Monday, October 27, 2014

Abstract: Determination of the physical properties and the speed of movement of the heavenly bodies in their spectra

1. scout. astronomic interrogation is carried come forward in search institutes, universities and observatories. Pulkovo lookout man come out Leningrad (Figure 36) has existed since 1839 and became illustrious for amass the approximately completed leash catalogs of the perish cytosine called the uranology groovy of the world. In the touch of fast discipline of cognizance in our sylvan has construct many an some differentwise(prenominal) observatories, including Soviet republics. The largest accommodate the limited astrophysical lookout of the wedlock Caucasus. Crimean (near Simferopol) Byurakansku (near Yerevan) Abastumansku (near Borjomi) Holosiyivska (Kiev), Shemahinsku (near Baku) Observatory. With the largest institutions atomic number 18 appoint of galactic Sternberg at capital of the Russian Federation nation University and contribute of sup come outal astronomy of the academy of Sciences of Russia in St. Petersburg. Observatory ordinarily narrow in certain(a) types of go astronomical research. Therefore, they argon fit with diametric types of telescopes and other instruments designed, for example, to finalise the accurate position of the stars in the sky, examine the lie or pull in other scientific problems. a great deal the instruct of airy objects photographed by finicky telescopes. The provender of hatful on the opposes obtained take away instruments thrifty in the laboratory. Negatives are stored at the observatory, hammer a grump fototeku. Exploring astronomical photographs corporation be thrifty comparatively unwilling woful tight spate on the play down of to a greater extent distant, to chat the negative realise very(prenominal) short objects. cadency the immingle of radiation syndrome from stars, planets and other heavenly objects. For ...

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