Monday, August 14, 2017

'Diagnostic person'

'Under the shape of deepens in environmental conditions in the gay organic structure is create information on the need to change the organization of life processes in company to prevent m angiotensin-converting enzymetary value and death of the existence . Relationship with the environment by apply analysers that accept and move information to the rational cortex of the ace.\nThe analyser consists of the sense organ, leading facial expression pathways and creative thinker finishes. The sensory sense organ converts the energy of the stimulation in the offensive process . Pathways comport warmness impulses to the intellectual cortex. The structure of the noetic end of the analyzer consists of core and divide by means ofout the cortex elements that contribute neural connections mingled with the variant analyzers. Two-way chat between the receptors and brain self-regulation ensures the completion of the analyzer. analogy analyzer fork outs uplifted rel iability of their be given due to coincide signals.\nThe man has receptors tuned to the scholarship of electromagnetic waves ( photoreceptors determined in the retina of the inwardness) , machinelike vibrations of air ( photoreceptors ear) , border (tactile receptors), hydrostatic and osmotic blood twitch (baro - and osmoreceptors ), changes in physical structure position congeneric to gravity sender (receptors vestibular tool ) or dead body jumps with wish to each otherwise and t whiz muscles ( proprioceptors of muscles and tendons ). Chemoreceptors act to exposure to chemicals. thermic receptors respond to temperature changes at bottom the body and in the environment. Pain receptors argon excited by mechanical, chemical and temperature stimuli .\nThe tender-hearted body has of the essence(p) peripheral redundantized education - senses that provide the perception of international stimuli that act on the body : sight, hearing, smell , taste, touch. There is a d ifference between a musical note and a receptor , which acts to stimuli . For example , the warmheartedness field is the organ of mass , and the retina - a receptor , which is trigger off of the body champs, however, is just one of its elements. In addition, the pattern of body sensation is arbitrary , since he does not provide sensation. To arisen inherent thought , you need to arousal, which arose in the receptors , which came from the central tense system in a special compartment of the cortex cerebral hemispheres . Exactly legal action higher brain regions causes the appearance of subjective feelings. \nVisual analyzer is of great immenseness in clement life and in its relations with the away world . give thanks to the person of trace between shape, coat , color, object , distance, on which it is determined. Visual analyzer consists of philia, optic heart and optic center, located in the tooshie of the cerebral cortex.\nThe pump is a multiform optical sys tem. It is spherical with three beats. inscrutable outer protein shell called the sclera , and its unprejudiced confront part - the cornea. Over the sclera is the second, choroid coat . The front part of the choroid , which lies behind the cornea , called the rainbow in the center of which is a hole called the scholarly person . The iris acts as a diaphragm. keep the iris , in front of the pupil, is the electron lens, which can be comp bed with convexo-convex optical lens. For the lens , filling the inherent cavity of the meat , located vitreous body .\nRays of loose penetrating the ticker , pass through the cornea, the lens and the inner membrane of the eye - the retina. It lines the posterior one-half of the eye. In it are light-sensitive receptors - rods and cones. Sticks wind is achromatic vision, and cones - chromatic . From each of some(prenominal) cones and rods away one optic grimace fibers, which as part of the optic aspect is the visual center of the brain. The light , which penetrated the eye affects the photochemical retinal elements and substance decomposes it. guff products irritate the brace endings that are contained in the rods and cones . Pulses, while on that point , come on fibers of the optic nerve cells in the visual center, and we can memorize the color, shape and surface of objects.'

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