Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 4 Summary

Team X ACT 290 Week quad synopsis Reflection In week four was a with child(p) week. From the financial conundrum to complete financial documents, week four shows how investors and smart players on what financial information they looking for. A caller-up has to translate these documents to attract new business whether clients or investors. Week four, our home intimate how the memorandum system works. We learned that the damage of goods sell can be found inwardly a companys balance sheet and how it varies depending on how the company is delivering their crossings. approximately companies look at this to determine if they ar working efficiently as well as a way to check up on and control their product represents. To calculate exist of goods sold you would initiative find your tarradiddle for the month you are calculating. Add the exist of direct existent purchases made during the month to the beginning inventory number on the balance sheet. You would then ad d the speak to of the direct craunch associated to the manufacturing the product. Then you would calculate the subtotal of the beginning inventory, the materials cost, and the cost of the labor. This would then be the total goods available. Subtract the ending inventory value from the subtotal you incisively calculated. The subtotal was the total goods available. This number, after subtracting, is your cost of goods sold. We as well as learned that the beginning and the ending inventory effects the cost of goods sold. The companys inventory is an asset and because of that the inventory cannot be claimed as an expense until it is sold. Discussion occurred on journal entries confine by a merchandising company and how they are recorded. The consort types of entries are Recording Purchases of Merchandise, Recording Sales of Merchandise, Income Statement manifestation Operations, and Evaluating Profitability. We also discussed the perpetual inventory system. This system is pop ular analogous a shot because the creating! and supplying of products is much more advanced. eventually we...If you want to submit a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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