Saturday, October 19, 2019

Conduct Disorders Over Agression Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Conduct Disorders Over Agression - Essay Example If left untreated, it may result in social behavioral problems leading to unstable relationships, and severe psychiatric disorders. Conduct disorder and overt aggression among young children and adolescents is a serious health condition as it exposes the society to youth who are likely to inflict physical harm or injury to others and at the same time are extremely vulnerable to cause self inflicting pain by indulging in self deteriorating activities such as substance abuse, incarceration, suicide, homicide, and depression among others. The psychiatric diagnosis of conduct disorder comprises of a set of standards related to aggression, and hence it offers researchers with a vague approximation of its prevalence among young children and adolescents across all communities around the globe. Conduct disorders and overtly aggressive behavior is a clinical concept which refers to the disturbance or tumultuous behavior among the patients which causes a grave violation of the basic rights of other individuals and disrupts the social fabric of the society that we live in. Over physical aggression often involves inflicting physical harm or injury, and use of weapons and requires medical treatment and attention. Past studies and researches conducted in this field, claim that young children with antisocial behavior tend to display a certain degree of "specialization". On the basis of analysis conducted during the course of this research, it was observed that antisocial behavior among children can be understood from two diverse perspectives which includes overt aggression i.e., aggressive destructive behavior and covert misconduct. Overt aggression is largely confrontative in nature and according to studies, is largely motivated by interpersonal conflicts, anger, and a desire to attain and prove superiority and dominance over others. Covert misconduct on the other hand refers to non aggressive anti social acts

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