Thursday, June 13, 2019

Report on Public Relations Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Report on Public Relations - Assignment ExamplePUBLIC RELATION Public relation is concerned with reputation of the company. It is the conduce of the organizations perception that is developed from the organizations conduct, attempt of an organization to derive certain perception and behavior towards its products and services. Also it is aimed at extracting the perception of stakeholders about the organization. This in turn enables organization to build the mutual understanding and goodwill with stakeholders. Stakeholders include customers, employees, suppliers, investors, regulators and journalist (Green, 2009). Nowadays the competition in every industry has been highly increased. each company in the industry seeks to get the competitive advantage by differentiation and reputation management is considered as one of the most effective cock to get the competitive edge. Two factors are very important in usual relations i.e. communication with all the stakeholders and the relationshi ps with all stakeholders which is also the central root of above definition. The comments and opinion of stakeholders actually defines the companys reputation. ... This advertisement was designed with the purpose of reducing the impact of the rising debate regarding the public health concerns over soda products (Daily News, 2013). The subject was conveyed about the Coca-Colas record of giving drinks with smaller amount of calories since it is available in the market. It also lobbied against comments that gaining weight is the outcome of consuming likewise many calories of any type-its not just soda (Daily News, 2013). Similarly, Apple, tech giant of USA, is lobbying with government and other politicians for zero percent tax rate (Steimle, 2013). Hence, PR plays has gained critical position in business. PUBLIC RELATION CONTRIBUTION TO ORGANIZATIONS The stiff competition in all the industries has made the companies to focus on its public grasp to get the competitive advantage. Th e following are the functions of public relations that can impact on any kind of business or organization. The application of public relation is discussed in the general view. DEVELOPING IMAGE AND RELATIONS Public relation employees works with the top level executives of the company to formulate an overview of how the organization desires to be perceived in the consumers perception, suppliers, government and other regulatory bodies as well other pressure groups.. This focused engagement develops on precise the accurate message or communication. Organizations make a plan on the extensive yet focused outlines of a reputation building campaign to spread that message in to the desired set of group (LEtang, 2006a). OUTREACH STAKEHODLERS COLLECTIVELY THROUGH EVENTS AND EXPAND CUSTMOER BASE The professionals of public relations organize events to lift up the image or write of the organization

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