Thursday, September 19, 2019

Cold War :: essays papers

Cold War Discuss the Cold War events of the 1950’s. The 1950’s full of events and conflicts, the main one being the Cold War between the USA and the USSR. Events that lead up to the extreme tension during the cold war, were relations with the Vietnamese. The Vietnam War took place over a battle for communistic prevention. The fear of communism spreading tied in with the relations dealing with the USSR’s communistic society. In Europe there were revolts against communism as well. East Germany was revolting in 1953, along with Poland and Hungary in 1956, who got crushed by the Soviet army. The American government did not interfere with these conflicts for fear of starting a war. The Cold War also took place in the Middle East. Both Jews and Arabs proclaimed it as their homeland. While supporting Israel, the American Government worked to prevent other stronger, oil-rich countries from falling into communist rule. In addition to this was when the American and British forces, cut off aid to Egypt, due to the fact that the ruler that was seeking Soviet support. In 1956 British and French forces attacked Egypt to gain control of the Suez-Canal. Reacting to this situation the USSR, threatened the US and Britain, so Eisenhower persuaded his allies to withdraw. The Cold War also took place in Latin America. USA spread their influence into South America, setting up American organizations in South American, the US could stick a foot in the door of communism. When the Americans overthrew the Guatemalan government, the Soviet Union got furious. They felt that the American Government was escalating the Cold War. In 1958 Fidel Castro overthrew the present Cuban dictator, resulting in the United States becoming angry again.

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