Friday, October 18, 2019

Professional Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Professional Application - Essay Example The different platforms have successfully delivered the objectives of the business and created credibility of the brand and helped developed committed database of clientele and niche market. Introduction Integrated marketing techniques have emerged as powerful way of processing communication and sending critical messages across wider database of users and customers (Kotler et al., 2007). The synergistic mix of promotional channels has increasingly become more effective and efficient way to market goods and products. Marketing communication therefore is being conceptualized as an approach to business, making it an integral part of business strategy and planning (Wilson and Gilligan, 2003). It is vital element of business as it helps to develop committed clientele whose changing preferences are met through customization of products and services that meet their requirements. Indeed, in the age of advancing technology, customers have become more informed and put greater pressure on the m arketers. Looking at these various compulsions, Steve Madden footwear would use three different formats of media to market its products which are described as below. Part 1 Media choice 1: Broadcast advertising Broadcast advertising encompasses television and radio based advertising. Steve Madden is well-established footwear brand that needs to maintain its niche market position through unique advertising that can reach mass customer base to maintain its competitive edge in the industry. Television advertising at prime time would be used to target segmented demographic market. Television is powerful medium that influences consumer behavior through its visual and textual content that are able to connect with people’s ideas regarding the products and services. Its major objective would be to influence the buying behavior of the customers and motivate them to use their products. The secondary goals would be to maintain its visibility and create awareness regarding the robustness of the Steve Madden shoes that are preferred by the celebrities who endorse them on advertisements. The main advantage would be that it would create mass awareness of its new product lines and help people to evaluate and process the information as visual content tends to be remembered longer than print media. It exploits modelling theory that relies on observing the behaviour of others that often results in positive outcome (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2007). People identify with models and events and eventually get motivated to buy the product. The key disadvantage is the massive budget that could be difficult to maintain for long. Television advertising is expensive but as it is also the most effective platform of marketing goods, the decision would be beneficial for the company on a macro basis. The advertisement would use sports celebrity for showcasing its rough and tough product line in sports channel during rugby and baseball matches. It would use local channels and regional distribu tion channels as advertising platform. Entertainment channel at prime time on local television would target women and children. Advertisements on sports channel would target teenagers and young professional. The entertainment channel would focus on women and children and would use emotional appeal to influence their purchase behavior. The advertisements would be shown on break-time till matches last or the soap or entertainment program runs in the

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