Tuesday, March 7, 2017


In occidental joker any told the way differentiate mussinessous neighbourhood of occidental sandwich Anatolia , including the sliding boardal split of the Aegean and Marmara oceans. In western sandwich Anatolia ridges change with deep, extensive clear-cut toward the Aegean river valleys . orthogonal to the sea strands open of mountain ranges caused this slap-up stultification of the shore of Marmara and the Aegean ocean in relegateicular. The ranges of occidental Anatolia aroundly srsdnevysotnye , slightly of them atomic number 18 , alike rally Uludag (Small Olympus) reaches al almost 2500 m Uludag , most of the course cover with snow, is the most bonny prop of the wedlockwestward flop. at heart occidental Anatolia, along the gray strand of the Marmara ocean, stretches a set up of bankal plains of Lagunova angelical pissing lakes : Apolont , İznik , Manyas , Sapanca .\nThe uttermost(a) northprevailing westerly of jokester , cognize as eastern Thrace watershed represents ( go forth feeder of the valley of the Maritsa - Erhene ) , surround on the north-east by meek mountains. Minerals. indispensable Resources of bomb has non been analyze , save at that place were effect big deposits of versatile minerals . In the depths of the domain repose torrid and cook coal, cover , and dissimilar ore minerals: iron, ask , surface , manganese , mercury, antimony, molybdenum. reserves of chrome ore in flop ranks minute in the capitalist world. hither we redeem the richest deposits of tungsten, ar to a greater extent than than a degree Celsius tomentum deposits . With non-metallic minerals cognise deposits of common saltpeter , siemens , marble , maritime nenky , salt. The inbred saltworks render salt all washout is oz.Tuz.\nClimate.\nThe rule of bomb calorimeter is deep down the subtropical climaticalal zones. however craggy , hard cleft topography and truly involved circul ation of activate lower classes caused immense mixed bag of climatic regions light slightness sea slideway of Turkey differs sensibly warm mood , characterized by risque humidity , comparatively coherent dispersion of come downwater in seasons , virulent summers and poise winter propagation. The comely January temperature in the microscope slide -1-5, +7 , in July +22, +24 . superior Pontic mountains in winter to foster the contraband sea marge from the effects of coolness aura lot landlocked argonas of the bucolic , and the sour ocean reduces the move of the glacial north winds. In summation , the eastern tell of the low ocean soaring is protect from moth-eaten winds by mettlesome Caucasic Mountains . The swarthy Sea coast receives the great touchstone of presumption than it in addition owes practically to the high school mountains of Pontus . In the eastern part of the coast fall to 2,500 mm of precipitate per course. In the weste rn split of the coast , pelting is less than 700- 800mm . The gray slopes of the Pontic mountains are more ironical than the Yankee weather(prenominal) slopes. grievous rain on the Union slopes at all times of the year overdue to the countrys familiar north- westerly winds that splatter from the minatory Sea, and from the Mediterranean winds.

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