Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Homeless Just Need a Fighting Chance Article

The Homeless Just Need a scrap Chance - Article ExampleThis could further result in them be charged and fined for damaging the record of the hospital and shelters. The act of falsifying the home addresses for the dispossessed go forth result in the furnish of defective information thereby making their billing process insufficient. This will occur when accounting for and raising the notes incurred by the unsettled when attaining medical care from both institutions. The fake addresses will also contribute to the obtaining of mis channelize figures concerning the number of people who are homeless within the city. This act will additionally bring problems to the wellness experts who have been bound by their ethical codes of conduct into abstaining from providing false information concerning their patients. On discovering that the information provided concerning the homeless is fake, the homeless people will most likely undergo greater scrutiny before being provided with healthc are services. In addition to the scrutiny being carried out on the patients, there will be a lot of mistrust among the shelter managers and the management of Ridgefield hospital. This is because they will have previously been deceived by Mayer and Evans in the business of providing their healthcare services through their provision of false information. ... Eventually, the government might result into festering better strategies to take care of the homeless and improve on their living standards (Barrington 212). 2. Strategy For Securing Medical And trade protection Care For Homeless People With Health Problems The strategy to be applied will be guided by various principles at its inception, which will include the specializeting of targets, beginning work on the set objectives and ensuring accountability for the results that are obtained. It will also involve keeping the strategy alive while continue with the task of desire finances to support it. These activities will all be c arried out in the course of planning on the unfermented strategy to utilize (Hombs 323). A team of experts should first be displace out to evaluate other healthcare strategies for the homeless people that have been applied successfully. This team should past indulge in the monitoring of the health records for their homeless societies within the previous years. The information will be vital in evaluating the treatments offered to them and its quality (Hombs 325). They will then be involved in gathering and evaluating the new knowledge along with the changes that should be considered when setting their priorities. These activities will then be followed by the act of seeking financial support for their new strategy. The adopted strategy will have three major development stages, which will include the provision of housing facilities and sufficient medical care, the process of reaching out to the homeless and engaging them in the activities of the approach adopted. Eventually, the pre vention of other people becoming homeless through the provision of adequate housing facilities will then take place. The provision of adequate housing facilities for the homeless will be done

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