Thursday, March 28, 2019

Landscape Architecture as a Profession :: Research

Landscape Architecture as a Profession A grace house decorator is an individual who arranges and modifies theeffects of natural scenery over a tract of dry solid ground so as to produce the best esthetical effect for the lands use. Landscape architecture is the designprofession which applies artistic, cultural, and scientific acquaintance tothe design, planning, and development of the land. Landscape architectsaccept certain responsibilities related to the health and wellbeing of thepublic and are concerned with resource conservation of the land. Thepractice of decorate architecture requires an appreciation andunderstanding of natural and social processes, a fictive imagination, anda commitment to preserve or improve the environment for adult male use andenjoyment. Landscape architects plan the most harmonious relationships between theland and the objects on it by proper combination of open space andplanting, and by wise use of land formation (Concise 151). They may pas s wateron parks, gardens, housing purposes, school campuses, golf game courses, orairports. They begin a project by reviewing the needs and desires of theclient. They study the site, mapping such features as the vend of theland, existing structures and the type of basis. They check localbuilding codes and availability of utilities, befuddle drawings which outlinethe work in detail, and draw up lists of materials to be used. They and theninvite bids from construction companies and landscape nursery companies. With the awarding of the contracts, their work may be finished, or theymay stay on to supervise the work as their clients representative (151). A major first of landscape architecture, golf course architecture,integrates the skills of a landscape architect on a larger scale. The aima golf course architect is to create a truly great golf course byutilizing to the fullest extent possible the potential of a promisingpiece of land (Golfplan 1). This potential is expressed in the siteslocation, slope, vegetation, water features, soil types, climate andorientation. The role a golf course architect is the credit of thispotential under the constraints of design criteria that separate the trulygreat golf course from the ordinary (1). Landscape architecture, the science and art of modifying land areas byorganizing natural, cultivated, or constructed elements according to anaesthetic plan (Encarta 1). The elements include topographical featuressuch as hills, valleys, rivers, and ponds and growing things such astrees, shrubbery, grass, and flowers and constructions such as buildings,terraces, roads, bridges, fountains, and statuary. No unalterable rulesexist in landscape architecture because each darn of ground offers uniqueproblems caused by variation in contour, climate, and surrounding areas

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