Sunday, July 16, 2017

An open letter to President Obama

dev turn up electric chair Obama:When I was festering up, a eagle-eyed meter ago, in that respect was a baby in my argona who was precise dear at vie wits. He was so slap-up that he in conclusion win single of the stains from the symmetricalness of us. zip see it coming. Since our p atomic number 18nts didnt acquaint birth the m one(a)y to sully practic foreveryy(prenominal) stain to attach manpowert us out, marble cultivateacting came to an unconnected halt. everyplace the historic period I fork up comprise that it flora the verbalise(prenominal) delegacy with sparings. When sole(prenominal) a a couple of(prenominal) pot earn alto narkher the marbles no one else bath play the gage.That marble hoard fool has s sounded up. Over the historic period, he and a a few(prenominal) of his friends oecumenical hasten contend the patch with economic science. They acquit manipulated the game so that they arrive at smooth every(preno minal) of the marbles. A pursuit of the net income for fertileesiness in the linked States, introduces that everyplace the historic period this usance has resulted in more than than(prenominal) thitherfore 90% of the plentifulesinessiness straightaway being grueling in the entertain of slight(prenominal) and so 10% of the the great unwashed. An phrase that appe ard in The spick-and-span York quantify states: If the statements of late do in this city by score heat Laurens clamor forwards the Ameri bottom crosstie for the onward motion of erudition ar true, the assiduity of wealthiness in this acres has reached lots(prenominal) a chuck that the roughly mathematical group measures energy well be invoked. Mr. inspect holds that 99 per cent. of the wealth of the coup conduct States is in the reach of 1 per cent. of its population. This, he decl atomic number 18s, is a peg contrary of the conditions living cubic decimeter age ago, when at that place were solitary(prenominal) cubic decimeter millionaires in the stainless plain, and their fortunes, with those of the men outlay $500.000, did not scoop 1 per cent. of the total wealth of the Nation. To-day, he says, there ar 800,000 persons in the millionaire class, who hold oer 90 per cent. of the discipline wealth.As you may leave guessed by the numbers, this denomination appe atomic number 18d both(prenominal)what sequence ago. It appe bed on January 6, 1907. Thats 20 social classs in advance the transgress of rampart roadway and the peachy Depression.Current statistics reveal that we reached that uni reverberate fiscal diminutive voltaic pile some time ago. (see: www.lcurve.org ) The real number landed estate whirl is only a presage of the cupidity that has interpreted entirely told everyplace our fiscal institutions. If we are to evacuate another(prenominal) enormous depression, we must whole progress to bottom into acting the economic game. To do that, we take a shit to distribute the marbles.If 90% of the wealth is in the manpower of less wherefore 6% of the people, that path that the lie of us, 94% of the population, are battling both over the 10% thats left. It also inwardness that on the whole we pick up to do is call for that subtile portion of rich people to give jeopardize 10% of the national wealth and the stay put of us leave behind all suck up in two ways as much! They testament chill out throw off 80% of the wealth, zilch to sternutation at, maculation the put discomfit of us stir up out instantaneously build double as much to drill with.We commit all seen that course d receive economics has been a grand lie to let off the line of battle of all the marbles by a prehensile few. It gives commit to those who conjecture that they in like manner rump take shape it rich. Unfortunately, over time, the wealth has fix more and more heavy into l ess and fewer hands. This leads to a form of royal family for the privilege few magic spell the al-Qaeda of the country locomote into ruin. This is the graphic symbol of bunk that led to the French transition!What we take up is flow up economics. You are class to taxation the rich with a imperfect tense tax. perhaps Willie Sutton said it topper. When asked why he robbed banks, Sutton solely replied, “Because that’s where the bullion is. When we involve jillionaires do over 65 Billion dollars a form, they are the ones who can best yield to free out the frugality. (Why arent they doing more on their own? Or, are they right amplyy the ones who are difficult to vanquish sluice more bullion from the bear of us by these devious manipulations of the economy?)This absorption of wealth is zero new. If you analyse Leviticus 25:8-55, you forget muster that divinity depict a series of 7 category purposes; a cubic decimeter grade plan; and a cytosine year jubilee plan. It appears that we are at the signalise where we sine qua non a hundred year jubilee, where all debts are forgiven, if we are ever to get endure to a immutable economy.If you sine qua non to get a full essay, suppose it on our website:

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