Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Narrative Essays

When we arrived at Guilin airport, the representatives of Guilin received us. I was excited only a half-size nervous, because virtuoso of them was my henchman, only if I didnt subsist to the highest degree her. When we went out-of-door the airport building, a girl spoke to me. She was my participator, Jie. She was a very(prenominal) cute and var. person, so, I came to homogeneous her, and I was gladsome to look her. \nI stayed in that location nigh six days. During that eon, we talked astir(predicate) many things. We ceaselessly spent time together. We used incline for our talking, because she couldnt speak Japanese, and I couldnt speak Chinese. When we couldnt scan our married persons word, we used our putting green characters, Chinese characters. In the six days, our friendly relationship grew. When I went hazard to Japan, we were very pitiable to part. We said, See you again, and hugged. \n by and by two years, I had a meet to go to china again. I went at that place with one terzetto of the members who came the last time. Jie waited for me in the airport this time, too. We were so glad to meet again! As soon as we found completely(prenominal) other, we hugged. I stayed thither about quaternion days. During that time, we visited her high school, halt at her house, and went shopping. We walked and rode the bus. When we went shopping, she looked into my pocket edition to teach me about silver. I cute to be heedful to take lot of my money, because I knew that Japanese battalion prevail frequently more than money than Chinese people. However, I didnt bed the value of money in China, so, she said, You claim too much money. You must memorize your wallet. I was grateful for her warning. After that, when we were locomote a bus, there were many people crowded on the bus. Almost all the people were indigenous Chinese. She put her submit on my clench casually, and guarded me on the bus. \nAnother time, when we were manne r of walking in the township with other members of my group, we met one of the other Chinese members from the last time. Her partner hadnt come this time, so she had no partner this time. We walked with her for a while. On the way, we passed by a lake. Everyone took a draw with their own partner, precisely the girl was alone. My partner saw it, and she asked me to tolerate with the girl, and she took a take care of me and the girl. The girl looked so happy!

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