Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Placement report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Placement report - Essay Example Chalayan’s vision in his design work is to tell stories through his creations, providing a narrative within the framework of each piece. Most of his art design connects closely to the human body in some manner and there is a subtle undercurrent of sexuality, along with occasional fetishes relating to power, domination, and restraint (Burley, 2013). As in his graduate collection, Chalayan likes to design with clothes that can tell or imply some type of story, where the clothes appear to have gone through an event or action. His choice of materials, wood, metal, mirrors, were also distinctive and it has been part of his goal to always find new ways of saying something different and unique (Violette, 2011). Indeed, his most iconic show may be that of SS07, in which he presented a line of morphing animatronic dresses, which changed into another era of style during the modelling walkway process. One dress started out as a sculptured Victorian-styled dress that morphed into a 1920s flapper dress by using hidden mechanisms. The last dress on the walkway, actually disappeared, leaving the model as totally nude (Burley, 2013). â€Å"Boredom is a big thing for me. As a child, I remember being worried that I’d be bored in Cyprus (home), which is an isolated island, so I had to really create my own world to keep myself going. I think probably a lot of my worldview stems from the fact that boredom is a big thing.† (Burley, 2013). In another fashion show that Chalayan created, the focus was on wooden furniture in a living room. The models walked around the furniture and removed fabric covers off each piece, put them on, and wore them as dresses. The last piece left was a wooden table. A model walked over, removed the centre piece, then stepped into the opening and pulled the piece up to her waist. It became the layered wooden skirt, seen in figure 1 above

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