Friday, August 23, 2019

Current School Finance Issues Paper [w5d7-i] Essay

Current School Finance Issues Paper [w5d7-i] - Essay Example If the State acknowledges the bid, then a private school can start receiving funds for their transport costs. Bidding renewals are to be done annually. However, to every rule, there is an exception. If a school happens to have vehicles owned by their District, then there is no need to renew their bid. Additionally, some schools may have opted to enter into a joint agreement with another. This implies that one school may apply on behalf of another. Similarly, some schools may be part of a coordinated transportation agency as asserted by Say student (2008). The Board of education is also given the mandate to reject applications for transport financing in the event that applications are made poorly. On the other hand, there is a maximum student number that can be covered by and district board. This implies that when the optimum number has been reached then all other applications will be rejected. Additionally, in the event that a private school is applying for transport funding yet it only deals with special children, then the board of education is mandated to reject their application. Similarly, if a school provides only vocational training or it provides only technical skills, then they are not eligible for state funding. When student's residential areas are over twenty miles away from the school, then they may not necessarily get access to State funds. Federal States also require that children meet certain age criterion in order to enroll for the program. For instance, in the State of New Jersey, children who are between kindergartens and age twelve are eligible for transportation services provided by the District in elementary schools. It should be noted that it is not mandatory for private schools to receive funding from their respective District school boards. But they have the option of utilizing other options available for them. For instances, it is not mandatory for a private school to receive funding in the event that their residents are located beyond two and a half miles and two miles for high schools and elementary schools respectively. There are also cases in which a school is located out of State but may wish to get funding from a school district Board. This is only permissible in the event that the school is located in a county with a third class rating. Additionally, funding may also be granted to those individuals who are found in counties that have a population greater than eighty thousand. However, this population may not exceed one hundred and twenty thousand people as put forward by the Toronto Catholic District School Board (2007). . Some private schools may be not for profit organizations. Such schools are also not mandated to receive transport funding, but may gain access given the fact that most of them are have tax exemption status. However not for profit institutions are usually required to display solid evidence bout their status. This is done by bringing an affidavit that will act as a form of evidence. There area also cases in which some schools have met all other criteria enlisted above but happen to be located twenty miles away from their schools. The legislature normally examines such schools on an annul basis. Once they find that these people meet the right criterion then they may

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