Sunday, February 9, 2020

Spanking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Spanking - Essay Example Human beings develop or grow by observing the surroundings and so they are called as social animals. Children at young age don't have that much understanding to differentiate between genders or elderly people, teachers, family members and friends are the easiest scapegoats. The beginning of spanking may start from people surrounding the child start interfering in their matter and trying to alter their thoughts and at the same time molding them in a way what their parent or guardians need their wards to grow. This noble effort may be a good weapon to blend their children into a multi-talent adolescent, but it may have serious consequences if the child is already preoccupied by thoughts of his own. At this time if someone tries to interfere with their thoughts and intentions, emotions that may burst paving a way of spanking whoever tries to bother them. "When children mould their behavior as ways to avoid pain, they are likely to end up as self-centered and selfish adults." (McCord, 832). Children at tender age can't differentiate between teaching and strict discipline. Their lies a very thin line between teaching and discipline. If the child experiences this he/she may get disturbed and may get averse to the situations and will react unruly. The greatesThe greatest responsibility of molding a child depends on parents, teachers, etc. Students are the building blocks of the society. Teachers should be well versed in their subject, learnt and should have enchanting character which should influence the child to imitate their teachers. One of the reasons for children and adolescents is suspected weakness in themselves or in others. They try to cover up their weaknesses by aggressive behavior and showing the power personally. Effects of Spanking Spanking has diversified and serious effects on adolescents and adults. The effects of spanking have long-standing issues and may stretch thought life span. Short term or long-term spanking tend to have serious mental difficulties on adults. Adults who continue to spank get into serious troubles and commit crimes like, marital violence, child abuse etc. "Even non-abusive spanking, which is accepted as justifiable, appears to be ineffective in changing child behavior." (Larzelere, 824). It also affects the cordial relationship between the family members and friends. As it develops an adult may use more sophisticated form of bullying either directly or indirectly. It has shades of sexually harassing men and women to an adult where if sexually also reported even to moral policies. Adults who continue to spanking tend to become more sophisticated and gets associated with peer groups forming organized social structures with differentiating codes of behavior targeting women and children for personal collective needs.Boys and girls who continue to be spanked and bullied end up getting in to romantic relationships and affairs before marriage and extra marital affairs after marriage. Which effects their relationship and may end up getting divorced through court of law are may get separated with out getting divorced.The

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