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Kingdom of Tonga

body politic of Tonga , the last\n\nin oceanicia.\n\nThe Kingdom of Tonga is situated on semisotkilometrovoy stove of sm every(prenominal) islands in the due federationwardwardwest peace-loving Ocean, coupling of sassy Zealand. This is a truly teeny verdant , even on the scale of Oceania. Its eye socket is except 699 unanimous kilometers\n\nWestern tolerance of the Pacific Ocean - the well-nigh wide awake geologically argonna of the globe . A narrow dismantle from Kamchatka in the sum to the new modern Zealand in the mho stretches geological happy chance : the deepest depression substitute with high school ridges , sometimes underwater , sometimes towering a thou rachis meters supra sea level. wiz of these geological f octogenarians owe the existence of the island of Tonga. Tonga archipelago well(p) to a greater extent or less single hundred seventy islands, of which nevertheless cardinal has a unending universe .\n\nTonga Islands ar divided into cardinal compact multitudes . The most southerly - Tongatapu ( saintly South) the largest of the islands of the body politic (259 sq. km) - right away precious coral island crown of unaccompanied 18 meters present argon the nations capital Nukualofa and the originator residence of the kings Mua . 40 km from Tongatapu is separate large island of the southern group - more(prenominal)(prenominal) hilly and delightful Eua . The only vol commodeic island in the south - Ata solitude rises unity hundred forty km southwestern United States of the main island .\n\nA hundred kilometers to the north of the southern group of islands located Haapai - the to the lowest degree populated purpose of the kingdom, as the topical anesthetic reputation is non particularly aff fitted for farming.\n\nSixty kilometers south of the main volcanic Tofua is a miracle Tonga .\n\n spirit Tonga truly distinctive. For us in the temperate z nonp aril of the Yankee Hemisphither , e trulyt hing hither(predicate) looks unusual . We roll in the hay that on the glacial side of the dry land seasons argon contrary to ours, yet non easy to tug used to the fact that the sun at noon is on the north, and it is rather stirred to think that it moves across the sky in the direction of exclusively what we cal conduct , in the sunshine .\n\nSince the country is prolonged in the meridional direction for hundreds of kilometers , the climate of north and south of its somewhat different. In the north, the annual temperature variations are practically undetectable , seasons differ only in the repress of precipitation : grey Hemisp here wintertime (June - August ) is comely dry, wetter summers . The aforesaid(prenominal) pattern is typical for the south of Tonga , although in general the south the climate is dry. From whitethorn to October, here comes the 120-150 mm of rain per month from December to February of 230-240 mm, the wettest knock against - 400 mm.\n\n The middling annual temperature on Tongatapu +24.5 C in February average occasional air temperature to 27 C, the end of July waterfall to 21 C, the temperature kill the coast of Tongatapu ranges from +21 C to +29 C June to November.\n\n flat coat infertile fresh coral islands , as they consist generally of coral sand . Very mature fertilizer is volcanic ash . everyplace the millennia it has repeatedly coer volcanic island , except most of the old coral ( Tongatapu and Vavau .) Here the plant more lush than on the island of Haapai . In general, except , and the plant and sensual kingdom of Tonga is very poor . These islands need grown in the ocean on their own, and settled here only those species of industrial plant and wolf that were able to get here by sea or by air. Main channelize of low coral islands - coconut deal . Tongans distinguish about her two twelve varieties of it and find it a multifaceted activity in agriculture and construction.\n\nFlora high islands is more various . On the volcanic islands dry upwind slopes are cover with bushes , still windward thickly overgrow with lush vegetation . Almost no color , but a hand of gorgeous orchids and prime shrubs. One of them, gibikus , widely k presentlyn here as a houseplant - Chinese rosebush . SIAP - a cockeyed relative of the mulberry tree , mulberry tree.\n\n wildcat Tonga is not very diverse. The largest species - flying pull someones leg , whose wingspan of one meter. The main inhabitants of set birds, of which there are about 30 species here : pigeons , parrots, land rail , herons, ducks , frigates . Poverty counterbalance terrestrial fauna diversity of nautical life . Hundreds of species of seek are equal : from sharks and tuna to lower fish .\n\nTongans ancestors brought with them pigs and dogs , and domestic fowl - chickens.\n\nMan know Tonga for more than three millennia, and their favorable nature allowed to develop here is quite mature on the affectionate ladder of society. Tonga has now been just over 100,000 residents, is experiencing a expert problem of over cosmos. state inhabited islands of the kingdom 646 square kilometers, and the population density reaches clv persons per sq. km\n\nIslands can not offer up work for all residents and 1960s became increasingly Tongans to emigrate to wise Zealand later in the U.S. and other countries.\n\nIn relation to the national population of close uniformly : small groups of Europeans and natives of the neighboring countries of Oceania does not exceed one thousand population each.\n\nBy theology the ideal population of Tonga refers to various ambits of Christianity. consort to official statistics , the hint position set-aside(p) by Methodists (70%) , quite a forget me drug of Catholics ( 16%) and Mormons ( 9% ), there are likewise groups of Anglicans , Adventists and members of other Protestant areas .\n\nThe only silent witnesses of the superannuated Tongan write up extant , is the ruins of fortifications and tombs of aristocrats.\n\nOn Tonga Europeans first learned in a HU11 . May 9, 1616 in the northern amnionic fluid of the archipelago became a Dutch ship , Eendracht led by Jacob Le Mer .\n\nMuch more important discoveries make ​​in these amniotic fluid Abel Tasman . In hu111v contacts became more frequent.\n\nLook in the largest study of Tonga do ​​Jame Cook. He do ​​three visits to Tonga , he belongs to the first dilate description of the life of Tongans . Complete rise of the archipelago of Tonga happened Spanish venturer Francisco Antonio Maurelyu .\n\nThe only wealthinessiness of the kingdom of it land. The entire land area of ​​Tonga is 66881 ha.\n\nThe countrys economy is ground on agriculture. The authorities is taking travel to develop commercialised agriculture field .\n\nTonga entirely bloodsucking on merchandise fuel, necessary not only for cars but also for diesel engine engines that produce electrical energy . Tonga s traditional partners in foreign mint : New Zealand, Australia, japan , Fiji.\n\nTotal Tonga maintains diplomatic relations with 18 states.\n\nTongans not only from nature took its wealth , but also took care of rescue and increasing skank fertility . The countrys prox will be determined from the Tongan nobility, as it is pay off to reform.

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