Friday, February 22, 2019

The School Based Assessment

WRITING ASSIGNMENT Paragraph Outline radical sentence There are several benefits of the enlighten establish estimate to the scholarship process in school. Supporting point 1 The bookman attainment can be observed continuously. Supporting point 2 Able to reflect the standard and office of students. Supporting point 3 Reinforce learners shore leave and independent attainment. Conclusion To match up, the school establish assessment is a new nicety of learning and teaching that advocate students in all-round learning which discombobulates a more(prenominal) comprehensive picture of individual student learning needs.First Draft Recently, our school education system had been reform to the new system which is called the school based assessment. In order to improve our school education system, the government has interpreted this large step that also making the UPSR and PMR to be abolished. Besides that, it has many another(prenominal) benefits to our school learning process comp are to the older system. First and foremost, the achievement of the students can be observed continuously.The teachers can assess the students continuously in a pressure-free environment. The assessment is taken every day in the section session by several aspects. Next, it can reflect the standard and ability of the students. All students have the same chance of showing their ability . It block the limitations of judging students on their performance with a single examination. The school based assessment can also reinforce learners autonomy and independent learning.For instance, the student can carrying peer reviews and writing after a model in the assessment task. By this system, students cannot expect that teachers will give them all the information needed but they must think and acknowledge it from another resource. To conclude, the school based assessment is a new culture of learning and teaching that advocate students in all round development which gives a more comprehensive picture of individual student learning needs.

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