish. I didnt want to play sports I wanted to build my muscles. This year apprisal up for aerobics fitness was one of the best ideas I ever had. I can really say that I enjoyed this class more than most others. Aerobics fitness has helped me physically. I can run with out getting winded right away and I can mount weight I never thought I could lift. I can already tell a difference in my body. My legs are stronger and more muscular along with my arms. I am more active at home. I lost weight thanks to the class. Aerobics fitness has changed me in a couple ways. It though me to try harder in what I do. It thought me to set more goals for my self and beat them. I liked my classmates this year, which I think, helped me with being comfortable with the class. In this class I really enjoyed swimming. The biz days are alright but I really like the way we rotate from weight lifting on the benches and on the different machines to the videos, the videos help a lot because after there done some multiplication the next day you can feel it in your legs and arms.

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The Debate Over Abortion Essay example -- Informative Essay

With the ongoing debate and the advancement of technology in determine the viability of a fetus, spontaneous abortion, the ending of a pregnancy by removing a fertilized egg, has start out increasingly controversial. The morality of abortion has caused galore(postnominal) to separate into opposite sides of the spectrum, pro-life and pro-choice. The line of reasonings over abortion has stirred a continuous debate amidst a pro-choice stance such as that presented by the figurative reasoning of Thomson or Glovers examination of brotherly context and a pro-life position argued by a moral view of soulhood by Noonan. The ethical arguments presented by the conflicting views in the abortion debate has caused others to interpreted into consideration a sociological account visible in Lukers examinations of world views in order to discover underlying motivations. The debate has caused many to argue either in support of or against abortion. In the article A Defense of Abortion, Judith J arvis Thomson uses analogical reasoning (such as the case of the black fiddler) to support and convince a obligation to abortion. Thomson presents the argument that all tribe are entitled a right to life and that a mortals right to life outweighs any persons right to decide what happens to their body (1, Thomson, CC p.188).Thomson proposes a hypothetical situation in which the reader is kidnapped and their circulatory system is linked with that of a sick violinist in order to prevent his kidneys from failing. If the person agrees to offer his or her kidneys, they would eat up to remain plugged for nine months or even more. However if the person refuses, the violinist would die. By using the sick violinist example, Thomson seeks to undermine the argument that an abortion cannot be performed because ... ... pro-choice activists leads to a re-evaluation of the moral arguments such as those given by Thomson, Noonan, and Glover. Lukers explanations enlarge our capacity of reasonin g by appealing to social beliefs and values that help us to understand the social behavior and the motivations behind pro-choice and pro-life activists. Lukers account last expands the level of ethical reasoning to generate moral insights concerning the ethics of abortion because it helps us to look beyond the surface of the arguments about abortion and attend into the roots and causes of the debate. Once these motivations are exposed, one can assess the complicated relationship between differing social values and the arguments of conflicting views on abortion. plant Cited A Defense of Abortion, Judith Jarvis Thomson Abortion & the Politics of Motherhood, Kristen Luker

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humane Immunodeficiency Virus is a dangerous, deadly disease among the human race. human immunodeficiency virus is when the bacterium goes into the lymphocytes, and make the corpse believe the cell is a germ. Soon after, the insubordinate system will begin to attack itself and will get weaker separately time. human immunodeficiency virus has septic thousands and thousands of people in the world, from Asia to Europe, to the United States. Millions are infected and this ordure last for a carriage time. There is no therapeutic and is contagious. human immunodeficiency virus understructure be genic through sex, blood, oral sex, sperm, vagina fluids, to a fault from the milk of the breast. human immunodeficiency virus and AIDS can be also familial through needles, like a tattoo needle or a needle to inject drugs. Women that drop HIV can pass it on to their offspring in the womb, because it is in the blood flow which goes through into the offspring. umteen people that are i nfected with HIV do non know. HIV symptoms dont show up until ten years. HIV is a sexual transmitted disease which attacks the lymphocytes of the immune system. Lymphocytes help defend the body from infections. As the HIV attacks the lymphocytes, the immune system will decrease in strength. When people have a weaker immune system, they will eventually get much infections that can be more harmful and deadly. There is no ultimate restore for HIV, but medicines, provided by doctors, can slow down the process. HIV later(prenominal) becomes AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. CDC estimated 1,144,500 people, thirteen and older, live with HIV and 180,900 do not know they have HIV (U.S. Statistics). HIV can lead to AIDS. nearly 636,000, in America, lived with AIDS, in 2011. AIDS may as well be a death sentence. With AIDS, the body is more likely to get more infections. In 2010, 11,200 white people, 10,600 black o... ...he will lose privileges of being a normal teenage girl and will give her child HIV which isnt fair to the offspring. Another risk is, getting any STDs. For example, HIV and AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia, herpes, HSV2, genital warts, and hepatitis A, B,C,D. Some can be cured, and others cant. Bacterial STDs can be cured, but it will always remain in the body as well as viral. Just because a person gets it once, doesnt mean theyll never get it again. Others may look at you differently because you are infected with HIV or AIDS. Every matchless will be submit to stay away. Its not worth losing people in life because you decided to have sex and you ended up with a lifelong disease. When being infected HIV and AIDS, will change ones life forever. Abstinence may be uncool too galore(postnominal) teens, but abstinence is very important because it can save one from suffering in life.

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Teaching as a Profession Essay -- essays papers

Teaching as a Profession Individuals who assent the field of precept reply to the question why teach with various dresss. There is beauty, joy, and fulfillment in this profession, and these spirit-lifting emotions are the pass of watching annually as a new group of children enter to learn and leave with the knowledge to achieve. Richard Dufour (2000), author of Why Teach denotative his views on the profession first by stating that teaching is not the locomote for everyone. He goes on to say, that the education profession has the ability to introduce the unusual opportunity for individuals to cast a positive influence upon others (Why Teach, 2000, p.1). The smiles received from a room full of students when as a whole their individual fates, two educational and personal have been catered to, prompts a burst of passion in every instructor. Those who look to the profession as a career would need to nourish these perceptions in arrangement to prevail over the negative aspects that muffle the profession. The process of teaching goes far beyond the presentation of facts, it includes the dedication of some(prenominal) heart and time. While compensation and working conditions are the main downfalls in teaching, there are many other situations that cause individuals to turn past from the profession. Teaching is obviously a hard complex job and the individuals who answer the call, encounter many frustrations. They are required to first develop aspirations for classroom instruction and with these goals develop lesson plans, while implementing effective classroom management (appropriate discipline). They must(prenominal) also monitor and nourish the special needs of every child, and go forward current on educational advancements and topic knowledge. Imagine trying to su... ...nt in the future knowledge and the chance for a humane society. President George pubic hairs No Child Left Behind Act fails to emphasis on the recruitment and diversity withi n the profession. He sets a goal for the year 2005 for every classroom to have a quality teacher but no goal for retaining these teachers. The improvement of the profession requires a subject area step-by-step effort. The purpose of this paper was to gather and explore information on the teaching profession and with it explore the shortage within in order to educate and strike up reform. It is clear, that reform will require a lot of time and money. The end product however, will show succeeder within the profession thereby equaling success in the classroom. Success comes when present in the classrooms are caring and committed teachers, all with the goal of education and diversity is among them. .

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Address Block 257 Serangoon aboriginal Drive 05-24, capital of Singapore 550257Phone 83827470E-mail syng5e.ntu.edu.sg________________________________________Career Objective I am a fresh graduate seeking a charge in the civil engineering industries. With my background in civilised & structural engineering, I believe that the skills I have acquired during the course of my education would be of value in a civil engineering and/or grammatical construction setting. Besides application of these skills, I also desire to progress in these skills and look forward to learn novel skills during the course of my career. Being bewail and en consequentlyiastic individual, I pride myself on picking up new knowledge and skills. In conclusion, I am confident that my self-discipline, interpersonal skills, thus the ability to work and accomplish tasks efficiently in a team up would be beneficial in any organization I am a part of. ________________________________________Education Nanyang Techno logical University August 2011 Current check of Civil and Environmental EngineeringBachelor of Engineering (Honors) in Civil Engineering CGPA 3.49During my course of study, I completed modules in Fluid mechanics, chemical mechanism of materials, Reinforced Concrete Design, Steel Design, Foundation Engineering, Structural Analysis, Computer support design, Transportation Engineering, CE management, Geotechnical Engineering, . Besides these core-engineering modules, I also completed modules in Human Resource Management, Marketing and went to Vietnam for a 6 months internship program with CapitaLand Vietnam.Singapore Polytechnic Apr 2006 - May 2009School of Built EnvironmentDiploma in Civil & Structural Engineering CGPA 3.3During my course of st... ...my specialization. I was exposed to localize work which enables me to conduct various construction inspections, and coordinate with respective contractors to envision and rectify various projects. Hence these have enabled me to have a first-hand friendship in site supervision. Having mentioned my work experience that is closely related to the content, I believe that I would be an asset to your company if ever I will be hired for the position. My strong dedication and experience to the field would make me an asset to your team.Attached herein is my resume with addition tuition for your kind consideration. I would be very willing to present myself for an call into question at your most convenient time. I can be reached anytime via e-mail at syng5e.ntu.edu.sg or at my mobile, 83827470.Thank you for your time and consideration.Yours Faithfully,Melvin Ng Si Yong (Mr)

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Tom Jones Essay -- Essays Papers

gobbler JonesTom Jones, by total heat handle is a brisk that is identical to a soap opera. This keep back deals with everything from treachery to lust to deceit. He writes about a man and womanhoods love for one a nonher and that nothing can take over in their way. Class separates them and they will not let that stop them. Acquired a discretion and prudence very uncommon in one of his rich parts. This is a quote from Squire Allworthy to Tom. I believe that Fieldings purpose in writing this novel was purely to entertain. He in like manner added stabs at the class society in medieval England. He wrote this novel to inspire hope in the people of his time. He wanted them to go for their dreams and never to give up hope. But most of all this was for entertainment. existence like to see lives that are in more turmoil than their own. This is why we assume soap operas on television today. He achieves this by utilize characters that seem to be imaginable. He pu ts these characters in amazing situations. When the reader believes that they have something pinned he puts in another twist that sends your senses spiraling. A specific illustrate in the novel is when the reader finds out that Mrs. Waters is actually jenny ass Jones who is Toms mother. He sleeps with Mrs. Waters not knowing this. Fielding does not unveil this secret until the end of the novel. The major problem in the book is simple. There is a deceitful man named Blifil. He and Tom are going after the same woman, Sophia westbound. Blifil is a kaniving person and besmirches the personality of Tom. He makes up lies that hurt Toms chances with Sophia. Tom is in addition a bastard and Sophias father does not want her to marry a bastard. But he does want her to marry Blifil because he is in furrow to inherit a large estate. After arguments and many other incidences the rectitude is revealed. Everyone finds out that Tom is the good one and Blifil is the bad one. Tom overly gets the girl. Henry Fielding was born on April 22, 1707, at Sharpham Park in Somersetshire to well-situated, upper-class parents. His mother was the grand daughter of Sir Henry gold, Baron of the Exchequer, and his father, Edmund, fought against the forces of Louis xiv under the Duke of Marlborough, who eventually rose to the rank of lieutenant general. Fielding was rest home school as was Tom Jones in the novel. A clerk-man from t... ... he does not know that Tom is really his nephew, he treats Tom like a son.Jenny Jones She is a servant to the schoolmaster, Mr. Partridge. She is accused of being Toms mother. Tom has an affair with her at Upton Inn. She changes her name to Mrs. Waters.Mr. Partridge He is the schoolmaster. His is incorrectly accused of being Toms father and is bannished. He in like manner takes another name, Little Benjamin. passe-partout Blifil A hipocrate who is only interested in money and wealth, who takes advantage of Allwor thys generosity. Master Blifil He is the son of Bridget and Captain Blifil. He wants to get all of Allworthys estate.Mr. Thwackum He is a carriage brought in to teach Blifil and Tom. He love to disipline with the whip. Mr. Square Also answerable for educating Blifil and Tom.Squire westward Allworthys neighbor. He loves three things, to hunt, the bottle (alcohol), and his daughter.Sophia Western She is lovely and intelegent. She is loved by tome and he want to marry her. Mrs. Western She is stubborn and pretentious. She is the sister to Squire Western. She has no husband or children so she puts all of her efforts into Sophia.

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Freedom of ReligionThe individual right to license of religion elbow room that you can freely practice your religion without the government interfering. Its in the first amendment of the Bill of Rights, in the Constitution, it protects all U.S. citizens to a certain extent. The first amendment went into effect on December 15th, 1791. 1The first amendment states Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof (American complaisant Liberties Union). There are two clauses in the U.S. Constitution that guarantee freedom of religion. The Establishment Clause which prohibits the government from passing legislation to establish an semiofficial religion. There is also the Free Exercise Clause, it prohibits the government from interfering with soulfulnesss practice of religion (LII). The first amendment also rafts a mulct line between states rights and the churches rights (Black,130). Throughout magazine, many things have happened to where the first amendment has had to been set into play.In 1620, a large group of settlers moved into the New England area, and create individual colonies. This group was kn protest as the Puritans. The Puritans fled Europe in seem of spectral freedom, which was not granted by the church of England. The church evaluate everyone to turn to the Catholic religion. They worked toward religious reforms, so they could purify the church and their own lives. However, they discovered the church was far beyond reform because it was so effectual (Kizer, Kay). They realized the only way to purify their lives was to break away from the Church of England. They came to America where they could freely practice their religion. At this point in time there was neither a law against nor ... ...ace where every religion is judge and welcome. Its supposed to be a place where you can freely practice your religion without people discriminating against it (Washington Times). Another con i s that some(a)(prenominal) displays of symbols can be a violation of freedom of religion. It all depends if its for a certain season or if its to benefit or promote a certain religion (Harper, 62 and 63). Depending on what youre showing, you can range in trouble for trying to convince people to believe in a certain religion. The public school system not allowing kids to film their religious book or let the teachers read excerpts from certain religious books, some feel isnt right because they should be able to freely express their religion. So depending on who youre talking about, this could be a negative or positive thing. There are also some cons to freedom of religion, as well as pros.

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Environmental Destruction: A Philosophical-Anthropological Perspective

Environmental Destruction A Philosophical-Anthropological PerspectiveIt is no secret anylonger that the bionomic crisis puts mankind as a whole to an existential test which contain to be solved in practice and in theory. So, by this the bulky amount of literature provide be explained which consequently led to the offshoot of an own genre the so called ecoliterature which herself is really dissonant and ambigious. In the slowdown besides other sources almost all sciences take part in such kind of discussions what obviously can be traced back to the circumstance that the ecological crisis is such a substantial phenomena which leads therefore to numerous perceptions and various point of views.Considering philosophy for some the royal discipline per se we can claim that she has forcefully regarded the ecological problems as a challenge in the last decade. But, she has owed her resources first and foremost to ethical considerations. Because of this an ecological ethics has tr ue non undisputed developed as a new superfluous ethics. Besides this and apart from an aesthetics of nature as well as from a philosophy of nature different surgical incisions of philosophy acting in a much more restraint and careful way. Neither the cordial philosophy nor the one of history or metaphysics only to name a few have seriously engaged in the ecology although it is homely that they are really needed as competent participants. Generally, each section can participate on environmental dialogues. The current role of philosophical anthropology The outlined moderate discussions about ecological and environmental problems can similarly be observed within the philosophical anthropology which is according to my opinion not tenable.One... ...ces JONAS, H. Das Prinzip Verantwortung. Versuch einer Ethik fr die technologische Zivilisation. Frankfurt a.M. 1979.LENK, H. Wie philosophisch ist die Philosophische Anthropologie? Methodologische Bewertung zu lair anthropologisch en Grundlagen der Sozialwissenschaften. In FREY, C. / ZELGER, J. (Hrsg.) Der mensh und die Wissenschaft vom Menschen. Bd. 1. Innsbruck 1983, 145 ff. MAQUARD, O. Homo Compensator. Zur anthropologischen Karriere eines metaphysischen Begriffs. In FREY, C. / ZELGER, J. (Hrsg.) Der Mensch und die Wissenschaft vom Menschen. Bd. 1. Innsbruck 1983, 63 ff. MEINBERG, E. Das Menschenbild der MEINBERG, E. Homo Oecologicus. Das neue Menschenbild im Zeichen der kologischen Krise. Darmstadt 1995. PLESSNER, H. Gesammelte Schriften. Frankfurt a.M. 1985. SCHELER, M. hold out Stellung des Menschen im Kosmos. Bern, Mnchen 1966.

Is Genetic Engineering Ethically Correct? :: Genetic Engineering Essays

everyplace the past few years, familialal engineering has fuck off a large way from its roots. What spawned as just a digest for understanding has straightaway become quite powerful. An article written by Michael Riess aided me in gaining some knowledge of the ethical dilemmas faced in the field of genetic engineering.Suppose you and your partner both discover that you atomic number 18 carriers of a genetic defect known as cystic fibrosis, and the ii of you be expecting a youngster. Genetic screening gives you the opportunity to use antenatal diagnosis to entrance if the despoil go forthing have cystic fibrosis or not (Reiss). Three-quarters of the time the news will be good the baby wont have cystic fibrosis. However, on a quarter of the occasions, the news will be the baby will have cystic fibrosis (Reiss). At expose the only alternative available to a couple in this state of affairs is to decide whether to pertain with the pregnancy or opt for a expiration (Riess). Many will opt for termination, even though close muckle with cystic fibrosis put up to adulthood. This is one of the ethical dilemmas faced due to genetic interrogatory.Riess also goes on to discuss the possibilities of genetically engineering valet genes to expurgate sex, intelligence, beauty, offense, etc. It is the case, as shown by twin studies, cross-fostering, and other evidence, that much human behavior has a genetic component to it (Riess).However, attempts to find genes for homosexuality, intelligence, beauty, or criminality are, at best, the startle steps to understanding the rich and complex slipway in which we persuade (Riess).Riess emphasizes that as humans in society are far to a greater extent than just our genetic makeup, because our lives are dependent on the environment in which we live, although he stated, Suppose, despite what we have said almost the complexities of human behavior, it does at last transpire that somatic gene therapy could re duce the likelihood of someone creation violently aggressive or of being sexually attracted to others of the same sex. What hence? A general consensus would tell us that most people would march on their hands in anger and such genetic treatments should be illegalize (Riess).Another article, which was written by Mary uncontaminating, regards the ethic for genetic decision-making. White discusses such items as sex selection and disease. Today, sublime requests for sex selection, examen for late onset disorders, or for aid in deliberately conceiving a child with a disability raise two questions of utmost exigency What constitutes appropriate use of prenatal genetic testing (White)?Is Genetic Engineering Ethically Correct? Genetic Engineering EssaysOver the past few years, genetic engineering has come a long way from its roots. What spawned as just a project for understanding has now become quite powerful. An article written by Michael Riess aided me in gaining some knowl edge of the ethical dilemmas faced in the field of genetic engineering.Suppose you and your partner both discover that you are carriers of a genetic defect known as cystic fibrosis, and the two of you are expecting a baby. Genetic screening gives you the opportunity to use antenatal diagnosis to see if the baby will have cystic fibrosis or not (Reiss). Three-quarters of the time the news will be good the baby wont have cystic fibrosis. However, on a quarter of the occasions, the news will be the baby will have cystic fibrosis (Reiss). At present the only option available to a couple in this position is to decide whether to continue with the pregnancy or opt for a termination (Riess). Many will opt for termination, even though most people with cystic fibrosis live to adulthood. This is one of the ethical dilemmas faced due to genetic testing.Riess also goes on to discuss the possibilities of genetically engineering human genes to alter sex, intelligence, beauty, criminality, etc. It is the case, as shown by twin studies, cross-fostering, and other evidence, that much human behavior has a genetic component to it (Riess).However, attempts to find genes for homosexuality, intelligence, beauty, or criminality are, at best, the first steps to understanding the rich and complex ways in which we behave (Riess).Riess emphasizes that as humans in society are far more than just our genetic makeup, because our lives are dependent on the environment in which we live, although he stated, Suppose, despite what we have said about the complexities of human behavior, it does eventually transpire that somatic gene therapy could reduce the likelihood of someone being violently aggressive or of being sexually attracted to others of the same sex. What then? A general consensus would tell us that most people would raise their hands in anger and such genetic treatments should be outlawed (Riess).Another article, which was written by Mary White, regards the ethic for genetic decision- making. White discusses such items as sex selection and disease. Today, rare requests for sex selection, testing for late onset disorders, or for aid in deliberately conceiving a child with a disability raise two questions of utmost urgency What constitutes appropriate use of prenatal genetic testing (White)?

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The Satirical Essence Of Monty Python Imbibed Into Cotemporary Theatre

The actually essence of Contemporary household is that is such a diverse realm of mental process art. Many different playwrights bugger off contributed to this post World War Two theatre that instead of property to meet one narrow genre it was able to branch by to cover all aspects and views of an constantly transitional modern society. Theatrical pieces from this measure period have ranged from Existentialism, pioneered by Jean Paul Sartre, to the Theatre of the Absurd, which was precedented by Samuel Beckett, and all along the way a myriad of exertion genres sprung up to support this advanced post-war society. Most plays of the contemporary theatre tended to focalization up on one single aspect of theatre, though a group of men formed a performance troupe that would ever change such a notion. Monty Pythons Flying Circus revolutionized the breaker point performance, incorporating many aspects of modern day theatre such as realism, surrealism, futurism, existentialism and of course Theatre of the Absurd, for no Python sketch was sans an eccentric dash of absurdity.The very roots of Monty Python lay in the humble beginnings of six men, five British and one American, who took to the stage in college and never looked back. The six Pythons Graham Chapman, Eric Idel, Michael Palin, terry Jones, John Cleese, and Terry Gilliam, began their acting drudgeries before the footlights but not without a struggle. Much of their work was initially considered too risqu for college theatre, though eventually, but a few years down the road, after several stints with other performance acts one of the greatest sleep withdic troupes to ever be born of the British Theatre were gathered for their first show on October 5, 1969 to a mediocre caboodle at best. Michael Palin said it best when he claimed that their first viewers were insomniacs, intellectuals, and burglars (Howard xxiv). though many failed to realize it, it was that initial audience that was attracted, th e combination of such extremes that would come to make up many of the Troupes future fans. It is theorized that it efficiency have been their middle class upbringing, either in the States or in England, which lead to form a structure up on which to plant their comic stylings, societal attitudes leading them to become exposed to society and in turn gave them something to rebel against. From such humble beginnings, and a rather dense start ratings wise, Monty Python... ...e, whether it be live theatre or even movies in our modern society do have those pieces of Python influence in them with separately stabbing satirical remark about the government or informal innuendos. Actor Kevin Klein had once said that much of his own comedic style was grow in the Pythonian way of visual comedy, not only audible. Lorne Michaels the creator of Saturday dark Live has oftentimes given credit to Python for setting the standards for sketch goggle box as well as theatre. Though the actual birth of Monty Pythons Flying Circus was up on the sound stage of a television studio the live theatre roots were imbibed into each performance. surrender it Monty Python to find a way to make sketches about the Spanish Inquisition, Death, get a dead parrot, and a song about Lumberjacks more than just highly amusing. The comedic team was a tight knit netting of immensity matched with humor, which has in turn kept the troupe going strong nonetheless more than thirty years later and still appearing to the new generations with what would be otherwise considered outdated humor. A true indication of permanant influnce is time, and Monty Pythons Fling Circus has certainly got that decades later.

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For over twenty years, gun control has been a major topic in the United states. Withcountless amounts of public injections taken place, our country is starting to question our second amendment which states a well regulate militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the in good order hand of the nation to keep and bear arms, shall non be infringed. It was adopted into the United States writing on December 15, 1790. It stated basically that people have the right to keep and bear arms. These rights were thought of as natural rights or graven image given rights. Written as a reminder to the government that they should not try to stop the people from having this right. Should a person have the right to own a gun for protection? Should we completely take outside(a) this right to prevent mass murder shootings in public places? A lot of citizens feel uncomfortable to the fact of not having protection and having their perquisites taken away due to other people and rude decisions. Although times have changed from when the amendment was passed on December 15th, 1791, U.S. Citizens still feel it is a mandatory thing to have ownership of guns and have them in their unremarkable lives.Public shootings came about in the early 1700s when the first shooting took place at Pontiacs Rebellion school on July 26, 1764. quartette Lenape American Indians entered the schoolhouse near what today is Greencastle, Pennsylvania, shot and shilled the schoolmaster, and killed nine or ten children. Shootings such as the ones taken place in Virginia Tech, Colombine laid-back School, Sandy Hook Elementary, the movie theater shooting in Aurora, conscientious objector all have effected the country in a drastic sense and really impacted us Americans to take change and mak... ...ll wait to be passed explaining that expanded background checks on gun owners or say-so gun owners was to be done. Turns out the senate squashed that bill. President Obama has pushed for g un restrictions afterwards the devastating shootings that have been happening and blames the senate for the failure to expand background checks.Without the teeming cooperations from both sides of this debate nothing will ever be solved. inhibition weapons is not going to completely stop crime. This has just turned into a war against the rights of the individual stated in the constitution. Stricter gun regulations is not the issue but tougher punishments might be. Gun control is not the answer to this line of work and that just needs to be accepted so that crime identify can finally be decreased and everyone can live smart with the fact that something is being done in this situation.

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Nurse Practitioner Essay -- Persuasive, Quality Care

In todays world a big debate that families debate between and snuff it time trying to research is what the best possible options are for their children and spouses wellness business organisation. A question often asked is if sightedness a concord practitioner is just as effective and safe as seeing a indemnify. Many parents worry if their child will get the full anxiety needed when seeing a keep practitioner. Nurse practitioners have the learn and time to give children and their families the support and care necessary (Should My Child go to a NP 2). A sop up practitioner is a registered nurse who is highly educated and has gone through clinical teach in their health care specialty areas (Pediatrician v NP 1). In dress for them to practice they must have four to six years of training and pass all their licensing exams to practice (Quality of Care 1). For students to become a ready registered nurse they must complete an additional masters aim training on top of their b accalaureate prepared classes (Duties and Responsibilities 1). In lay out for someone to even prepare to go into the field of nurse practitioners a high school student should take challenging classes in English, Math, and light (Duties and Responsibilities 1). Many nurse practitioners work side by side with a licensed doctor, but that is non always the case. The career of being a nurse practitioner began back in the 1960s (Pediatrician v NP 1). There was a huge shortage of physicians and I need for care to people under served (Pediatrician v NP 1). Nurse practitioners work in manly rural and urban settings such as public health departments, community health centers, hospitals, physicians offices, nursing homes, HMOs, student health clinics, and home health agencies. Where state law pe... ...e practitioners provide nursing and medical services to not only families, but individuals and groups as well, emphasizing health promotion and indisposition prevention (Pediatrician v NP 1) . Something they also provide for families, individuals and groups is teaching and charge (NP Services 1). If necessary your nurse can provide you with prescription of pharmacologic agents and treatments. They can also provide non-pharmacologic therapies (NP Services 1). Even though nurse practitioners are a very good idea in galore(postnominal) cases it is still very important to have a regular doctor that you can see in certain situations. Nurse practitioners are a great alternative for routine check ups minor visits when sometimes seeing your doctor is hard to do. You can be assured that with a nurse practitioner you will be tended for while receiving a warm and take visit each time.

Outline from may 31- june 12, 1864 :: essays research papers fc

May 31 - June 12, 1864 In the overland campaign of 1864, lieutenant general Ulysses S. gift with the Army of the Potomac battled usual Robert E. Lee and the Army of Federal Virginia for six-spot weeks across central Virginia. At the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna and Totopotomoy Creek, Lee repeatedly stalled, only if failed to stop, knuckle unders southward progress toward Richmond. The coterminous logical military quarry for Grant was the crossroads styled by locals honest-to-god acold Harbor. May 31, 1864 after(prenominal) sparring along the Totopotomoy northeast of Richmond, Grant ordered study habitual Philip Sheridans sawhorse to move south and capture the crossroads at aged(prenominal) snappy Harbor. Arriving near the intersection, the Union force ran into Major ecumenical Fitzhugh Lees cooperator horsemen. A sharp contest ensued, soon weded by collaborationist base under Brigadier General Thomas Clingman of Major General Robert Hokes division. af terward a short battle, Union cavalry drove the associates beyond the crossroads. The Rebels wherefore started digging new positions a half-mile to the southwest. June 1, 1864Lee wished to retake Old Cold Harbor and sent Major General Joseph Kershaws division to join Hoke in a morning set upon. The effort was short and uncoordinated. Hoke failed to press the attack and Sheridans troopers, fortify with Spencer repeating carbines, easily repulsed the assault. Grant, encouraged by this success, ordered up reinforcements and intend his own attack for upstartr the same day. If the Union frontage assault broke through the Confederate defenses, it would place the Union legions amid Lee and Richmond. After a hot and dusty dark march, Major General Horatio Wrights VI corps arrived and relieved Sheridans cavalry, but Grant had to hold water the attack Major General William Smiths XVIII Corps, Army of the James, marching in the wrong direction under out-of-date orders, had to retr ace its passageway and arrived late in the afternoon. The Union attack finally began at 5 p.m. decision a fifty yard gap between Hokes and Kershaws divisions, Wrights veterans poured through, capturing leave-taking of the Confederate lines. A southern counterattack however, sealed off the flop and end the days fighting. Confederate infantry strengthened their lines that night and waited for the battle to bug out next morning. June 2, 1864Disappointed by the failed attack Grant planned another(prenominal) preliminary for 5 a.m. on June 2. He ordered Major General Winfield Hancocks II Corps to march to the left of the VI Corps. Exhausted by a brutal night march over narrow, dusty roads, the II Corps did not arrive until 630 a.Outline from may 31- june 12, 1864 essays investigate papers fc May 31 - June 12, 1864 In the overland campaign of 1864, Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant with the Army of the Potomac battled General Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia for six weeks across central Virginia. At the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna and Totopotomoy Creek, Lee repeatedly stalled, but failed to stop, Grants southward progress toward Richmond. The next logical military objective for Grant was the crossroads styled by locals Old Cold Harbor. May 31, 1864 After sparring along the Totopotomoy northeast of Richmond, Grant ordered Major General Philip Sheridans cavalry to move south and capture the crossroads at Old Cold Harbor. Arriving near the intersection, the Union force ran into Major General Fitzhugh Lees Confederate horsemen. A sharp contest ensued, soon joined by Confederate infantry under Brigadier General Thomas Clingman of Major General Robert Hokes division. After a short battle, Union cavalry drove the Confederates beyond the crossroads. The Rebels then started digging new positions a half-mile to the southwest. June 1, 1864Lee wished to retake Old Cold Harbor and sent Major General Joseph Kershaws division to join Hoke in a mo rning assault. The effort was short and uncoordinated. Hoke failed to press the attack and Sheridans troopers, armed with Spencer repeating carbines, easily repulsed the assault. Grant, encouraged by this success, ordered up reinforcements and planned his own attack for later the same day. If the Union frontal assault broke through the Confederate defenses, it would place the Union army between Lee and Richmond. After a hot and dusty night march, Major General Horatio Wrights VI Corps arrived and relieved Sheridans cavalry, but Grant had to delay the attack Major General William Smiths XVIII Corps, Army of the James, marching in the wrong direction under out-of-date orders, had to retrace its route and arrived late in the afternoon. The Union attack finally began at 5 p.m. Finding a fifty yard gap between Hokes and Kershaws divisions, Wrights veterans poured through, capturing part of the Confederate lines. A southern counterattack however, sealed off the break and ended the days fi ghting. Confederate infantry strengthened their lines that night and waited for the battle to begin next morning. June 2, 1864Disappointed by the failed attack Grant planned another advance for 5 a.m. on June 2. He ordered Major General Winfield Hancocks II Corps to march to the left of the VI Corps. Exhausted by a brutal night march over narrow, dusty roads, the II Corps did not arrive until 630 a.