Saturday, April 20, 2019

Righteous Dopefiend by Philippe Bourgois and Jeffrey Schonberg Essay

Righteous Dopefiend by Philippe Bourgois and Jeffrey Schonberg - Essay Example tolerate addition to being homeless, the individuals have to face the structural forces that govern their miserable lives. The harbour tries to give profiles of different homeless people residing on the encampment. This is crucial in under posting the reasons that lead to homelessness. In addition, there is hold to learn and appreciate the problems faced by these homeless individuals. This information is crucial in formulating strategies to r apiece erupt and servicing these people. The gruesome dependence on drugs is highlighted in the paper. The homeless addicts are dirty and some piddle away on themselves. They steal, beg and engage in prostitution in exchange for drugs. The book concentrates on nigh 10 people in the Bernal heights a popular area in San Francisco (Elsa 178). It is lucid that the volume of the writing assesses the method through which the dynamics of race, gender and class affe ct the lives of the homeless and drug addicts. The themes that stand out in this book include race, sexuality, suffering, trauma and inequality in the society.The authors writing style includes the persona of scare awayback in the lives of the ten individuals depicted in the book to make the book more realistic. The author writes rough the love stories, family trauma and embodied suffering in most situations to highlight the plight of these individuals. The use of pictures and flash back creates an actual scenario as described. This makes an individual to understand the inequality and the facts highlighted in the book effortlessly. This powerful book makes the reader to fully integrate into the world of drug addiction, extreme poverty and homelessness in the most positive country, the United States of America (Bourgois & Schonberg 214). Photographs in this book include the scars brought about by addiction, social closeness among sentimentalist pairs and partners who are on the run because of drugs, and the homeless people covered in the book (Angela 200). They are pictures of homeless people who reside in shacks on the encampment. These shacks are off the street and they comfortably rest on their beddings, and take drugs. The most intriguing pictures are of Tina and Carter (a homeless couple that is deeply in love). One cannot help but admire this couple. They may be poor, but they are happy as they have each some other. They are oblivious of their surroundings and happily hug and show affection to each other. Through the pictures, it is evident that most of the homeless people are drug addicts. It seems that the homeless people use the drugs to counteract feelings of desperation, misgiving and fear. The commonly abused drug is heroine and intoxication of the drug elicits feelings of euphoria. The homeless on the encampment derive spacious solace from drug abuse. This is a true picture also in the society, and individuals should avoid drugs such as her oin and crack. The pictures were honest since a writer has authority to utilize any style of writing which includes pictures and other literature. A writer should be able to pass the information to the reader effortlessly. This style of including pictures is acceptable and ethical since it gives emphasis on the texts in the book. The pictures are not pornographic in nature neither do they discriminate both gender, and race they are appropriate and relevant to the book (Elsa 178). Substance abuse

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