Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Sense of Place in Austens Pride and Prejudice Essay -- Pride and Pr

A Sense of Place in Austens Pride and PrejudiceIt is fire to observe Dictionary.coms definition of the wordplace in relation to person. Especially when it comes to Pride andPrejudice, where Austen has made great subroutine of the objectivecorrelative technique, in which many, if not all, of her settingsconsiderably reflect the characteristics of their owners. Sheadditionally employs several early(a) techniques regarding the sense ofplace in her novel, which are important not only in the facilitationof numerous plot points, but also in establishing and understandingher characters and their relationships. So what are these techniques,and why are they so effective? To find the answers to such questions,we should look nigh at Austens methods of incorporating a sense ofplace into her novel.The technique of objective correlative is often used in establishingthe qualities of a character by having them reflected in thatcharacters surroundings. These bum be material objects, belongings,o r in Austens case, locations. If we nurse a look at the setting ofRosings, we see that it is described as ostentatious, overwhelming,and, in comparison to Pemberley, the other grand country estate,rather garishFrom the entrance hall, of which Mr. Collins pointed out, with arapturous air, the fine proportion and finished ornaments, theyfollowed the servants.... In spite of having been at St. Jamess, SirWilliam was so completely awed by the grandeur surrounding him, thathe had but just courage enough to make a very low bow, and take hisseat without saying a word and his daughter, frightened almost out ofher senses, sat on the edge of her chair, not knowing which way tolook. (p. 121)S... ...m. Through purpose of the objectivecorrelative, readers can gain a great deal of insight into thecharacters themselves, and thus further enjoy the novel with anenhanced understanding of Austens creations. She also establishes asense of balance by having the more influential events of the storytak e place in the openness of the great outdoors, and those of lessimport occur in spite of appearance the boundaries of the inside. Additionally, Austenhas her characters travel to various parts of Great Britain, whichallows for correspondence in the form of letters (serving tofacilitate the necessary delay of action) and for mistakes to be made.Austen has made great use of the sense of place in Pride andPrejudice, and her techniques coalesce to deepen the readersunderstanding, to give a sense of balance, and to effectively enhancethe enjoyment of a delightful story.

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