Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Purpose of Education Essay -- Philosophy of Education Teaching Tea

The point of Education Going through my years of education, often I hire wondered what the points of many of my classes have been. Now, as I prepare to enter the knowledge domain of teaching, I again am evaluating why we need to educate children. I believe that some of the main purposes of education, other than the obvious purpose of getting knowledge, are to teach our culture, to let social skills, to refine the use of our language, and to develop problem solving skills and logical reasoning. These are all important separate of our everyday life that are conveyed through the many things we accomplish passim our education. Learning culture through education is an important air division of our acquirement experiences. Before a child goes to school, they are only introduced to culture that their family is a part of. Going to school you see the general norms that are accepted, non just in schools, but in the working world as well as everyday life outside of the home. While some children may be the center of attention constantly in their home, in school they learn that they cannot always be everyones main point all the time. It also teaches children responsibility and that if they do not do what is asked of them, there will be consequences. Developing social skills is an incredibly important part of a students education. Through interacting with their peers, students learn what is and isnt give up when dealing with others, as well as how to ...

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