Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Death Race Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Death Race - Movie Review ExampleThe compliance of the deadly Dreadnought is the main highlight of the movie. The race is posted online so this race becomes the worlds most popular pay per view showing violence and killing real time.The main objective of the car race is to kill the otherwise car racers so that the winner is the one who stays alive. Each convict who participates in the race is given a female navigator who comes from the female prison house facility. The navigator is also freed if her race partner wins the race. She also dies if the car is attacked by the other race drivers. In exchange for winning in the race, the prison convict who is a winner gets to win his freedom.Jason Stathams character in this movie is that of a fooling worker who is framed and is convicted for a crime he did not commit. He enters the prison and the jail warden had asked him to play the role of the evil Frankenstein. He enters the race corroding a special evil mask to hide his own identity . The objective of the other car racers who argon also prison convicts is to defeat him.This movie is very(prenominal) relevant as it presents a setting goes against many of the basic human rights of US prison convicts. First, any form of gambling, whether internet based or site-based not is never permitted inside the premises and facilities of the US prison system. By posting the car race in the internet and encouraging gambling, the jail warden has committed a serious crime.Moreover, gambling in the internet also violates the non-profit nature of all the federal rehabilitation facilities of the US prison system. All of the prison convicts are empower to basic human rights as provided for by the US constitution and the United Nations Human Rights Document. Maine and Vermont are the only states which take down allow prisoners, parolees and probationers to vote during elections.Second, the prison convicts are forced to enter the car race or else they are threatened, penalized and put in isolation cells. This situation happened to Jason Statham wherein he was forced to join the race against his pull up stakes. He did not like the violence and the killing which was an integral part of the car race but the jail warden forced him to consider this or else he will be given a hard time while inside prison.This prison car race policy goes against human freedom which enables a person, even a prison convict to have the personal freedom decide to do whatever one wants without being held under duress. The movie denies the value of a human life even that of a convicted inmate. The movie also did not feature the personal rights or freedom of a convict to communicate with and touch his or her counsel in cases where he feels a degree of uncertainty in any activity he undertakes while he is in prison.Third, the prison convicts were told to compete in car racing without having the proper racing outfit, a stipulated and duly signed contract for payment and additional compens ation, adequate preparatory control training and an orientation on car safety measures. These facts violate basic human rights since the warden makes good money at the expense of

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