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Education On Health Promotion Essay

Q. 1 Validity is said to be the power to bring over about the cobblers lasts that have been found. It is the strength that the conclusion has to convince others on the facts that have been outlined. There argon said to be four types of validity namely external, conclusion, wee-wee and internal validity (http//www. brainyquote. com).The external validity is about the ability to generalize the findings to other settings, the conclusion looks for a relationship between the outcomes and the program, the construct validity determines the heading of a relationship between concepts in a sight and an actual casual relationship and finally the internal validity looks for the relationship between the study object and the outcomes of the study. On the other hand, reliability is said to be the ability to get the same results over and over again when performing the same turn out at divergent time (http//www. asiamarketresearch. com).It is said to estimate how consistent your touchstones are. For a tool of measurement to be reli commensurate, it has to give the same results when aimd at different times by different people to measure the same liaison. It quite a little be tested through use different questions that measure the same thing to see if the answers are consistent while the test/retest method means getting the same findings for the same test done at different times but under the same conditions. Validity and reliability willing be use in the dissertation to test the conclusion. First checking on the reliability of the tools of measurements does this.This ensures that the entropy provided for the study is to be trusted as being sic. It also helps eliminate the randomness that contains some inconsistencies. Once all the reliable data has been compiled, it tail assembly indeed be used to arrive at some conclusion. This conclusion will be valid if all the measurements that have been done have involved the data that was supposed to be measured. If one has been using the correct data using reliable tools consequently the conclusion will be a valid one. The correct questions have to be asked in relation to the topic and the measurement tools have to be reliable for the conclusion to be valid.Q. 2 When starting a intent one begins with choosing a topic on which to research on (http//www. ri. net/schools/East_Greenwich/research. html). This topic should not be too general as to include subjects that are not relevant to the researcher instead it should be very specific on what is to be research on. When choosing a topic, one uses the tool of research called the military personnel mind. This is because a topic is chosen according to how the researcher perceives the surroundings and thus requires reasoning and analyzing which uses the brain. Next is gathering the relevant background information concerning the topic.This can be done through the use of the computer and its software. It is done to get the most basic information on the c hosen topic. This information can be supplemented by the use of the library where one can find encyclopedias among other sources. This information is used to refine the chosen topic (http//www. ri. net/schools/East_Greenwich/research. html). If there is requisite to change the research topic it is done now. After revisiting your topic, you now need to gather the information needed. This is done by the use of the computer and the library.This information is then supplemented by fieldwork, which uses different methods of gathering information. This is done to confirm or challenge the statistics gotten from the library and computer software. While conducting the field research, one has to estimate the reality of the tools of measurement so as to ensure the information gotten is correct and in the process eliminate those, which contain errors after this is done, the information is coded and analyzed. The information is now ready for use to get the conclusion and then organize it to be able to write it in a way that the reader will understand.When it comes to the writing part, the language to be used has to be chosen carefully. It has to be a language accessible to all the presumed readers. The research is then written and is used to justify the problem literary argument and wherefore the project should be undertaken. The conducting of a research and writing of a dissertation are the actual start of a project. This is because they justify the reason why the project can now start. each the six tools of research are used to ensure that the information provided in the research is reliable and valid. One can only gain contract in the use of these tools by conducting many researches.By writing dissertations and research papers, one ahs to use these tools and in so doing gets a lot of experience in their use. Over time one gets to learn how to use the various tools. When it comes to computers, one has to solicit the help of computer keens an also using the help ico n in the computer. For a researcher, it is very useful to join research projects as an assistant researcher. This ensures that one gains a lot of experience and by working with an expert researcher one is able to pick up quite a number of tricks in the research field.Also as a research assistant, one does a lot of work and so is able to come up with new and more effective ways of using the tools of research. On top of this, one is able to choose which tools they can use best and which ones they need to work on to understand how they are used. To learn to be an expert researcher, one can only go through the above mentioned process of first becoming a research assistant. The expert researcher has to be able to use the six tools of research namely the human mind, the computer and its software, the statistics, the traditional library, tools of measurement and the language facility.It one has gone through the process of becoming a research assistant, there is knowledge gained from consta nt use of the tools and one can then be able to decide which tools they are most comfortable using. All the tools are important and necessary to any researcher but the order of importance assigned to each tool is what differs from researcher to researcher. It is only through experience of having worked on many research projects does one become competent in the use of all the tools and so that is what any novice researcher concentrates more on.Q. 3 The dissertation topic is education on health promotion.From the interview with the researcher, I have learned how to use the six tools of research in the dissertation topic. By using the human mind, the topic, which is education on health promotion, was chosen. Using the computer and its software, the topic will be researched on and the basic knowledge gathered. Since the topic has equal materials to be used, it will not be changed. The information is then supplemented with that from the traditional library. After the topic has been re-a ffirmed, the field information will be collected and this will be done by using tools of measurement that are reliable (http//www. ih. gov/news/researchtools/).Once the information has been collected, it is then analyzed, cleaned and coded. The findings will now be used in writing the paper. When writing the paper the language to be used has to be that which the targeted readers can understand. When writing one has to avoid plagiarism and ensuring that any information from other sources is cited will do this. The paper must be in the proper format and should include all the parts of a project paper. The conclusion will have to support the topic and reason for the research. It will therefore have to support education on health promotion

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