Saturday, August 22, 2020

Of Mice and Men Intro and Conc

Acquaintance and end with ‘of mice and men’ article Introduction My subject of this paper is ‘How John Steinbeck builds up the character of Lennie all through the novel’ My first point is that Steinbeck creates Lennie’s character much of the time all through the novel anyway there are times where Lennie doesn’t create at all, for example, when he says ‘im going to tend the rabbits’ again and again this shows how Lennie hasn’t created and props up on about something very similar and shows no change at all.Also the way that Lennie is depicted as a youngster connects to this as kids consistently bluster for something again and again another statement to show this would be ‘an im going to live off the fatta the land’ which shows that Lennie has expectations and dreams like a kid does. This reality connects to the point that John Steinbeck likes youngsters a great deal and says that kids have a feeling of claim to fa me so this is perhaps why Steinbeck has chosen to depict the character of Lennie thusly. ConclusionOverall I believe that John Steinbeck has built up the character of Lennie ordinarily all through the novel and for the most part this connects to the ‘Lacan reflect theory’ which shows that youngsters possibly truly express their genuine personalities when they see themselves without precedent for a mirror and this reality connects to Lennie as he doesn’t realize how strong he can actually be until he squashes Curley’s hand this shows Lennie doesn’t know himself quite well and along these lines shows advancement in his character as he is getting increasingly free and intense however there are additionally times where he changes into a kid again.Lastly I might want to state that there have been different improvements in Lennie’s character and John Steinbeck has completed them in an organized manner.

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