Friday, September 27, 2019

Gap year Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Gap year - Assignment Example This one year gap helps many students in creating some time to plan their lives well and make goals and objectives which they would want to strive for in years to come. Due to so much pressure from school work, this time may not be created in any other way. The holidays students go for are too short to expose them to the real world. This exposure is very much important as far as decision making is concerned. It helps students to connect their dreams and targets to reality. Students are therefore able to make realistic objectives in life. This consequently helps in bringing out the best future for them as they focus on achieving what they already know they can. As for the academic burn out, student prefer taking some time away from the loaded stress associated with academic work. This helps them to keep healthy and fit, free from stress related illnesses that may be brought about by prolonged stress. To avoid prolonging the stress, many students decide to apply the gap year between hi gh school and college levels. It is therefore healthy and greatly advisable for the government of the United States to incorporate this gap into their education system as it has more advantages as compared to disadvantages. This means it is very much helpful as compared to the harms it creates in the academic lives of students (American Gap Association). The gap year has numerous advantages to the students who choose to apply it. One of these advantages is the fact that the gap year helps students cross over to adulthood before joining university or college. The one year exposure to the outside world prepares students for the next level, both academically and socially. Students who have just left high school in most cases lack the sense of maturity and need to be connected to reality. This helps them to differentiate between wrong and right decisions in life. They are made to have insight on consequences of every

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