Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Questions and Answers on Computer Memory

Many changes have been seen lately in both 1/0 and memory. What are some of the newer technology innovations you have seen In regards to 1/0 and Memory? What are the different types of Memory and how much Is recommended? In the past 10 years at that place have been many changes In technology. We went from burning CDC to downloading songs to an miles per hour player. We went from a big boxed TVs to Flat sieve TVs that you bottom control with your hand and voice. The memory on these things has Improved as well. With the Cads moreover being able to hold around 700MS, while MPH players can hold up to BIBB or more. And hard drives use to only go to 1 TAB, now there are hard drives that can hold up to TPTB or more. My favorite new technology Is the refreshed phones. Who would have thought back In 2000 that our phones would be miniature computers, and that there would be an App for everything. From banking to real estate, to even ordering your food right from your phones APS. Its dre aded What are the different types of Memory and how much is recommended? There are some(prenominal) kinds of memory such as RAM, SD and USB.With how much memory is commended is up to the user. If youre tone ending to use the computer for just email and home manoeuver and normal tasks past you wont need as much memory or RAM as someone who is using his computer to play video games. Thats cool that you twist for Apple. I have never owned or really use a Mac Computer but that feature that Lion offered called carry on sounds awesome. I can think of thousands of times that would have come in handy. With working on projects for work or even writhing reports for give instruction and then the power goes out and there goes all your hard work erased.

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